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  • Glen C Level 1 (0 points)

    just to add another data point:


    I have a white iphone 4s 64G purchased a few weeks ago.


    I leave it on wifi all the time at home and the battery life wasn't impressive but given my usage I wasn't suspecting a problem.


    Today I was out and about using the cell data network and location services to find free wi-fi cafe's...I noticed some 3G access was spotty during my venture of about 5 city blocks.


    I found a cafe and put the phone in my pocket without ever connecting it to wi-fi (used the laptop instead)


    all of sudden it got really hot in my pocket


    First time I've noticed it doing that...took it out..noticed that edge network was active.


    Killed all apps instantly and found this thread. Upon reading this thread I've done the following:


    1. Reset netowrk settings
    2. Turned off wifi (not using it)
    3. Turned off "cellular data" (I suspect it may have something to do with bad data network)
    4. Kill all apps (including anything using location services like my free-wifi finder app)


    She's cool as a cucumber now with good working phone service (3 bars / ATT) but after reading this thread I'm a bit concerned the 4s may need a firmware or IOS update to resolve some of these issues.


    Definately seems to be location / data network related more than wi-fi but I'm not 100% sure. Hopefully it's not hardware.

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    update: installed latest IOS update last night (version 5.0.1 (9A405)) via wifi update (first time I've done that) seems to be helping batt life and heat issues so far.

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    I have had heat and battery life issues from day one with my black iPhone 4S 64 G. The update iOS 5.0.1 didn't help, and in fact made my phone hotter.


    I have done all the steps that others have recommended and done on this thread.  I have an Exchange account and several GMail accounts for my various blogs and iCloud as well.


    Phone gets really hot when I have wifi enabled and the heat comes from the lower back right side of the phone as you look at it with the home button at the bottom. 


    Battery life is very short. I have to charge my phone during the day, and over a 1hr period of time, have lost 40 to 60% battery, even after setting it up as a new phone, resetting network settings, etc.


    Hoping iOS 5.0.2 will fix these issues.

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    One more thing. I use the Mophie Juice Pack Air that is supposed to give the iPhone an extra 6 to 8 hours of a charge. My iPhone chews through that power in about 45 minutes.

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    I had the same problem initially..Didnt get solved with 5.0.1 either.But after a restore,it got solved.I think in the restore process,if it didnt go well,some files get corropted and will cause in heating and battery my device is ok.Try it and see.Thanks.

    PS:My 1st restore didnt do any good.So I did it again,,Then It got solved.

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    Same problem here. Tried restore, helped modestly, but phone still gets warm and battery life is poor (lose 25-30% per hr with modest use)


    Is it easier/necessary to return to Apple store as opposed to Verizon directly?

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    I received my Black 32 GB 4S on 10/12 and have used it evey day since then.  I have had the problem of a hot phone and rapidly depleting battery twice so far.  Once a few weeks ago and once yesterday.  The first episode seemed to last about 24 hours.  I thought I saw a correlation to my work WiFi network.  I thought when I was there, I was automatically attaching to the work network which blocks my personal email.  I thought perhaps my phone was trying to connect to my four personal email accounts repeatedly.  When I deleted the work network profile, the symptom went away.


    Yesterday, I was in an area that is well known for poor signal.  When I arrived, the phone actually locked up solid.  The power key would not work.  I had to reboot it.  After that, it ran hot all day while I was there even though I turn off WiFi on the phone (none was available at this location).  I charged it on the way home and it has used only about 23% in the past 14 hours here at home.


    I'm wondering if there is a hardware problem with this particular phone.  Have other people returned their phones?

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    I think I have solved the hot iphone4s/poor battery problem. I would charge it up at night to 100% and by the morning the battery was down to 82%, so could only conclude that something was running all the time. Also, the phone was getting really hot, sometimes when not even using it, and the only way to cool it was to switch off and back on again. Anyway, I went into settings - general - about and right at the bottom there is Diagnostics and Usage, which sends data to Apple. I switched this off and now I have a cold phone with a great battery!

    Sorted, I think.

    PS, I returned my first iphone 4s because it was absolutely boiling, so thought it was a faulty product. Now I think it probably wasn't!

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    Keep watching and see if you have any more days when it runs hot.  I checked my logs in the D & U section and I actually appear to have more log entries in there from yesterday than I did from the day before, when my phone was running hot and draining the battery so fast I could see it clicking down.


    For me the only common theme I can see in my two instances was poor signal and an alternate location.  The first time, I flew in a private jet on a 200 mile business trip and back (without turning the phone off nor puting it in airplace mode).  It ran hot all day that day and most of the next.  That's when I thought the problem was attaching to our corporate WiFi network (which was available at both ends of the trip).  Deleting the corporate network profile seemed to do the trick.  The next "hot" day was traveling to a town about 50 miles away that has very weak signal as described above.  It has run normally since I returned home about 54 hours ago.

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    I have well over 300 messages in my D & U listing. Most start with awdd.... And hen have some numerical date time stamp on them. Those are files are every 3 to 5 minutes. I also have a handful of springboard crashes. The awdd logs from the 1 hour sample I counted, numbered 58 from midnight on the 24th to 1am on the 24th.


    Turning off the sending of data to Apple didn't stop my battery from losing charge rapidly.


    After a full night on the charger and taking it off at 8:45 this morning, it is 32% now at 1:46pm.


    I also run the AT&T M-cell at home, and have 5 bars so it isn't a signal issue.  Also running 2 airport extremes at 5ghz, and have solid signal all over the house as well.


    What ever it is that's causin the battery to get chewed up, I hope it gets fixed real soon.


    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!



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    My iphone 4s and also my wifes 4s both get very hot to touch. Considering most people put on a protective case I think apple needs to look into this immediately. I know they worked on the battery life but how about this heating problem? The phone is not going to last it's longest with these issues and I am considering asking for a refund. This is the worse iPhone apple have ever made! (if you tap the back of your 4s on the bottom nothing tap the back of it at the top - you will see what I mean! The lenses are loose.)


    Wake up apple accept you have made a mistake recall them NOW before you have to do a million recalls at a bigger expense!

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    The battery life and the heating problem are most likely the same issue.  When chips are cranking really hard, they consume more electricity and they give off a lot of heat.  I'm pretty sure it would impossible for the heat problem to not also be a battery life problem.  The heat has to come from electicity since no other source of energy is there to be consumed (unless you see smoke coming out of the seams).


    Personally, I like my 4S a lot.  I find it and my 4 before it, to be very well made.  I'm glad Apple kept the same form factor so I didn't need to change any of my form specific accessories.  Generally I get good battery life and have only had the heat/battery problem on two ocassions so far.  I do want Apple to figure out this problem and fix it, but I hope that can be accomplished via a software update.

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    I have the iPhone 4s an mine Hangs at least 2 times a day, getting very hot and burning lots of battery in that phase.


    I have everything turned off, including Wi-fi and cellular Data, and alsway kill ALL apps.... so i have NONE running.

    When it is locked and in my pocket, i somtimes notice it getting very hot... (yea its like a pocket heating)... I pull it out and try to unlock it, whick it wont do... the screen stays black and it is just not responding... while in that state it kontinues to heat up. The i do a hard reset (Lock + home button for 10 sec) which will cure it (until the next hang)... is in that state for probably 5 minutes until you notice it heating up. but in those 5 minutes it burns about 15% Battery.. (Of course because the heat has to come from somewhere)... The Time-since-last-full-load stats are not available afterwards. and in the Problem report data you will see a "kernel panic" notification at the time it is stuck... i have 1-3 messages for every day the last 4 weeks, along with a bunch of other messages... If i dont notice it beeing stuck it will suck the battery empty, adding up to a total run time from last charge of less than 8 hours without any useage or any feature activated and all apps shut down....

    now these hangs occour randomly, but all within 8 hours afer last full charge... (because its dead by hour 9)... i am very unhapppy about that fact...

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    I just got ma 4s 64gb white yesterday and cudn wait to get on with it, u know what i mean....suprisingly mine is getting hotter when in use, especially when im using things like facetime and skype, but when im just using safari it doesn get much hot but still heats up...and oh yeah...i timed the battery drainage a bit and realised dat when im using skype it takes on 1% battery usage in less than 1 min 30 seconds, but when im just using browser it uses about 1% for about 3 min 50 seconds...yeah and when i was using skype and was getting hotter more than when just using the browser...this is driving me crazyy guys...what has apple said about all these mishaps...