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I have a Macbook Pro that was purchased at Best (?) Buy!.  This is the MacBook that has a removable/replaceable battery.,  I initially had my apple battery replaced and BestBuy replaced (under warranty) it with one of their batteries.  Now their battery has leaked inside of my MacBook Pro.  The Geek Squad just replaced the battery and sent it back to my local store for me to pickup.


I refused delivery as the battery that they put in is now unremovable. (Im assuming the old battery acid has glued the new battery).  The computer reeks of battery acid.  They are now going to take the computer back to repair and clean out the acid.....  How do I know that in a few months from now the acid doesn't eat through something and now I'm without warranty coverage....  The smell is awful, bordering on nauseating...


I told them this should be grounds for a replacement computer.  Of course the computer works "just fine."  At least for now...


Anyone have any experience with this type of "repair"?  What recourse do I have?  I know, never go to Best Buy....Live and Learn....


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Replaceable battery version-2009
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    I doubt that you have any recourse at all now that Best Buy's defective battery has voided the Apple warranty on your machine (if any warranty was still in effect) by leaking into it. I suspect all you can do to protect yourself now is file all the paperwork from Best Buy carefully and keep it in a safe place so you can produce it in small claims court, if it ever comes to that. Otherwise, I'm afraid you're on your own now.

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    This computer was purchased from BestBuy.  I have a Best Buy warranty.  It's the Geek Squad I'm dealing with. 


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    Well, lotsa luck. You've already seen what they can do for you.


    Why Apple ever got into bed with BB, I can't imagine.

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    Did your computer originally fail under the Apple warrnty?  If so, I'm wondering why you had it repaired by Best Buy.

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    First Sentence, "purchased" at Best Buy!



    Yes, but live and learn.  NEVER again.


    Update, called Geek Squad, relations department.  They are looking into the situation.  I will post what happens.

    All in All it DEPENDS on who you talk to!

    Thanks all.....

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    Ok, just for fun....???


    Best Buy (Geek Squad) sent the computer back.  Cleaned the battery acid out of the battery compartment and on the inside (supposedly!).  They replaced the keyboard and case around the keyboard.  Got it back and worked ok except the touchpad had issues of not clicking correctly.  Then the computer wouldn't charge.  Thought it might be the charging block.  Took it to BB and they determined it was the computer itself and not the charging block!. 


    I told them once battery acid leaks inside its only a matter of time before something else happens!!!...


    They are not (this is the fourth time its been in for repair.  Under the Geek Squad Black Tie Protection plan they will replace it with a "product of like kind and quality..blah blah blah! or reimburse you for replacement of the product with a voucher or gift card.


    I can't imagine they would have some old laptop of this version hanging around,, but I digress!...


    I'd like them to replace with a new unit and I'd pay some type of upgrade fee....????  I know not likely.


    Wish me luck....

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    Best Buy received the computer back with a new battery!...  Unit STILL would NOT charge!!!.  Talked with Service Manager and he stated he would give us a new computer.  So we got a new 13 Mac Pro with upgraded processor, hard drive, etc.


    It only took 3 months to get this resolved.


    Lesson: Do NOT get a Geek Squad Black Tie Protection Plan....


    To be fair I don't know if Apple would have done the same!!!???...  I'd like to think....NOT!


    These product guarentees... they all want to sell are just a big money maker for them.  God forbid they actually have to make good on their promise....

    End of Story...