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Greg Schremp Level 1 Level 1

After I moved my MobileMe to iCloud I cannot get mail on my iPhone or iPad. iCloud syncs everything else and works on my MacBook Pro running latest Lion.

Gives me a badge that says:


Cannot Get Mail

The user name or password for "iCloud" is incorrect.

iPhone 4, iOS 5
Solved by jeremy158 on Oct 27, 2011 12:33 PM Solved
Had the same problem, and fixed it. SymptomsAccessing iCloud mail via the mail app on iOS device returns an error, "The user name or password for `iCloud` is incorrect."Mail cannot be accessed via on a desktop/laptop, "Mail could not be loaded", option displayed to "reload, report error, or close mail".iCloud Notes do not sync between iOS devices  SolutionAccess and select "Reset your Password".resest and establish new password.verify mail client fixed via www.icloud.comif fixed, update and iOS device iCloud account password note- "changing" password in your profile did not work in my case and I had select "reset".Worked for my situation.  Credit to the apple senior tech. support advisor. 
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