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    We are all in the same boat.  Siri is great when she works, but I was just getting used to it and now I can't connect.  I do understand BETA though, so I can't blame Apple.  Think about it folks...Microsoft and Vista...and it was not BETA!!  Apple is a great company and Siri will only get better!  (no, I'm not an Apple employee, just believe in their products)

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    Regarding the privacy concerns that some have raised about Siri...


    Those "terms and conditions" things that people just click OK on without reading...they exist for a reason, and people should actually read them so they know what they are getting into when using a service, rather than acting outraged when they later learn that something might have impacted their privacy.


    From the iOS 5 Terms and Conditions:

    If your iOS Device supports Siri, which includes the dictation feature, these features allow you to make requests, give commands and dictate text to your device using your voice. When you use Siri, the things you say will be recorded and sent to Apple to process your requests. Your device will also send Apple other information, such as your first name and nickname; the names, nicknames, and relationship with you (e.g., “my dad”) of your address book contacts; and song names in your collection (collectively, your “User Data”). All of this data is used to help Siri understand you better and recognize what you say. It is not linked to other data that Apple may have from your use of other Apple services. By using Siri, you agree and consent to Apple’s and its subsidiaries’ and agents’ transmission, collection, maintenance, processing, and use of this information, including your voice input and User Data, to provide and improve Siri and other Apple products and services. If you have Location Services turned on, the location of your iOS Device at the time you make a request will also be sent to Apple to help Siri improve the accuracy of its response to your location-based requests.  You may disable the location-based functionality of Siri by going to the Location Services setting on your iOS Device and turning off the individual location setting for Siri. You can also turn off Siri altogether at any time. To do so, open Settings, tap General, tap Siri, and slide the Siri switch to “off”. You may also restrict the ability to use Siri under the Restrictions Setting.
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    After few days run some testing. I think the problem with the SIRI connection is because of the iCloud itself. I have tried to disable SIRI, turned it on and off, turn the wireless connection off and off, and restart few times for almost 4 days. But yet, nothing happen and SIRI still unable to connect. Then I tried to switch on back the iCloud connection (reminder, photo, document and data, etc), and after few seconds, SIRI can be used again.


    If anybody have the same problem, try to turn on the iCloud setting. Hope this helps.

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    Same problems as everyone else here. Siri has worked fine. Siri stopped working. Tried the reset etc. Siri worked for one request, although it was extremely slow. Hasn't worked since.  It's been over 48 hours. What exactly is the benefit of a 4s again? Oh the processor. Wait. That runs at 800mhz just like the iPhone 4. Maybe it was the camera that takes marginally better photos than my 3GS. No, that wasn't it. That's right... IT WAS SIRI. Get your **** together apple. You are as bad as activision and their call of duty problems.


    On a semi-related note, why is this website so iPhone unfriendly? Seems like a no brainer to make the Apple site work with the iPhone. Seems as how iPhone buyers bailed your ***** out of relative obscurity.


    No doubt I will have typed this comment in vain, cause when I go to click "post" some dumb apple website crap will happen.

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    i update ios 8.3 then i cant use siri...i tried to reset my network and turn it off on few seconds nothing change i cant use siri anumore....can you pls fix this asap!!! thank you

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