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I've read a number of posts about the updated version of iPhoto crashing, but before I follow some suggestions (like uninstalling 3ivx) I'd like to be sure I'm in the same boat.


I'm totally current on Lion, iOS5, iPhoto, and everything else.  I'm awaiting my new iPhone 4S which should be delvered any moment.


I connected my iPhone 4 to sync, and there were two photos to import.  iPhoto seemed to open just fine after the update, said it needed to update the library, and all looked fine.


When I tried to import those two photos off the phone it crashed.  I sent the crash report to Apple, and tried again.  Same thing.  Tried once more, same thing.  Then I tried emailing the photos to myself and saving them to the desktop and importing them that way.  Again, a crash.


iPhoto did launch itself when I connected the iPhone 4.


What is the problem here, and will Apple likely release a fix for it.  I don't recall why I have 3ivx on my computer and if I'll miss it when it is gone but if not, I'm happy to uninstall it.  I'd rather not have to get into restoring my library from my last Time Machine backup (last night), or dumping iPhoto and having to reinstall it.  I'm not totally up on libraries and identities etc.


If you need the actual crash report I'm sure I can trigger another one and paste it in here.

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