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Hi all


i have copied my music over from my backup 3GS to iPhone 4s but in cover flow it is very very jerky and not as smooth at all, my 3gs is way smoother an much better than on the iphone 4s it even has problems loading the covers up as there is a delay in doing so as it seems to b slow


whats happend there not as good as my 3GS


So i tried to remove all songs and turned off the iPhone and powered the phone back up and put the music back on and its still jerky and not as smooth what the hells going on this phone should breeze through cover flow view


My 3GS is still on iOS 4 does anyon have the same problems ? Try to scroll fast and it just jerks and slows down but like I say not on the 3gs


Any help

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    anyone, this is just not working right

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    Well this is an ios 5 bug as i just updated my 3gs to ios5 and cover flow runs the same as the iphone 4s all jerky and album art poping up so its not the phones fault its the ios5 software very buggy is there anywhere i can let apple know about this

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    Hi there. Must be a bug 'cause I'm experiencing the very same problem - re-syncing didn't help. Deleting and reloading either.... Hope they are going to do something about it soon... Is there a way how we can let them know???

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    I am also experiencing this problem on my iPhone 4S. Hopefully a fix will be pushed out soon, this should be easy to do with the delta updating ability of iOS5.

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    It is nice we discuss it here, but is there a way to let Apple know about this? I cannot find a way how to send them an email.

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    I have the same problem after upgrading to ios 5

    Very sad :( ....!!!!!

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    Hi, I have the same problem with my 4s.  After reading all the suggestion on this and simmilar forums I checked my picture files assigned to my albums.  I selected in iTunes an album, then right click to get pop up menu, selected "get info.  Then I went to artwork, copied it (right click, copy), then I copied the picture to picture editor to see the properties.  I noticed that some of my pictures assigned to albums are huge, something like 2000 x 2000 pix.

    When I repliced them with smaller ones, i.e. max 600 x 600, everything become smoth.  Now my cover flow work perfectly as it should be.  Definitly ther must be something wrong with iOS5 because before I did not notice such a problem on 3GS of 4 model, even I had the big picture assigned to the album

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    yeah man you're right, i just bought my iphone 4s yesterday and i just noticed cover flow runs really slow. Even my iPod 2gen runs cover flow FASTER. PLEEASE APPLE HELPS OUT A LITTLE HERE! update iOS5