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  • Warren Mcbride Level 1 (20 points)

    My thoughts exactly Bward71.  It is what I am most disappointed with. 

  • Stefano964 Level 1 (0 points)


    Just since full delete of iCloud, my Outlook 2007 freezes each time I restart my PC. Gotta kill the process, quit Win7 session and login again for it to be running.

    Thank you Apple. Thank you very much.

  • dashir Level 1 (0 points)

    I read most of this thread with interest. I had just recently turned on ICloud and then synced my phone in iturnes. Lo and behold I ended up with double entries in my calendar (miCal).I noticed the entries were all a different color. Why? I checked Settings/Calendar on the phone and saw that iCloud uses a different color. So I knew iCloud was the problem. To solve the problem I deleted miCal and then reinstalled it.  Still double entries. I then remembered that miCal syncs with the native iPhone calendar. Umm. I then went and turned off iCloud on the phone. When you turn off the calendar one you get a message that asks if you want to keep the iCloud sync info on the phone. I replied no. Went back to miCal (it syncs with the native calendar every time you open it) and the dupes were gone. I think this will solve some of the replies where folks were tediously deleting duplicates in a calendar or contacts. Turn off iCloud for that app (or all of them--Apple does have to look into this if there is no ready solution) and reply no to keeping the iCloud data.


    For now, I am not going to use iCloud until I can figure out how to stop the cloud from putting duplicate entries in my calendar.

  • @BlueturtleADL Level 1 (0 points)

    The first poster had the right idea. I've switched off the cloud until they fix it up for PC syncing. You could now spend a day or more trying every posters suggestions. I know I don't have the slightest desire to do that.


    The good people at Apple, luv em, know it's an issue by the sheer volume of responses to pages like this. And 3 hour calls to the helpdesk. Mac fixes will come first (naturally) then us Windows addicts will get our fix applied. We will be suitably informed when this happens and as a consequence, delighted to re-join them on the cloud.


    Until then I am still quite happy plugging in to my laptop. And it means my laptop controls my phone. I prefer it that way round anyway. Pease apply that option in the fix #Apple. I would be very grateful.


    What I am waiting for is the day I don't have to plug anything, into anything, ever.

  • GregO1953 Level 1 (0 points)

    After turning on Calendar for ICloud on my new IPad  I find that there are numerous missing calendar entries first in ICloud calendar and then after I open calendar on IPad. I find I have to turn off Calendar in ICloud and overwrite my IPad calendar when I do a sync with Outlook via ITunes to get the missing entries back. I see numerous missing entries in my calendar going back weeks and months. There seems to be no specific pattern in the nature of the deletions. If ICloud randomly deletes important calendar entries this is unacceptable. I won't be using ICloud till it becomes more reliable.

  • rlweiner Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problems as everyone else on my Win7 PC with OL 2007.  Duplicated events, alarms, tasks, plus hundreds of events that didn't sync properly and that I wasn't about to debug one by one.  Also, iCloud created a bunch of other calendars in Outlook, some with only 1 event in them. 


    I had been syncing my calendar with Google and was able to restore from there.  I didn't see any errors in the contacts sync so I exported the iCloud contacts and imported them into my main contacts list.  I was able to copy my tasks from the iCloud list into the main tasks list.  I may have lost the completed ones but they're not important. 


    I've turned off the iCloud sync of contacts, tasks, and calendar and removed the iCloud add-ins from Outlook, but I can't delete the iCloud contacts or calendar files from within Outlook.  When I try to delete the contacts file it gives me a permission error (I haven't tried just deleting the contacts themselves yet).  The Delete command is grayed out for the calendar (when I tried deleting the celandar events I wound up deleting my main calendar as well, so I'm reluctant to go that route again).  I was able to delete the iCloud tasks file.


    So, anyone know how to get rid of the iCliud contacts and calendar files?  (I scanned this thread but maybe I missed it.)  I haven't tried deleting iCloud from my PC -- I still have it set to sync bookmarks and photos. 

  • rlweiner Level 1 (0 points)

    I found this thread and was able to get rid of the iCloud files:

    First, I backed up my main contacts and calendar just in case (after having restored the original data).  Then I signed out of the iCloud control panel.  It asked whether it should delete contacts and calendar and I said Yes.  I still see duplicate alarms for events but otherwise all seems back to normal. 

  • iCTF Level 1 (0 points)

    You can use ODIR application (free of charge) to delete duplicates.

  • rlweiner Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks.  I installed ODIR and it claims to have deleted over 600 duplicate calendar items.  But I'm still getting duplicate reminders.  The only calendars I see are my normal calendar and an archived calendar (which is empty). Under Other Calendars I still see a heading for a calendar group called "iCloud" but there's nothing under the heading. When I look at the All Appointments and Active Appointments calendar views I only see 1 instance of the events that are sending out 2 reminders -- no duplicates.


    Is it possible that the iCloud calendar still exists but is hidden?

  • WendyMerritt Level 1 (0 points)

    Richard, I have no iCloud folder in Outlook. Any other ideas?

  • Tom_in_NY Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks.  This worked for me.

  • rlweiner Level 1 (0 points)

    WendyMerritt -- Before uninstalling iCloud I saw the folder when I was in Calendar View, under Other Calendars.  There were about a dozen calendars listed as iCloud Calendars.  When I removed iCloud the calendars went away but the heading for iCloud Calendars remained (with nothing under it).  I was able to right-click on the heading and select Remove Group.


    And I found the solution to the duplicate event alerts.  Looking at the properties of two seemingly identical alerts, one said the location was Calendar and the other said Calendar02.  I didn't see Calendar02 anywhere in my folder list or data files, so I clicked on my calendar and ran an advanced search with criteria In Folder = calendar02 ("In Folder" is available under the Add Criteria button).  That turned up tons of entries.  I had to run the search twice -- each time it would stop, saying there were too many results and I needed to narrow my search criteria.  Each time I deleted the items the search found and reran the search.  The rogue alerts seem to have stopped, and I don't think I lost any real data



  • rlweiner Level 1 (0 points)

    One more bit of information.  I noticed that my iPad still showed an iCloud calendar (one of the many iCloud created -- this one only had 1 event in it).  I was able to delete it by going to Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendar.  iCloud still showed under Accounts even though I thought I'd done away with it.  I clicked that account and turned off all the syncs except Bookmarks and Photos.  That got rid of the rogue calendar. 


    However, it also deleted tons of contacts, even though all those contacts originally came from Gmail, not iCloud.  I fixed that by going back to Settings/Mail, Contacts, Calendar and clicking on my Gmail account.  I turned off the Contacts sync, which deleted all of my contacts.  I then turned the sync back on and my contacts are all back.  Whew -- I hope that's the end of the tale.

  • rossfeller Level 1 (0 points)

    On purchasing my new IPhone, I joined iCloud, and synched my Outlook (running on PC XP, Outlook 2007).  What this did was to remove all my Calendar data from Outlook.  My Outlook archive was backed up weeks ago.  I have turned off iCloud outlook synching. Can anyone suggest how I can roll back my outlook calendar data to a few days ago before I started iCloud?

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