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richardfromblackburn north Level 1 Level 1

They no longer appear in there original folders, but in a special iCloud folder... Which means they don't show, along with your tasks, in Outlook Today. It seems to me Apple have not thought this through. It needs to be transparent to the Outlook user, and this is FAR from transparent. I have disabled these going to iCloud and spent most of the arternoon getting these back into their original folders...


Not the kind of solution I expect from Apple.

Reply by kurtfairfield on Oct 22, 2011 6:24 PM Helpful
I found this discussion on the internet. a0-9341-9bff22968d8f Private developer in Germany who has a solution to this problem and is customizing it specifically for outlook. I emailed him to ask for more information. I got an autoreply. Apparently, he solved the problem, updated his product and went on vacation. Love that German efficiency! I downloaded a trial of his software (will cost 20 Euros) and it seems to work great, so far. Install the program, restart Outlook, and select the properties of the folder in iCloud you want to sync to the default folder in Outlook and apply. Takes a while to move lots of records (appointments and tasks) but they populate and show up as one would expect in the Outlook reminders and To-Do pane. I chose the optioin not to sync reminders but I end up with two reminder panes popping up anyways for tasks but not appointments. Small hassle so far and I will ask the developer if I can't figure it out myself.  Here is the link to the download page for the software that solved my problem (so far) Calendars must sync to the root Outlook Calendar (do not create a folder) but tasks seem to work if you create a folder to mirror iCloud. This is a work around and not a true solution. Really all we need is some code to permit Outlook to gather tasks and reminders from a none default folder. Seems like it shouldn't be to hard, but I am not a programmer.

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  • Remmy70 Level 1 Level 1

    Totally agree, I had a huge panick situation yesterday, I tried to uninastall iCloud because it was messing up my Outlook contacts, and suddenly all my contacts were gone. Tried serveral things, then all the contacts on my iPhone were gone too...  After 2 hours of messing around, re-installing iCloud, dragging all my contacts back in my normal Outlook contacts folder, then de-installing iCloud again, I finally have everything back to normal (had to delete some double contacts but I was so relieved I didn't care). Maybe it had to do something with Google Calendar Sync running in the background? But that's not syncing contacts, so don't know why that should interfere?


    I don't think this is a pretty solution for Outlook users, feels like a way to force us to abandon our own way of working with the programs we like. No thank you, Apple. After the horrible update to iOS 4, I already had my whole calendar messed up thanks to their daylight savings time bug (which they NEVER admitted to).


    I'm switching to Android just as soon as my current cell phone contract allow me to.

  • richardfromblackburn north Level 1 Level 1

    Well I'm not about to walk away from my iPhone, but Apple does need a swift kick for this one. Whilst I'm not about to buy a 4S as I have the 4, Siri is damned impressive. It was perhaps the comments of David Pogue that convinced me about it, plus a couple of others. This thing appears to really work.

  • cbonamer Level 1 Level 1

    I cannot find any calendar or contact info once I "synced" and it's all in the cloud. How do I transfer it back into my original outlook databases. Is there an online export function?

  • richardfromblackburn north Level 1 Level 1

    If you look at the folders, (click on the folders button on the bottom left), you will see a series of folders under iCloud. In each case, you can find a way to highlight all of the contents (calendar will need you to show the contents as a list, use Ctrl-A to highlight all the contents), then drag them back to the old folder. They will transfer.

  • Warren Mcbride Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks Richardfromblackburn north (whew, thats a mouthful).  I have done this and will see what happens with icloud.

  • richardfromblackburn north Level 1 Level 1

    Warren, I do not expect this to work with iCloud at all. I have turned off this part of iCloud and have returned to updating it directly from my PC.

  • Warren Mcbride Level 1 Level 1

    Turns out that what happens is when icloud syncs, it sends a blank address book up to the cloud which then feeds a blank address book back to everything else.

    So you are right.  At this point I am turning off ALL of icloud, on my PC, my mac pro, my iphone and my ipod and I am also just going to to direct updates from the PC.


    Apple really pooched the pooch on icloud.

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    What a nightmare. After switching on iCloud I immediately was notified of sync issues between outlook and ical (which didn't happen before). I choose to keep the outlook entries. And then what happened? All calendar entries in outlook disappeared and I have them 4 times in iCal now. How to undo this mess?

  • richardfromblackburn north Level 1 Level 1

    Martin, I know of no other way to resolve this other than by cleaning it up manually, whether you choose to remain using Oultook in the form that Apple forces you to or not.

  • wechapman923 Level 1 Level 1

    As an early mobile me subscriber, I should hae known better.  I have duplicate and missing calendar entries on all of my devices.  I have no idea how I am going to get this mess fixed.  Apple iCloud wasn't ready to be released. At least MobileMe was working. Now I have nothing.

  • Multiform Level 1 Level 1

    I was also disappointed with the iCloud synching with Outlook. When there are no options to set, or instructions to follow you'd hope it would just work, but not using the default Outlook folders is not a workable solution. I was previously happily synching my Outlook Calendar to my iPhone using Google Calendar Sync, and my Outlook contact with Soocial - with Google Calendar and Contacts pushed to my phone through the Exchange client functionality. Only drawback is that these updates weren't realtime, but only synched a few times a day.


    But, it worked, and it was free... going back to that solution.

  • Stefano964 Level 1 Level 1

    I completely agree with all of you.

    What a nightmare opening outlook and finding that all my appointments, contacts, activities were gone! Then I discvered the "in iCloud" to the left and my heart started to beat a little bit slowly.

    But I have a question: using iCloud doesn't allow me setting any alarm (dunno if the english interface call it this way) in appointments or activities, because Outlook says that they are in external folders (it is true). then? No more alarms?

  • KevinM81 Level 1 Level 1

    No reminders in Outlook because you can't set the iCloud as your default data file. So, no reminders and no Outlook today. Really a total failure. I think Microsoft should make it possible to set an imap account as your default as well, but this is still poor design by Apple. I'm going with the google calendar sync solution. It would have been really nice for iCloud to work though.

  • Stefano964 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks Kevin.

    As I wrote elsewhere, in the end I decided to keep iCloud running. Outlook allows setting reminders, even if it advises that you can't :-). If it can't show them... never mind. My iPhone and/or iPad are always on my desktop. So they take care of it.

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