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My iPhone 4S will not create Reminders using Siri.  It instead creates Tasks which cannot utilize location based alerts.

My iPhone is connected to Exchange 2010 and sync's Tasks (not sure if this is relevant). 

In the Reminders App, I have three screens, Completed, Tasks, Reminders.

Under Tasks when creating new tasks, I have the option of setting an alert based on a day.

Under Reminders when creating new reminders, I have the option of setting an alert based on a day or a location.

I am supposed to be able to say "Remind me to call my wife when I leave work".  Siri repeats the instruction and asks if I would like to create the item.  On this screen I see that Siri shows a preview of a Task instead of a Reminder.  I go ahead and say Yes.

When I go check in the Reminders App, I have a new item under Tasks that says "When I leave work, call my wife".  Reviewing the details, I find that an alert is not set for "When I leave work".  It is just set to None.  I suspect this is because Tasks cannot have location based reminders.


My question is, Why is Siri creating the reminder under Tasks instead of Reminders where you can have location based alerts and how can I get them create correctly?  Any ideas?

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