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When I send out a calendar invite it is showing up on the person's phone I invite as the invite is coming from my daughter (it says sent by my daughter). The Iphone is mine, but she and one other daughter has Ipods on my itunes account, but not sure how her name is showing up as the one who sent the invite when it is coming from my phone. . Any advice?

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    It sounds like you may all syn to the same machine and you now have more than one e-mail account on your iPhone. Are you recieving her e-mail too? Go into settings and look at the accounts. Delete the one(s) you don't want there, then sit down and create completely separate user logins on your computer, each with its own iTunes library. Set a password on your account and make sure you log out of the computer when you walk away so your daughters don't plug their devices in and hose all your settings in the future.

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    I do not have her email account setup on my phone. We all have different login names on the pc. The only thing in common is the Itunes account. They use my password and account because they are young so I downlaod all their items.


    When the invite goes to the other person it says from her name not her email address. Not sure how it even knows her name. She would only appear in my contact list.

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    I have a similar problem.


    My calendar invites are showing up on others' phones as coming from a very old email address (@hotmail) of mine which I no longer use. This address, however, was my original Apple ID.


    My Apple ID is now an @me one, which I have used for the past 3 years. However, all my invites are showing hotmail and many of friends/colleagues don't recognise the Hotmail address as mine and so ignore some of the invites.


    It could be that your daughter's Apple ID was set up wrote yours? I'd like to know if there is a fix to this. Or is it all part of the inability to merge Apple IDs?

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    I've figured it out!


    iCal uses Mail to send out the invitations. So, to fix this issue, go to Mail --> Preferences --> Composing and then edit the "send new messages from" setting to the account you wish to use.



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    I don't use iCal so this is probably not my problem. I use the calendar on my iPhone to send the invites. I do sync with outlook, but that is only in my name and I don't understand why my daughter's email is associated with my iPhone. I used to sync their ipods with my Itunes account because of their age. But, I set up an account for the daughter whose email is showing up.


    Any other suggestions?

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    I solved the problem. For some reason my apple ID account had my daughters email listed as alternate emails in my apple id account. I deleted them and the invites now showing being sent by me.