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    Thanks for the info, Richard. When I tried this, I got an error message stating that the account could not be verified. When I tapped Save, the message said "This account may not be able to reach a calendar". The calendar was added to the list of calendars, but there is no data in it.

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    Thank you jwiser, your "holidays" app with US Flag worked for me. I have tried seveal things and nothing. This was just too easy. It does work and thank you again...

  • nabsurprise Level 1 Level 1

    This totally worked for me, thank you. It was too easy too. I tried several things and nothing worked. Thank you again.

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    Thanks Richard this worked great!

    I never knew you could subscribe to a calendar on your iOS device. Nice.

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    just what I needed!

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    I received an error stating the account could not be verified my first try as well.  Then I tried typing the following exactly as it's listed, case sensative.




    Give that a shot, it should add a calendar subscription to your iDevice same as iCal on your Mac.

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    Rysz wrote:


    Your wish is Apple's command!


    In your Mac iCal application go to Calendar>Find Subscriptions... it will take you to an Apple download page with plenty of calendars to subscribe to. Since these are "subscriptions" if the calendar changes, you will automatically be updated, too.



    You can also Google for iCal calendars (or use your favorite shareware download site) to find more calendars.


    See, no whining was necessary...


    I was looking for an alternative solution to this issue rather than having to download an app.  While searching for my own solution I found this string.  By the way, this link is a WEALTH of assistance regarding iCloud:


    It seems Rysz's reply here is a bit antagonistic?  (no whinning necessary??)   It's apparent he, himself completely missed the mark regarding the issue, yet still, successfully acheived to be condescending in the process of providing an erronous resolution.  Heck... that's just frusting and doesn't make anyone feel good!  The issue, nor the "complete" answer is found in iCal.  The issue is with "iCloud's" calendar as asked in the first post. 


    As for reference of why I'm having the same issue.  I refuse to upgrade to buggy Lion, so of course, not all of iClouds features work with Snow Leopard (even tho there were some hints Apple was going to provide more iCloud features through an update to 10.6.9 late last year, but never did)


    I have found TWO ACTUAL, real solutions ( links below if you want to skip to the SOLUTIONS ) I mentioned my situation because I couldn't even get iCal to work with iCloud properly with Snow Leopard in the first place, but now, with an easy solution using WebDav RIGHT FROM iCal, I can.  I mention WebDav because it's also a solution for this calendar issue.


    I however, chose the solution (also noted below) with a little trick using iCal.  Part of the solution is something Rysz mentioned, but that's still, ONLY the first step.  It involves an easy import and export process that get's holidays on your iCloud calendar as well as iCal - fast and easy! 


    The person who noted the solution using the subsciption from iCal & Apple's "holiday" file - calls the process a "work around."  I consider it more of a final, long term resolution knowing I won't have to download an app, sync with Google, or have anything further to do aftewards. 


    I liked the solution from the blog link below because the info/data remains on my Mac and my sync'd iCloud - as a solution, rather than using an outside source like WebDave.  However, the WebDave option looks to be JUST as easy of a solution.


    During the process I used as a reference because it made the process visually, and easy to see in actoion.  You can probably use with WebDave, too, to watch and confirm your data is being synced with iCloud.  It syncs all the same, no matter what you're looking at.  It doesn't disable anything during the process to watch it on


    I suggest *NOT* using Google with any of your Apple programs/applications *if* you're also syncing things with iCloud.  I've done this with some of my app's like Address Book, and it makes a complete mess of things, creating duplicates and even quadrupicates, that then just creates another hurdle.  It's a mess! 


    That's the crux of what brought me to search for solutions for my address book/ iCalendar with iCloud in the first place.  I've go my iCal/iCloud holiday issue fixed with this solution.


    It seems such a small thing but this can really make a difference when it's holding back your scheduling. I really didn't have time to compose this, but I did because I hope having the solutions I found helps someone else, too.


    I think BOTH of these solutions are good.  It's just your preference.


    Here's the solution I used: d/


    Here's the WebDave solution:

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    rpbrail, please mark Richard's response as a solution so that we can close this thread. It's only fair to give credit where it is due, and by marking his solution as correct, it may keep others from ranting on about the already-solved issue.

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    excUUUuSe me!                   Granted I certainly rambled, but I don't know about.... "ranting." I mentiond towards the beginning of my post to skip to the end where I noted the links.  I forget that you can't delete your forum posts, so your'e-all stuck with my ramble post.  sorry.


    I admit I didn't clearly see Richard's option as resolved because I thought other people were still having issues with it.  Had I seen it clearly, I would have seen my option was almost like Richard's - with the big difference in process.  I wanted to test the actualy difference, but feared duplicates.


    I know rpbrail's is running Lion, but there's a large majority of Mac users still running SL. I mentioned my non-Lion situation so other's could see having a sync'd iCloud calendar was still possible for them.  This next part might constitue ranting:  but I never post for "credit"- but rather to ask for, or to provide help. 


    However, rpbrail, I believe schunautz07 is right and you should mark this thread as solved. You have the ability since you started the thread.   It will also help others searching the forums to see a "solved" conversation.  It appears Richard Rose2 's Oct 29th option to be the most concise and simplist.


    But "other" solutions provided in any thread aren't necessarily wrong - just "alternatives."  As a long time Mac user  (25yrs) I've always told people there's usually about five different ways (in general) of doing the one thing you want to accomplish on a Mac.  That's always been the beauty of the Mac and Mac OS.


    happy Mac'n

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    For what it's worth, Richard's solution does not push the calendar to  Berry's solution pushes the holiday calendar to both and to your iphone.  You can then delete the subscribed calendar from ical to avoid duplicates.

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    djb72563 wrote:


    For what it's worth, Richard's solution does not push the calendar to  Berry's solution pushes the holiday calendar to both and to your iphone.  You can then delete the subscribed calendar from ical to avoid duplicates.



    Ahh HA!  So there is... "some"... vindication in the world after all.    Ha... I say that in complete jest.  As I stated somewhere among my jibber-jabber, I only post to get help, or try to provide it. 


    You're exactly right @djb72563.  All you do to finish up the process is to delete the extra calendar as described in the link I  provided.  I've actuallly gotten rid of all my other calendars that reside "on the mac" in iCal.  I only use the iCloud portion of iCal. (which in fact, still resides on your Mac as well)


    I am, however, glad to see there is an actualy difference in the process, only so there can be a solution here.  I have been using the process between my iMac, iPad, and iPhone now quite smoothly & successfully.

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    First of all, thank you for your detailed posts.  Those of us with similar problems greatly appreciate it.  I am having a problem implementing the "icloudhowtoblog" option.  I am running 10.6.8.  When I go to choose New Calendar, iCloud does not appear as an option - just On My Mac and my email address... am I missing something?

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    It worked beautifully!  Thanks!

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    Michael Park wrote:



    First of all, thank you for your detailed posts.  Those of us with similar problems greatly appreciate it.  I am having a problem implementing the "icloudhowtoblog" option.  I am running 10.6.8.  When I go to choose New Calendar, iCloud does not appear as an option - just On My Mac and my email address... am I missing something?


    Sorry, my office is being remodeled and I don't have access to my iCal on my Mac.  However, I believe the process you may be missing is the capalized portion text of the blog - you need to SUBSCRIBE to a holiday calendar first. 


    Once you do that - you're basically creating an actual (new) iCal file when you export, and then import the actual file back into your iCloud.  After you do that - you're really not subsribing to that holiday calendar... if ... I'm remembering the process correctly.


    Furthermore, I remember doing the same process with my own calendars.  I have a business and personal calendar / dates on my iCal.  I can't tell you what I did exactly with my own calendars, until I get my Mac back up, but I remember that the process created duplicates, one "on my mac" and then the iCloud versions that were viewed in iCal / iCloud.


    I confirmed that my iCloud calendar versions actually resided on my Mac as well, JUST LIKE the ones that were listed "on my mac" - so I simply deleted the ones "on my mac" so I would no longer have duplicates.  So technically - my iCloud iCal resides as a file on my Mac, too.


    So now when I edit / add / change events or dates to either my business or personal calendar on my Mac - my iCal calender gets updated on iCloud, too - AS WELL as my iPad, and my iPhone - all at once.  And because you've essentially created your own holiday calendar (not subscribed to a web based version) you can add your own dates to that one as well, or get rid of some you don't care about.


    I don't remember how I got my own calendars to iCloud (properly) - probably just exported my business and personal calendars, and then imported them in the same process.   I have an iCloud account and all, but not a properly working iPhone (jlbrkn/unlckd)  But even so, with my iPhone, iPad, and Mac - everything works like a charm with iCal and iCloud now.  I still strongly suggest using the web based iCloud, too.  It's actually really cool.


    But the short of it is:  I think you first need to make sure you've "SUBSCRIBED" to a calendar.  (ie- holidays) There's help somewhere on that, too.  In iCal - it's under the "Calendar" menu, "subscribe" and "find subscriptions."   Or while in iCal... go to the "help" and just start typing when you're looking for and watch for something to start auto-populating.

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    Followed most of this and worked ok...however no Easter?  I get Daylight Savings day but no Easter?  Or Good Friday?  Maybe this is Apple's way of promoting secularism, and I don't care much what religion anyone is, but if we're talking a holiday that (most) schools are closed (GF), I need that in my calendar.  Since GF and Easter change every year, it seems unthinkable that is not something they would include?  And the holidays don't show in iCloud web portal? Nor has it updated to show on my iCloud Outlook calendar? 


    Overall, I have to say Apple/iPhone/iPad is pretty **** poor at much of anything besides watching the latest version of Family Guy on the T.  Productivity?  Right; you'll spend more time trying to figure out how to get sh*t to work, only to find out "Apple don't do that."  Maybe someday I'll understand this Apple cult.   Not today though. Bash MS all you want, but at least 95% of the stuff works with each other and works the way it's supposed to.