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I an error message after running the update on iTunes, now I receive the below error when I click to open my iTunes:


iTunes.exe - Entry Point Not Found

The procedure entry point kCMByteStreamNotification_AvailableLengthChanged could not be located in the dynamic link library CoreMedia.dll.


iTunes was not installed correctly.  Please reinstall iTunes.

Error 7 (Windows error 127)


I re-installed iTunes and selected to repair and am still receiving the same error. 


If I uninstall iTunes completely, will I lose all my music/settings/apps?


Looks like lots of issues going on out there, but was not sure if anyone got this same error????

Windows 7
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    I have received the exact same message, and I am also running windows 7. I have tried several times to reload ITunes 10.5 from the Apple website, using the repair button.

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    I have the exaxct same problem. Any solutions yet?

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    I have the exact same problem and got the exact same error messages when updating; however, I have Windows Vista.  Anybody figure this out?

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    Same problem here on my Toshiba Laptop - happened right after upgrade to iTunes 10.5.. worked fine before. Upgrade seemed to work fine on two other computers, a Mac and a W7 machine...

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    Same problem running on Windows XP.  I just got the new I Phone 4S and I cannot do anything with it on my laptop.  No idea how to get iTunes back on my computer.  Like the earlier post, I don't want to lose my iTunes library so I am hesitant to uninstall iTunes and the repair gets me the same result.  Any solutions yet?

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    Well, after trying all the shortcut suggestions, I uninstalled all the Apple apps and did a new install of the newest release (10.5) .. that worked, and I was then able to update my iPad and iPhone4 to iOS 5... did not lose any data.

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    I am not an expert, but this worked for me.


    Make sure that all of Windows Security packs, and Windows updates are installed. I had 82 that had not run due to my firewall security being to high.


    Once these updates were installed, I uninstalled iTunes, and then reinstalled. It worked the first time. the only thing I lost was my backed up iPhone data.

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    I did the same thing as pogle1. I uninstalled all the Apple apps and did a new install of the newest release (10.5) .. that worked and I did not lose any data.