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My iCloud calendars and subsicriptions are not showing up in my iCal Calendar on my Mac. They all appear on the left hand side under the Calendars tab and they are all ticked but only one or two appear in the month to month view. I have tired refreshing them all, I have tired un-syncing and re-syncing from iCloud but this has no effect. The calendars show up fine on my phone and on iCloud though. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Thanks in advance!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2), Using iCal synced to iCloud
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    I have the reverse problem - I tried removing the calendar from my mac mini and then re-adding and syncing but no go. Could it be because it's an exchange server calendar on my mac and I can't sync them to iCloud - anyone?

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    I just experienced the exact same thing.  No calendar entries on iCal but they are on my iPhone and iPad and iCloud.  I'm calling Apple Support.

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    Also  all shared calendars I had before are missing on all device calendars.

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    I'm having the same problem.  Entries show in iCloud calendars and on the iPhone, but not in iCal.

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    I'm having the same problem viewing events on month view. I can create and edit an event on week or day view, it will sync and display just fine on iCloud, but I can't see the event on month view. If I try to create an event in month view, the edit event dialogue won't show either.

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    Note for shared calendars (and this kind of stuff should be MUCH MORE "up front" when you do the switch over Apple!) so you can see them again





    If you share calendars they will be affected as follows when you move to iCloud:

    • Privately shared calendars (such as a family calendar):
      • If you share calendar(s) with one or more MobileMe members, sharing settings will be preserved when moving, but the people you are sharing with must also move to iCloud in order to see your shared calendar(s).
      • If someone is  sharing a calendar with you, and you move to iCloud, you will no longer be able to see that calendar until the person who is sharing the calendar with you also moves to iCloud.
    • Publicly shared calendars (such as a soccer team schedule)
      • If you are sharing a calendar publicly, it will be unpublished as part of your move to iCloud. You will need to share your calendar again after moving to iCloud




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    I seem to of fixed my original problem. In System Preferences - Internent & Wireless, there are iCloud and Mobile Me icons. As I migrated my Mobile Me account to iCloud when 10.7.2 came out, I thought I could safely sign out of Mobile Me, which I was still signed into, and all would be fine. As you can see it wasn't but as soon as I signed back into Mobile Me, my calendars became visable again.


    I know Mobile Me is going to coninute running until June 2012, but I thought that after migrating to iCloud I would no longer need to be signed in to Mobile Me, as my calendars, contacts etc are now on iCloud and I am not making use of iWeb.


    Anyone else experiened this particular iCloud/Mobile Me quirk?

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    I have the same problem.  After moving to icloud my iphone calendar only shows events created using my default calendar. 


    Also, my battery is now draining in about a half day.


    Any ideas?

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    Make sure that your iCloud account has appeared in iCal, in Preferences > Accounts. On my mac my iCloud account was added automatically, but on my wife's hers wasn't and I had to manually add it before our calendars appeared in her iCal.

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    This had worked perfectly.  Thank you.

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    In System Preferences > Mail, Contacts, & Calendars, I clicked on my iCloud account (I also have some other gmail accounts in there), so I had to first click on my iCloud account, then I simply turned off my calendar (unchecked the box) and then rechecked it.  Then I noticed my blank iCal in the background had a window name of "iCal - Updating..." as it was trying to pull the calendar data from the cloud.  It worked in just a few seconds, so my calendar is back!


    I think if I had read your post first I would have found that maybe my iCal didn't have my iCloud account in the Prefs > Accounts as you mentioned.