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  • hairyleprechaun Level 1 Level 1

    Update: My Apps, both stock and 3rd party from APP Store, are crashing again.

  • tnjeditor Level 1 Level 1

    Same here, apps were stable for a short while now crashing again.  As much as I like wireless sync I may have to downgrade the OS unless there is a fix really soon.

  • rajmera Level 1 Level 1

    Worked for me too! just updated one app and all of them started working.


    Cheers !

  • michaelfromcurrimundi Level 1 Level 1

    Wow, exactly te same thing! Things were better for a little while but now theyre far worse, to the point where the iPad is unusable. Are Apple just completely inept now? Can they do nothing right without Steve? Everything that has come out without him has been either just disappointing or completely disastrous. iOS5 screwed my iPad and Lion 10.7.2 destroyed my brand new $3000 iMac. I got it working again, but its way too slow for an absolutely top of the line machine. Its noisy, things crash, and its way too hot, not yet a month old! What is happening at Cupertino? I remember how excited I was by that keynote telling us about Lion, iOS5 and iCloud. I wonder if I'll ever get excited about forthcoming Apple annoucements again?

  • attocha Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same issue. This is what I've tried so far and nothing has worked:


    1. Downloaded a free app and installed it. I agreed to all of the App Store's new agreements.

    2. Rebooted the iPad 2.

    3. Logged-in to iTunes while connecting the iPad 2 to my PC.


    The only semi-solution is to reinstall all third party apps manually(delete first, then go to the App store and re-install each indivdual App).


    They should have found this big issue in beta.

  • HersheyEd Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the exact same problem on my iPhone. It is a 4S.  The main that it is happening for me is with my bank app.  I can log into the app, but as soon as I pick the account that I want to log into, it crashes every time.  I have done all of the recommended solutions.  I have deleted and reinstalled the app to no avail.  This is extremely frustrating.  I have ios5 loaded on my iPhone 4, and it works on there with no problem.  I also have a lot of crashes with other apps, and saved pages.  Any help would be much appreciated.  I am trying to avoid a 50-mile roundtrip trek to the Genius Bar.

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    Same problem here. Once I update to IOS5, I tried to launch any third party application and all of them had the same behavior : it flashes and then returns to previous screen with nothing happening.


    My issue was resolved by going to App Store and update one of my third party application. Once updated, all  my other applications started to launch normally without any problems. Hope this help.

  • hairyleprechaun Level 1 Level 1

    I too also get the blurry text on occasion. On my iPhone 4 the blurry text appears when using Safari and tends to occur more frequently when I zoom in or out on web pages or rotate from portrait to landscape view and back. Sometimes the only solution to get rid of the blurry text that then shows up in all of my web pages is to terminate and then restart Safari entirely. 


    As for apps crashing, they all do it intermittently, but Safari crashes most frequently. I have been unable to delete and reinstall all of my apps since I have 140+ apss. However reinstalling a new app Either on the iPhone itself or from iTunes after first logging out of the iTunes store on either my phone or my PC first, and agreeing to the new terms of service, has failed to resolve the issue, though it works briefly. 


    The only solution I have is temporary. Basically, I have to hard reset my device (press and hold both the sleep and home buttons together until the phone turns off and the apple logo appears and then release the buttons) which resolves the issue for a short period of time ranging from a few hours to a day or so. 


    Hope this helps. 


    I'm still waiting for a permanent solution from Apple. Let's hope it comes soon.

  • ACB-C-A Level 1 Level 1



    Share your pain dudes ....


    Tried Switching off the app through double Click- No Joy

    Tried Power off- No joy

    Tried Soft Reset- No Joy

    Tried Downloading a free app- No Joy


    Updated my apps- apps now work.


    Suggest trying that one first- although could just be me.

  • mellowdesign Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue here - whatever app I launch, within seconds it crashes back to Home screen. Have tried all but restore to factory settings.


    What's going on Apple?

  • rbaum Level 1 Level 1

    I think I've fixed this problem, which was causing me constant grief, by turning off iCloud syncs to Contacts & Calendars. I've had no crashes since then. I have a huge number of entries in both my address book and calendar, largely due to duplications caused by Mobile Me. Oh, the irony.

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  • Dan Peterson1 Level 1 Level 1

    Turning off all my iCloud features fixed it for me. I'm now going to turn them back on one feature per day and see if it starts getting crashy again.

  • rahulkr Level 1 Level 1

    Same with my ipod touch 4th gen. Also the music app (official) crashes while swiping through album art. And other app store apps crash too including contract killer.

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    SAme thing for me here... flashing for a second and then doesnt work.. this only happens with thrid party apps not the official one and I tried to turn off icloud with no success. When I download a new FREE app it sloves the problem for a day but then starts buzzing back again.