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    I'm not having this issue. My partner is. Wifi Sync has nothing to do with it. I have my itunes set to sync my ipad air and iphone 5s... when it does, itunes NEVER pops up on my machine.. My itunes *never*... *ever* pops up on its own unless I tell it to


    Either something is CAUSING itunes to gain focus (3rd party app) or iTunes is doing it to itself.


    At no time should any non critical application EVER just pop up and steal focus unless it has something really important to tell you


    I also tried all the option in this post, and others, and it's not solving the issue. Uninstalling and reinstall doesn't fix it either


    So I go back to it's either


    1) a 3rd party app

    2) some borked itune settings...


    going to run msconfig and disable ANYTHING thats non essential. If that solves it, then I'll re-enable things 1 by 1 until I find it

    jimfromwinona lake wrote:


    This behavior is (like what Microsoft would say) by design.  When they moved to 10.5 on ios 5 for the iPhone they created a wireless sync feature.  If your iPhone wifi is turned on and your computer is on that same network it will attempt to connect for the sync operation. 


    Try this: Turn off wifi on your iPhone.  Close iTurnes.  See that iTunes will no longer attemt to reopen.  If you don't want the wireless sync feature then you may want to use the steps listed in the previous posts. 

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