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    You don't understand the hoopla because you don't understand the question or the issue.


    You are confusing "turning cellular data off" with being able to choose - on AT&T iPhones only - that on every single version of those iPhones the user could choose between accessing ONLY 2G/Edge networks (which use much less battery and gives much wider and more reliable cell call connections) or allowing the phone to always connect to any available 3G network (which does allow the user to access the Internet while on a cell call if one chooses to) but in iffy areas cell calls often drop and battery life is much less.


    It has nothing to do with "I have a 4G S and don't have any trouble making calls with cellular data turned off". First of all, what is a "4G S" phone?


    Second of all, "cellular data turned off" has nothing whatsoever to do with making vocal cell calls.


    Those of us who have used AT&T iPhones on iOS 4.x and earlier have always had the the ability for the user to select whether to be on the 2G/Edge only or 2G & 3G.


    We want that choice back. For many good reasons.

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    Apple has intentionally removed this and updated support documentation; i wouldn't expect it to return it. They have changed the modem inside no doubt so that the option to turn 3G off has gone as a result of the independant modem being gone. As a result; polling for a 3G signal should use less battery than it used to...

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    I have been following this for 3 weeks, hoping Apple would make an official cohesive response. Yet, after reading threads, it seems there are many responses given by Apple, many of which contradict each other.


    It's a shame, but I believe the 4s will have to go back. This problem has been driving me nutso. I have below par 3G coverage in my house, and my phone calls are always patchy. Plus, I don't really use Siri very much, so I would be fine with just turning 3G back on when I need to.

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    SFMacNewbie wrote:




    You seem to misunderstand this.  The issue is not whether to use WiFi at home or when out in a WiFi zone. They most certainly DID NOT just "rename the thing".


    We are talking about cellular service here, for voice calls (primarily).  If we turn off Cellular Data we have NO ability to make cellular calls.


    The iPhone 4S is my ONLY phone.  I need to be able to make calls anywhere.  And I prefer to make them on the 2G/Edge network because it is more reliable where I am and that it uses less battery power.


    Please pay more attention to the issue.  Read Ice Machine's confirmation from AT&T.  We currently have NO choice about using 2G/Edge or 3G.  None.


    i was still able to make calls and send text msgs when i turned my cellular data off on my iPhone - however i was unable to retrive any data unless i was connected to Wi-Fi.

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    Include in those things that you can't do when Cellular Data (3G) is not turned on, you can not use visual voicemail.


    W.T.F. is wrong with Apple, my God has Steve Jobs' passing sent them into the toilet already?


    25 years using Apple products and I have to say that this is the most disappointed I have EVER been with Apple.


    How can anyone with at least a half a brain cell not know that AT&T's 3G in the US BLOWS and that we NEEd the option to control what network we're on...


    All this BS they're telling you about an antennae incompatibility... come on, grow up, stop being stupid, that's nonsense.



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    dave3389 wrote:


    the option too turn off 3g seems not too be on this phone could you help me

    I want my turning off 3G button back in my iphone 4S in order to save thebattery life....I don't know why Apple has to disbale that.

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    Dave. I've had to switch carriers from orange to Vodafone just to be able to use the phone at home!

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    That's not very good. I'm not having too many issues with mine now. The signal is still rubbish though. You never no it may get sorted. But I guess yours is fine now your on a new network ?

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    If you jailbreak the phone can you turn the 3g off?

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    theres no jb for the 4s yet

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    The missing "Enable 3G" switch on iPhone 4S is a major problem for anyone in 3G fringe areas. We are seeing our people return and/or or sell iPhone 4S on eBay because they cannot make/receive calls in areas where 3G is at 1-2 bars.


    Despite multiple attempts to get answers from Apple, several members of my business account team (of which I'm the manager) have already switched to either Android which has a switch for turning 3G on/off, or they have switched to iPhone 4S on Verizon where 3G is irrelevant.  This issue has gone from maybe it's a problem, to it being a major problem.


    To be clear, the issue is that in 3G fringe areas the iPhone attempts to use 3G when it shouldn't with the result being that calls either cannot be completed or calls are dropped at a high rate (less 50% call completion on 3G, reliable on 2G). Switching 3G off, means the phone uses 2G/Edge which corrects the issue and provides reliable calls.


    Several people on my business account live in mountainous regions, myself included, and for years we have switched off Enable 3G on our iPhone 3, 3GS, 4 to address fringe issues for many years. Why are people in such regions now being ignored/marginalized and forced to migrate away from iPhone?


    In my own case, I'm stuck on an iPhone 4 because of this issue, eg I cannot use a 4S because of the 3G fringe problem. On my iPhone 4 I run with 3G switched off which not only gives better call completion rates, but also provides much better battery use.


    Unfortunately, on the iPhone 4S this feature is not available which means 4S iPhones are useless as a phone in 3G fringe areas. Worse the phone uses more battery trying to use 3G due to weak signals.


    People on our team have called ATT and Apple support multiple times about this issue, but both seem to have an amazing lack of knowledge about the issue. They either don't understand the issue, or they make incorrect assumptions/suggestions. For example, yesterday Apple Support suggested turning off "Cellular Data" which does not help since turning off cellular data stills leaves 3G enabled.


    The net effect on our end is that longstanding iPhone fans are migrating away from iPhone. We had two different people migrate away yesterday. They had bought 4S early on, then sold their iPhone 4, then slowly realized their new phones could not do what an iPhone 4 could do.


    I sure hope Apple and/or Carriers fix this issue soon, it's a BIG problem. Silence and/or ignorance from Apple and/or the Carries on this issue is not helping the iPhone case. I have written letters to the VP of ATT for my region, and have gotten no response. The silence seem clear. Go find your own solution.

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    I'm probably being a bit thick, but what are you running if you turn off Cellular data? isnt that edge and gprs?


    and how does this affect call quality?


    i thought all calls were GSM, so if ur mobile internet (3G) is on, is call quality better?


    i really have no idea

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    Yes James... from above... switching 3G off, means the phone uses 2G/Edge which corrects the issue and provides reliable calls.