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dino valentini Level 1 Level 1

So, once I upgraded to ios5 on my Ipad2, neither my iphone4 or my ipad is accepting my apple ID for the itunes store. I've gone to itunes store, changed my password, and signed into the store and I get in with no problem...on my computer. But on ipad, and iphone it still is telling me the password is not right. I've done reboots on both the devices and still nothing.


I did migrate my mobile me to iCloud. iCloud seems to be working so far, but after the upgrade, i can't buy or update apps due to this password issue. Not sure what to do other than create a new ID. Which will give me a grand total of three IDs. I'd rather not do this.



iOS 5
  • MrStrathmore Level 1 Level 1

    This is an absolute disgrace, hot on the heals of the Blackberry disaster.  Well done Apple, you have managed to grasp defeat from the jaws of victory.


    My single username got updated to the new email version and now I cannot reset the password.  The real kicker is that it now claims that my date of birth is not recoqnised so I need to use the email reset option.  Waited for around an hour now and no email has arrived.


    A complete FUBAR!

  • Ken Fogel Level 1 Level 1

    Same boat. Same flood.

    Password problems, birthdate problems, conflict problems, multiple attempts to reset ID...

    I just hope that when Apple cleans up the sewer overflow from plugging up their system that they provide an option for resetting the multiple Apple IDs that have resulted from this mess

  • dino valentini Level 1 Level 1

    I can see the problem, but can't see how to fix it, when i try and buy or update apps, i get the prompt, but it's connected to another apple ID (that I may have opened with I signed in on the phone because i was waiting to migrate to iCloud on a computer). But I don't know how to hook my itunes store to the new/latest ID.


    I've gone into icloud and changed it, i've gone into the settings/store and connected it with the new ID, and it still won't update. Anyone know how to get to the thing that connects with the app store and get it to read the new (not really new, but the old since it changed) ID?


    This is really frustrating....

  • sergiyt Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem and fixed it pretty quick. You need to use your email address (which you associated with your old apple id) as a new apple id. I went to reset password page, entered email address as an apple id and clicked send recovery by email. I had email with recovery link in less than 1 min. After that I successfully logged in to iTunes and synchronized my iPhone.


    Good luck!

  • MrStrathmore Level 1 Level 1

    Nope.  Doesn't work.  The email never arrives.

  • MrStrathmore Level 1 Level 1

    Also, my evaluation of the situation is that it is all screwed up.  If I try and check if I have an AppleID, the system says I do not.  However, my name and email appear in the set-up info on my iPhone (which I can use to access App store etc).  Basically, the database is a bit knackered.

  • MrStrathmore Level 1 Level 1

    Okay, I have managed to get a solution for my particular problem.


    The symptoms:


    1) New AppleID (the transition from MrStrathmore to my primary email address) worked fine on iPhone.  Could access previous purchases and password was accepted for App store.

    2) Could view account settings vias Settings - Store on the iPhone with my password.

    3) Could not login to iTunes store on Win7 PC

    4) iCloud in iPhone settings was on permanent 'Verifying' status and email never arrived.

    5) If I tried to check my AppleID existed on by typing in my name and email, the site said I did not exist.

    6) I could login to 'Manage' on AppleID site but site said a verification email had been sent (which never arrived) and atempts to resend it never appeared.

    7) If I tried to reset my password via email option, it never arrived.

    8) If I tried to reset my password via security question it said my date of birth was wrong.  (Also, in the account setings on my iPhone, only my date and month were shown....  no year.)


    The way I have cleared the error was as follows;


    1) Go to

    2) Clicked 'Manage' account and entered new email AppleID and password

    3) On the screen that said verification had been sent, clicked edit for the AppleID and Primary email address.

    4) Entered a single word (my old AppleID name) and tried to change.

    5) Got error as not a valid email

    6) Re-entered my new AppleID (email)

    7) Saved changes and requested a new verification email.  This appeared in seconds.


    I can now login to iTunes and when I went to iCloud settings on my iPhone, the verify completed and everything now works.


    What a complete mess.  I guess the Apple systems were stuck in some sort of dead-end with my account.  If you have a similar set of symptoms, give it a try.  Especially if you are waiting for a verification email......

  • rachellefromodessa Level 1 Level 1

    have you found a solution?   I still can't update any apps on phone or itunes!  doesn't recognize my account and tells me password is wrong....blah blah on and on.   I'm getting really frustrated and the local store won't/can't help.

  • Ralphxlr8 Level 1 Level 1

    it's not a password problem, it's an apple user ID problem.

    somehow apple changed from using the user ID to your email address.

    as soon as i stopped using my unique apple ID and started using my email address associated with my ID sign in was possible.


  • rigolovesapple Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem with my wife's iphone id. Apple failed to send to her an email to yahoo with the information to access her old account. So the solution for her was to create a new id account under the new email provided by mobile me (APPLE) and forget about using the yahoo email account. It synchronized the account okay. Everything works!

    One of the problems,  I think is the fact that Apple no longer permits old passwords that are weak in strength. It requires instead a new password with an Uppercase letter and combinaton of letters and numbers. etc.

  • alisonfromredmond Level 1 Level 1

    I am in ID **** also after this ios5 update. I am one of the "old" customers who has a single word as my AppleID, not an email address. This ID has worked flawlessly for YEARS. I never received any prompts or communication from Apple that I should change the single word format to an email. Now, this ioss update is demanding I change my AppleID, but believe me, it's not straightforward. I am currently paralyzed with decision re: what to do next. My iPad is useless, can't even get past the restore screen.


    See current other threads such as the following, and/or search on "appleid" or "apple id". also just read of another person who, after changing their appleid to the new format, can no longer access their previous apps, $$ in app store because it's all under the former AppleID. Seems like rather than a benign update of the existing AppleID, the action instead renders the former AppleID defunct, taking away all previous activity/apps/$$ and does not transfer it to the "updated" AppleID name. In other words, it's not an update of an existing ID. It's a deletion of the old ID and the creation of a totally new one.


    Also confused by the following. Note the use of "icloud" account. Is that what this requirement to update my good ol' apple ID is all about? So I can have an icloud account??? If true, they can keep it!


    from support article

    Can I use an apple id that isnt’ an email address to sign up for an icloud acct?

    No Your Apple ID must be a full email address (e.g. in order to sign up for an iCloud account. You can change your existing Apple ID to be in the format of an email address if it is not already at

  • doddsr Level 1 Level 1

    Same here!


    I used to use a single word - in my case it was "surnamefirstinitial" (eg. doej), but I got confused, went to search for my AppleID online, used my email address, found an account (turns out it's not the one linked to my single word log in) and configured my iPhone with this account.


    Now I can't update any apps because I can't access the account they were purchased and installed with.


    I can get the free apps again with the account that the AppleID search found, but I'm not going to re-purchase the Apps and Music I bought!


    How can we get these purchases moved accross the the email address based CrappleID that I'm using now???

  • Loz003 Level 1 Level 1

    I had problems with my iPad 2.


    I've now sussed it.


    You need to go to the edit my apple id page.



    There is an option to merge your old username (not email address) with the email address your account is registered.


    It then allowed me to log on and finish the install on the iPad.


    Currently having to re-install all the apps (major b-ache) but hopefully that's the inly inconvenience moving forward.


    Hope this helps some people...



  • mikeymoose93 Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem yesterday...I reset my password and created a new one with new password rules (my old password wasn't required to have at least one capital letter; the new one was). Now that is my new password for my Apple ID in the iTunes store and on, as well as on my iPhone now running iOS5.

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