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I just got a new iPhone 4S.  The numbers in my address book don't seem to be formatting properly.  They just have a string of numbers, e.g.., 6025551212, rather than the normal format of area code in parentheses and a hyphen in the number.


This goes beyond aesthetics. The phone doesn't match numbers, so my recent calls list and my SMS history don't have names associated, even though almost all of the numbers are in my address book.


Here is some more information: I just got the iPhone 4S today, and I plugged it into my Mac and chose to do a restore from backup.  I selected today's backup of my old iPhone 3GS.  Everything else went smoothly.  (note that the number didn't transfer... this is a totally new phone number on a totally new account.)


Even more information that might help in troubleshooting this: when I go into Settings --> Phone, it shows my number formatted in the way I described above (e.g., 4805551212).  But here's the weird thing -- I can't edit that!  There is no rightward-facing arrow that indicates you can click on it, and repeated clicks don't do anything.  On my iPhone 3GS (which formats its number correctly), I can go in there and edit it.


I should also mention that this is a U.S. phone with a U.S. number on a U.S. carrier (Verizon), and most of the numbers in the address book are U.S. numbers.  So there aren't any strange international issues going on.  I have searched through the settings and U.S. is selected for all of the international settings I can find.


Finally, this is a phone issued by my company, and the IT person opened the box, "provisioned it," added it to the corporate account, got a new number assigned to it, etc... Does that have anything to do with it?


Thanks for the help!  I'm pulling my hair out!

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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