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    Seems like for me, IOS 6.0 fixed this nightmare!

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    iOS 6.0 did not fix this issue for me. My calendar is turned off in the calendar selection setting in the Calendar app, but all its events still show up in the notification center.

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    ios 6 did NOT fix it for me either. Same behavior

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    Mountain Lion directly addresses this issue, and notification center is cleaner on OSX as a result.  iOS 6 completely overlooked this issue, hopefully they will address soon.

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    Same here!!  What do we do??


    I'm surprised it wasn't fixed in iOS 6...?

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    How is it possible that Apple has ignored this for 13 months, through FIVE updates?!

    5.0.1 - ignored

    5.1 - ignored

    5.1.1 - ignored

    6.0 - ignored

    And now 6.0.1... Ignored!


    Come on, Apple! Please just fix it already.

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    It is even worse with iOS 6.0, getting Facebook notifications... I want Facebook Events in my Calendar, but not in Notification Center...

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    I have this also. I have an iMac, iPad and iPhone 4S. The iPad behaves properly, but the iPhone has duplicate calendar notifications.  When I look at them, one has a source of "Calendar" and one has a source "Calendar[my-apple-ID-and-other-gibberish]". On the iPad, the sole notification has "Calendar".


    So it seems to me that one is the iCloud calendar (which is all we want) and one is from From My Mac, since the supposedly disabled From My Mac calendars show up with that sort of source on the iPhone.


    Interestingly enough, the iPad doesn't even list the From My Mac calendars. I have looked for differences in the configuration between them aand I can't see any. I wish I could just remove the whole From My Mac account from my iPhone beause I think that would fix the problem. However, I don't want to inadvertently delete the calendar from the cloud.

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    Woo-hoo! I just did some testing and solved it. This won't necessarily be everyone's issue but it was for me. And a similar solution may exist for others. BTW this is now with IOS 6 on all devices.


    I created a test event and it showed up in Notifications once. Then I synced with the iMac and it showed up twice. I was thinking that I would then delete the relevant "From My Mac" calendar from the iPhone and see if the duplicate went away. But before I could do that I found the problem.


    In iTunes, I had Sync Calendars checked for sync. However, it was also syncing via iCloud. And right there in iTunes it said, "Your calendars are being synced with iCloud over the air. You can also choose to sync calendars with this computer. This may result in duplicated data showing on your device."


    Not a bug. I unchecked the box and the duplicate notification went away. As I had suspected, one was From My Mac and the other was iCloud.


    So, if you have duplicate notifications the first thing you should do is see what the source is for each one. Then you can start to figure out where each one is coming from, and which one is the extra.

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    Glad that you found a solution to your problem. It seems to me thou that we are off topic, and that your problem differ from the problem mentioned in my original post.


    All my calendars events still show up in notification center, regardless of the corresponding calendar being active or not.

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    It was exactly the same for me. On the iPhone, none of the From My Mac calendars were checked and I was still seeing them in the notifications. And I think the calendar part worked OK, because I did not get duplicate calendar entries (actually I did until I unchecked the extra calendar some time back).


    My remaining problem was just the duplicate notiications which seem to operate somewhat independently from the calendar. I resolved it by removing the unneeded calendar sync and maybe there is a similar solution for you.


    What is the source of each of your notifications? Which one is the extra one?



    EDIT: OK, I see that you described the problem a bit differently. So yes, it's not exactly the same thing. Yes, I think the notifications system does not respect the calendar settings but on the other hand I'm not sure it's supposed to. Calendar settings control the calendar. Notifications seems to be all or none when it comes to calendar items and I don't see a notifications-specific filter for different calendars.

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    In Mountain Lion, the notification center is directly tied to the selected calendars and so it creates a specific filter for different calendars.  It just seems that this was looked over in 5.0, 5.1, 5.1.1, 6.0, 6.0.1... I would recommend that if it continuing to bother you, to please write it up as a bug report.  That's what I've done, about twice.  Thus far, I've removed calendars from my notification center on my iPad and iPhone as it just gets very frustrating getting all of my wife's notifications (as well as my FaceBook notifications) on my device. 

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    iOS 6.1. Issue remains the same

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    Concur that the problem exists in 6.1 too....


    I've also noticed that events still appear in the notification center even if I unsubscribe from a previously subscribed calendar. Nothing I've tried helps either of these problems (my problematic calendar and zombie events are from iCloud). I've hard reset my iPhone/iPad, toggled iCloud Calendars off, then back on, and even reset all settings.