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Before I restored my iPod Touch 4G from 4.3.5 to 5.0, I synched my bookmarks to Internet Explorer. When I updated I was no longer given the option to sync my bookmarks with Internet Explorer. I assumed iCloud wasn't compatible with Internet Explorer, so I downloaded Safari and imported the bookmarks there.


When I finally synced my bookmarks through iCloud and Safari, I realized there were 2 folders on my iPod that I couldn't delete. I then became determined to find a way how to delete the folders "Bookmarks Bar" and "Bookmarks Menu" off of my iPod. Through several stages of trial and error, I've made my problem immensely worse. Now iCloud has saved every bookmark from my PC AND iPod, sixfold.


I've been combing the Internet for hours trying to find a way to completely wipe my bookmarks from iCloud; or even completely wipe my iCloud account so I can start from scratch. Any help would be appreciated.

iPod touch, iOS 5, I'm using a PC with Windows 7 SP1
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    You are not alone! I have spent over 15 hours already troubleshooting this issue! Went to the Apple Store in hope they could help me and even the Genius guy was perplexed at what he was seeing. As you, I have folders I can't delete... it started with 6 times the dupplicates... right now... it's up to 32 times the dupplicates and I can't seem to find a way how to delete those darn folder. I have re-set all my devices to no avail. It comes back worse. Everything else for me: iCal, Address Book, iTunes, etc. seems to be working OK except my bookmarks. I can't use Safari at all right now so I'm using Firefox (Apple... are you hearing this)? Please HELP! There seems to be MAJOR bugs with iCloud!!!! HELP!!!!

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    It just keeps getting better.... I went to sign-in into my iCloud account from Firefox and the iCloud site told me I needed to upgrade to the latest Firefox in order to use the site. Well, I'm using the latest Firefox browser (version 3.6.23)... looks like Apple released this without fully testing it. Not kewl!

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    I've found a patch job to get the correct bookmarks on to iOS. I call it a patch job because it doesn't deal with iCloud, since I still can't find a way to fix it on the iCloud servers.


    I first restarted my computer after my latest iTunes update. I then unchecked the bookmarks option for iCloud on my iPod and PC. Afterwards, I made sure Internet Explorer only had my desired bookmarks. Then I uninstalled Safari from my PC (not 100% if this is needed). When I connected my iPod to iTunes, I finally had the option to sync my bookmarks from IE, directly to my iPod. Make sure to delete the folder "Favorites Bar" from IE, otherwise you'll have the folder "Bookmarks Bar" on your iPod (if this happens just go back to IE, delete it, then sync again).

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    Glad that it worked for you Siyan26. I tried with my Macs and just checking my Safari browser this morning (turned back on iCloud after doing your suggestions) I have now everything screw up as it was. I might have to ditch altogether Safari if Apple is not going to fix this issue though. Now I'll have to find another alternative in how to get my bookmarks synching at least across my Macs and not sure how to go about with my iOS devices.

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    I'm in the same situation, I want to delete  "Bookmarks Bar" and "Bookmarks Menu" from my iPhone, but there is no way to do it if you have a Mac.  It is VERY annoying.  Apple needs a way to delete these items, or at least let me reset or edit my iCould bookmarks in iCloud like MobileMe did.  I miss the old days

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    I am using a Mac so please adjust the solution accordingly if you use windows or etc ok. 


    1) First of all, you need to switch off all the syncing for both your computer & your device.  So go to your iPhone / iPod - settings, iCloud, Bookmarks - off. Then click delete from My iPhone / iPod. Connect it to your computer. Go to iTunes, click your device, then 'info', scroll down, at the 'other' make sure nothing is tick


    2) Go to your iCloud settings on your computer. Untick the bookmarks box


    3) Tidy up your Safari's bookmark on your computer exactly the way you want it to be


    4) Once you are happy, export the bookmark.  Save it in .html format to your desktop  ( I save it there as it is easiest to find )


    5) Now you can delete all your bookmarks in Safari on your computer


    6) Go back to iTunes, sync your iPhone / iPod.  You can see that by now there shouldn't be any bookmarks on your iPhone/iPod at all


    7) Now go back to Safari on your computer as you need to import the bookmarks. So it's Safari, File, Import Bookmarks, locate the file that you saved earlier on the desktop, click ok.  You will see Safari put it in a folder entitled 'Imported dd/mm/yyyy' so do adjust that accordingly.  In my case I have Bookmarks, Imported 29/10/2011, Bookmarks Menu & if I expand that folder there are lots of sub folders underneath it as I arranged all my bookmarks according to topics.  So what I did was moved all the sub folders directly to Collections, Bookmarks Menu. Once that's completed, the Imported folder is empty - so I deleted that


    7) Next you need to switch the bookmarks syncing back on.  So first your computer - go to your iCloud settings, tick the Bookmarks box.  Then on your iPhone / iPod - Settings, iCloud, Bookmarks - On


    8) Finally sync your iPhone / iPod with your computer again & that's it, you're done!


    Sorry for the lengthy write up.  Just want to make it clear 

  • timborama Level 1 (10 points)

    Won't that still leave the "Bookmarks Bar" and "Bookmarks Menu" on my iDevice?

  • Yassie Level 1 (0 points)

    timborama, as per stated at step number 3 if you don't want it, delete it.

  • timborama Level 1 (10 points)

    You CANNOT delete those two items.  Safari always RECREATES them regardless of what your .html file contains.

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    This didn't workout for me. The moment I turn Bookmarks on... iCloud starts recreating all my bookmarks and folders 45+ times over!!! It's not reading and updating itself even after re-importing bookmarks from a clean state!!!


    It's VERY Frustrating. I turned Bookmarks off, cleaned up the horrendous mess iCloud created and re-imported from backup a clean bookmarks file back into Safari. I use my iMac as the place to sync my iPhone 4 and iPad but anything I do there do not get pushed into my MBP even though everything under the iCloud settings are turned on except bookmarks!


    I'm having issues also with Notes where Notes created on the iPhone 4, iPad or my iMac do not show in my Notes under Mail. I do get my mail just fine but Notes do not show either. Didn't have this problem with MobileMe. This iCloud thing has been one irritating thing afteer another My Music app in both iPhone and iPad are behaving weird after the latest iOS5.... select a playlist, then press 3 times to jump to the next song... well, it takes you out completely from the selected playlist and starts playing from another playlist you didn't select. Bizarre to say the least!




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    i think this mess is simply generated by the fact that we cannot SEE the bookmarks stored in icloud. i am not sure why that can't be possible. we can see contacts, we can see iwork docs, why not bookmarks. we should be able to manage the bookmarks directly on the cloud. that'd make the process rational

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    I agree.  Since the cloud is the "truth", there needs to be a way to edit the "truth" as it can become not what one wants.  I hope they reinstate the bookmarks web view from .Mac.

  • MarcoIac Level 1 (10 points)

    Another thing that could be done is to give more options in iCloud systems preferences. Since my iCloud bookmarks syncing is messy too, I am now bypassing it and syncing bookmarks between laptop and iOS devices. I unclicked the option to sync bookmarks in the cloud from my computer. Then, just to see what would happen, I clicked that option again. I got a message asking me whether I wanted to MERGE the bookmarks on my laptop with the bookmarks on the cloud. That was the only option it gave me. It didn't give me the option to COMPLETELY REPLACE the bookmarks in the cloud with the bookmarks in my laptop for my first sync. I think that would also solve problems to a lot of people. But best would be to manage the bookmarks directly in the cloud.

  • timborama Level 1 (10 points)

    Ya, the Replace is no longer an option with iCloud.  I can't even begin to imagine why that would be the case, but that is unfortunately the way it has been implemented.  Thankfully (or maybe sadly) I'm back to using MobileMe for bookmark syncing.

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