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Claudio Level 2 Level 2

Having successfully backed up my iPhone  and iPad to iCloud, my question is , when do the back ups happen ? do you manually go to the settings and initiate them or they just happen every time  your device is plugged and locked? I have left my phone to charge over night and checked and see if  it indeed had backed up , but it showed the original back up done a day ago. Is there a setting that can trigger them ? Thanks .

  • Linnegazz Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem. I have to sync manually, otherwise nothing happens...

  • tmksnyder Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem.  It's supposed to do backup when plugged in, connected to wifi, and locked. 


    Auto Syncing with iTunes using WIFI does work and I think it has the same requirements as auto iCloud backup.  It even wakes up the mac to do the sync (WakeOnDemand using a TimeCapsule is awesome).

  • Claudio Level 2 Level 2

    All is working, now, I just came back from swimming and plugged my Ipad since I was reading a lot and doing other stuff , and it backed up automatically . So I guess this was something that might have been related to the servers? , who knows, but it was fast and quick . Nice. Hope all of you have the same experience. These communities are so helpful . Thanks.