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On either of my devices (iPhone 4 and iPad 2) I cannot get my contacts or calendar events to appear correctly, both devices crash the contacts or calendars apps when I access them.


I first upgraded to ios5 and iTunes 10.5 (Which bricked my iPhone 5 times in a row with error 3012)


I then migrated from MobileMe to iCloud and all of my Contacts/Calendars are appearing correctly online at iCloud.com.  However my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 will simply refuse to sync with the contacts and calendars...


My iPhone and iPad literally freeze when I try disable the iCloud services, I have restored both devices numberous times and started the iCloud service in MANY different steps.  I have even used both my mac and PC to restore my devices.


I have been trying to fix this for two days now, I am extremely disapointed with iCloud, and I sorely wished I had of stayed with my MobileMe service.  I initally thought this would be server contact issues, but there HAS to be something wrong with my devices, or sync services.


Surely other users have encounted this error, I would love to know the strategies used to resolve this.

2.8GHz MacBook Pro (MB986LL/A), Mac OS X (10.7.2)