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I hav a strong singal on my ome wifi network but iPhone 4S will not connect.  Any advice?

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    I am having the sam eissue.  My wife and I both got new 4s phone and she got her's to connect after repeated attempts. Mine will not connect to the same home wifi.  I've tried everything I could think of but I just receive the same error message " Unable to connect to network "Myhome network".


    Help ~ anyone....

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    I am having trouble too. Got my iPhone to connect to WiFi but the connection keeps dropping and my phone falls back to 3G, even though my three year old iPhone (running iOS 4) and current Macbook work perfectly well with wifi in the same location in my house.

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    Same issue here.  iPhone 4s will not connect to any wifi network.  All our other phones connect to wifi except the brand new one.  Need help.

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    same issue here...

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    I had the same issue -- tried everything in Apple's suggestion list, and then (using a hint I found online) I went into my router's (Apple Airport Extreme) settings and changed the channels to the highest available for both frequencies -- now it works fine.

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    I had this same issue with my iPhone 4s, yet my ipad1 running ios5 has no issues. Also, my iPhone is fine at home or school, but at work it couldn't get a proper ip address and only got a pseudo ip address from the router. So I changed it on the iphone from DHCP to Static and copied all the info from my iPads connection info but incremented the ip address by 5, and then I was able to connect ok. Not sure if this is an apple issue or an issue with that particular router. The router was rebooted but it made no difference. Hope this work around helps a bit!

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    Try resetting the network settings, you'll have to enter your router passwords in again on the iPhones.


    • Settings
    • General
    • Reset
    • Reset Network Settings


    If you've upgraded from a previous model, it might be worth asking your networ providers to reset your MAC addresses.  It seems your mobile number is assigned to the handset MAC codes, so if you transferred SIM over and got a new handset, you'll need to reset and re-register this.


    Hope this helps.

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    On the 14 of October I picked up 2 Iphone 4s phones. Set up went fine. I have a time capsule and airport express. My mac book pros were working fine when on Saturday monring I was connected to my WIFI on the Iphone 4s's Listening connecting to airplay and after about 10 minutes I lost WIFI on the iphones 4s. I went through the resetting the routers, called tier 1 support talked with two separate techs, then I waited for an hour to speak with a tier 2 tech and was decided that I go to an apple store to the genuis bar. While I was on hold for an hour I set the appt up to speak with a tech at the genuis bar. I noted the case ID then went to my appt. I asked the tech at the genius bar to read the the case ID from my prior communication for the last 3 hours with Apple. 


    It was wierd they could get the WIFI conection at the store. However I could not get the connection with the iphone4s at my home. Genius bar tech replaced both phones. He said they are sending them to engineering for evaluation.


    Anyway  for two days     the phones are working fine. I can now listen to ITunes using airplay without dropping wifi.

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    I am having this same problem and nobody seems to be able to tell me why or how to fix it.


    I've reset my network settings on my iphone (4s) but I still can't seem to connect to my wi-fi. I have only just upgraded to this iphone from the very first iphone out yet I could always connect to my home wi-fi with my old iphone.


    I resolution to this problem would be greatly appreciated

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    So after reading pages everywhere with people having the same issue....I read the solution for my problem. One gentlemen on another discussion had said after hours of trying to have this issue solved he was told to not try his regular password but his security key or keycode. For me this was located on the back of my modem. Once entered both iPhone's are now connected to wi-fi.


    Makes for one happy me!!

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    So, as I posted near the top of this thread, my wife and i both upgraded from 3Gs to the new 4Ss.  She was finally able to connect to the Wi-Fi after 6 or 7 attempts ~ me not so much. She was entering the long security code as was I: the same code we use for our iPads and everything else that connects.  Below is a recap of what I've tried, but still no luck:


    • Repeated attempts to connect entering security code
    • Hard reset of phone
    • Resset of "Network" on phone
    • Reset of home Network
    • Tried old 3G phone that I never bothered to connect to our home Wi-Fi ~ connected first try
    • Worked with Apple support over phone (long, long wait) to no evail.  Was told that I had done everything they would have done and more.  Suggested getting new phone. 
    • Made appointment at Apple store.  Went through diagnostics at store ~ connected to their Wi-Fi no problem.
    • Got new phone ~ Still no connection


    Any thoughts or help that is outside of what I have tried wouldbe GREATLY appreciated.


    Thanks and take care,