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How can i verify my Apple ID ?

iPod touch
  • JoeDonnelly Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Go onto the E-Mail you set the Apple ID, then go from there.

  • flash_light Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Nope: that does not work. 

    1) In iTunes, when I tried to update a free App, I got a message that Apple sent an email to my (correctly displayed) email address.  IT WAS NOT SENT.  I did this multiple times - NO email received. 

    2) I went to

    There I carefully followed the 'manage account' option, and did reset my password.  THREE TIMES, EACH TIME asking for a verify email.  

    3) Apple DID send a email to my email address.  This is an exact copy of that email: "Dear ___  The Password for your Apple ID ++++ has been successfully reset.  If you believe you have received this email in error, or that an unauthorized person has accessed your account, please go to IFORGOT.APPLE.COM to reset your password immediately.  Then review and update your security settings at APPLEID.APP.ECOM.   Questions?  There are lots of answers on your APPLE ID SUPPORT PAGE.  Thanks, Apple Customer Support."  NO WHERE is there any option to 'verify' my email address.  I can only reset the password, and I get back the same message - NO choice to 'verify' the Apple ID. 

    4) I did phone apple, and was told free email support is available at:

    I went there, and because my iPhone 3GS is more than 90 days old, I must pay $29 for support help.


    APPLE: IT'S YOUR ERROR / YOUR BLOCKING 'VERIFYING THE APPLE ID' .  PLEASE FIX IT AND POST SOMETHING HERE HOW TO 'VERIFY AN APPLE ID' - more than sending us back to the blind alley maze previously recorded here. 

  • mariettafromatlanta Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Exact same problem here. Just send me the email, Apple and I'll friggin' verify it! But if you don't send it, what am I supposed to do? Getting rather ******. Time to buy Android.

  • flash_light Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Update - I decided to reset my password for the moniker flash_light as well as my ONLY email known to Apple when I kept getting the mystery sentence


    "email address is already verified for another Apple ID"

    What, if anything, this means is a total mystery to me.


    when Apple claimed they sent me an email address to my registered email.  Of course, NO email ever showed up on my address and the 'Verify now' bar has always been Gray-Fogged out, and unusable.   I did reset my flash_light password to the same as my registered email.  Nothing works.


    There is a worm in the Apple ID fruit and it is still there. 

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    I have quite similar issues. When I try to log to my itunes account they want me to verify my email address. Therefore I have to follow the instructions send to me by mail, but: I never received a mail! I repeated the process several times, pushed and pushed the send again button for hours, reset my password, short: nothing works.


    This is really bad since I can not use itunes, app store or apple tv...


    I am helpless...

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    I am having the same problem as well!  I have tried verifying many times over and never receive the e-mail. Should I create a new ID all together?

  • flash_light Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)



    Apple's FAQ at doesn't recommend a second Apple ID.

    I spent about an hour 'on wait' trying to get through to Apple techs today, prepared to risk $29 fee as I NEED MY NOW PARALYZED iPHONE.  I CAN NOT 'VERIFY' MY ID WITH APPLE, and cannot get updates.   After close to an hour - no people on the phone - I had to give up.


    Apple got huge and successful because (1) their products worked easily right out of the box, and (2) Apple supported their products.   Now that they have unleased a million or so iPhone4S things on the market and upgraded both iOS5 and iTunes that are supposed to support close to a decade's worth of MANY types of Apple products - their software is crashing, their techs are overwhelmed, and this user's help board is beginning to look like the Leper Colony Ben Hur's mother was dumped into. 


    We are the blind and lame leading one another, and Apple doesn't monitor or respond to the cries of us lepers.

    I can see similar posts to ours - started by others - that are months old, with no Apple solutions offered.  Hopefully, one among us has one eye left, and can lead us out of this cave. 

  • flash_light Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)




    I was on the road for a week, and when I returned plugged in iTunes and was able to update 8 of my Apps.  The only 'change' I did was update my password while on the road.  I don't think that was the fix - I think Apple fixed their software.  Thanks, Apple!

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    I'm still having the same problem! :( any suggestions?

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    Same problem here !

    Apple *** ? Do something about this !

    I can't work because your software is not working as it is supposed to be.

    I already lost 1 hour trying to verify my email address on your apple ID page and it says : This Apple ID is already in use, when it isn't…


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    Same issue here. I've verified and changed my password over and over and over again, and I too get the "user name (email address) is in use by another user"


    I own the domain in question, set up the email address and Apple ID, and cannot get this to work... very frustrated.

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    same issue here,

    first I haven't received theverification email

    so I logged into my account andchanged primer email for secondary one- as a result  that change my IDfrom  'non email shape'  to my secondary email address.

    after that I have received theverification email but when I clicked on the link provided and typed in my IDand password it says that this email is already in use!!!!


    so I've tried to create completelynew apple ID account with brand new email address – that asked me forverification, email has arrived but again – typed in new ID and password and itsays that email address already in use!!!!


    Feels like I am using PC again.Very frustrated!! Apple do something about it 

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    same here! I am so frustrated, it drives me crazy...

    I reseted password many times, i verified my email, done everything over and over again, same result. When will it be fixed?????????????????????

    come on Apple, you are skipping big time. No customer support whatsoever.

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    Created a whole new email address


    Went in, created a whole new Apple ID


    Went to my email, clicked on the link to Verify this new ID


    On the Apple site, am asked to enter my Apple ID and password


    I enter the info


    throws the error "this ID is already in use."


    So now, I have 2 Apple IDs tied to two completely different email address, and neither works.

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