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  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9 (77,695 points)

    CheaChhun wrote:

    now i have a better of batterylife! If u want it, go to google and search < Solution for ios 5.0.1 batterylife >


    Only about 3,020,000 results.

    How abotu a link or a description of what you did?

  • ClayG Level 4 Level 4 (1,415 points)

    My battery life has gotten better. My 4S is only a week and a half old, so part of might just be exercising the battery for those first few cycles. I also keep bluetooth and location services off most of the time (on only when I need them, which isn't often). Siri raise to speak is off. Push mail is off. Out of everything, turning off push email seems to have had the biggest effect on battery life.


    One strange bug I've noticed is that my iCloud email still pushes even though I have it set to fetch manually. All other accounts have adjusted to the setting, but not iCloud. Weird.


    Anyway, here's today's usage stats. It looks pretty good. I unplugged the phone at about 8:00 am, and have used it a lot, mostly surfing on Wifi, some youtube on Wifi, plenty of email, about an hour of calling, hour of texting. Very little use of 3G and no location services all day:




    On a more normal day, when I'm out and about more, using 3G and GPS a bit, I tend to get more in the range of 5 hours usage.

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    Thank you for the update and picture.  I'd just about given up on my 4s.   I'm giving changes a try now (re-charged at 12noon eastern time).


    If Detroit manufactured this phone, it certainly would have been recalled by now. Hard to see why Apple stock is up 25% this year.

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    I just got another 4s Ill give it one more try If this one has battery issues its going back to ATT and Ill just get a regular phone and the **** with smart phones. So far all i did was have them transfer all my contacts. Now will someone who know please tell me how to set this up from here. I know set it up as a new phone the sync only what I want brought from my old apps and  music over but what else should I do I hear the newest software is a dud and does more harm than good. I am not going to turn off everything on here just to say i have an I phone either. If I have to do that Ill return it and get a Motorola free phone save the $ and forget it. So anyone have a suggestion as how I can set this up as to have the best battery life> Thanks

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    I believe I have found the reason for my 4S poor battery life (worse than my previous iPhone, a 3-year old 3G): it's the 3G connection. This cannot be turned off in normal use but when I'm roaming abroad, I always turn off the roaming data option (in Europe, data roaming costs me 54 cents per 100kb!) but use wifi wherever possible (clients, hotels).


    At home (Portugal, Optimus network) I have 10% or so in the evening, after a day of moderate use. As of now, 9.41pm, I have 77% (I'm in Norway), and the last time it was charged was at 6.30am. The same thing happened in France, UK and Denmark, the countries I've been too since I got the 4S in October.


    I have, as always do, everything on: push, location, bluetooth, everything except 3G.


    So, as far as I can observe, what is killing our batteries is 3G. It doesn't sound as something that will be easy to fix, but we'll see. 5.1 is taking a long time to come out.

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    Hi..I have iphone 4...And After upgrading to İOS 5 my battery life has extended.It lasts about 1 day sometimes more.But Tonight interesting thing happened .I used flashlight app.And I forgot to turn off from background ( notlighting) And battery lost its power apprx. % 40.

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    why all apple mail come too me?

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    Same here my iPhone 4S seem to use up all it battery about 5.5 hours! (Fully charged!)

    It seem to be using 1% of the batttery evry 3-4 minutes when it locked.

    and it cuold use up about 10-15% of the batery overnight.

    Andnow just after 3 hours of use and locked over night it going down to 54% from a fully charged 100%!

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    Maybe you can send it to apple! They can help you.

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    hy people!

    Everybody knows that the battery's problem is with the ios, not with the iphone 4s.

    So if there are a solution, why too mauch people wrote here??

    721 pgs of posts!

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    Some people still believe the concept that the hardware is defective, and refuse to accept some fundamental reasons why an smartphone may be using more battery. Many already refered to unrealistic expectations, but such opinion often upsets people..


    Just for reference, my iPhone 4S is currently at:




    I believe it will happily survive the night, but I am going to charge it anyway as Monday is a busy day. I am confident on next charge it will live even longer.

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    I went to the applestore, but they don't know when apple will release the ios 5.1 ... fu***** disaster


    If I could I would return the phone

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    What will it take for Apple to admit they should recall this device?  Or just FIX it? 

    'No way' should a phone run down as fast as this one does  (from most of the complaints I see -) -- nor should we have to 'nursemaid' it, shutting down applications, turning location services on and off, turning wireless on and off (follow the hints that Apple has on battery life -- and they won't help but get you really annoyed).   My old Blackberry has become my 'go to device'.   I don't work tied into a desk or PC every day -- this phone is as bad or worse than my 3GS.  I have also had the courtesy of a replacement from Apple -- took two days to see it was no better than the first one.

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    They won't as long as there is profit made from selling a knowingly fault product they will continue. Call your state attorney General let them know of the problems eventually a class action or something will make the fix the problem or give compensation to those they have knowingly sold defective phones to.

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    My battery life is doing the same thing!!! I talked on the phone for about 15 minutes with 100% battery life and when I got off the phone the entire thing went black, couldn't push ANY buttons and the back of my phone was scorching hot! It wouldn't charge or anything for about 3 hours, and finally it started responding again and the battery was able to charge. Now it's ok but if the battery still dies quickly. I have to charge it all the time and I barely use it. I have no idea what to do either.