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    I had a similar instance where the battery drained by about 25% overnight. I had to "Reset all settings" and setup the phone as a new phone. No data is lost when doing this.

  • madhawi Level 1 (0 points)

    shut down all the notifications

    also turn off the location and the Siri

  • ricky_tang Level 1 (0 points)

    I didn't need to turn off any notifications, locations services or Siri.

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    Correct why turn anything off  We bought smart phones not rocks, These phones are represented to the consumer to work and are even advertised to have all functions running .Look at the on line video tutorial ......Apple has deserted its buy public and turned its back on America, it continues to sell phone THEY KNOW ARE DEFECTIVE One of the kids at work purchased one Wensday against everyone's advise and returned it Friday for the same issues battery life and he would get so hot it was crazy. His worked great all day until he set it up as a new phone when he got home on ITunes it charged all night and by 12 noon next day he was at 15 % after having it on only 5 hours

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,690 points)

    Dogman24701 wrote:


    Apple has deserted its buy public and turned its back on America,

    Why would you write this?

    t continues to sell phone THEY KNOW ARE DEFECTIVE

    Knock of the attempt at spreading FUD.

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    For one they continue to sell phones knowing they have problems and two Were is the almighty Apple look at all the post on here and the thousands more with problems no word form the greedy Apple still selling what they know is a defective problem. When have they come forward admitted it and offered a fix, replacement ,money back , etc They offer nothing  Their true colors have shown>>>>>>>>

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    Yes, go here and to the last page for the latest posting of the instructions.



    Also perform the battery tips listed  here.


    Shepherd Dog wrote:


    I just got another 4s Ill give it one more try If this one has battery issues its going back to ATT and Ill just get a regular phone and the **** with smart phones. So far all i did was have them transfer all my contacts. Now will someone who know please tell me how to set this up from here. I know set it up as a new phone the sync only what I want brought from my old apps and  music over but what else should I do I hear the newest software is a dud and does more harm than good. I am not going to turn off everything on here just to say i have an I phone either. If I have to do that Ill return it and get a Motorola free phone save the $ and forget it. So anyone have a suggestion as how I can set this up as to have the best battery life> Thanks

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    You can't every count here. Trust me.

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,690 points)

    " two Were is the almighty Apple look at all the post on here and the thousands more with problems no word"


    You mean in these user-to-user forums where Apple does not post?


    Why don't you return your product and get a refund?

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    Hey guys.  Ever since my replacement iPhone 4S arrived from Apple about two months ago, I've been quite a happy camper.  What do y'all think about these results?  Pretty good? Bad?  I will give more info as what my settings are and what not after I get some feedback.



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    GO to google search ---->> insanelyi go to that forum u will see but I don't know if it is possible or not!

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    I get now so angry, my battery have only 12 hours (In the best ocasion)  and it must be charged again, I live in Spain and I got the Iphone 4S with VODAFONE, I call them and they say that I hove no guaranty with the batery. I don't know what to do, even if I change it maybe I will have the same problem.

    Does apple do anything to resolve this problem ??


  • russell2012 Level 1 (5 points)



    Cmon Apple! when is this problem fixed? this is crazy i fully charged my phone checked after couple hours the usage, voila! i wish it would last that long! am about to smash the phone.

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    El problema no es de la batería. Tu iphone posiblemente no tenga ningún problema. El fallo está en el sistema operativo, por lo que hay que esperar a que apple saque el nuevo ios 5.1

    De eso nos quejamos, de los sinvergüenzas que son, de que no dicen nada al respecto, y lo peor es que SIGUEN vendiendo y promocionando el 4s cuando saben que es un producto "defectuoso".

    Lástima que no devuelvan el dinero pasados 30 días, porque no dudaba en devolverlo.

  • Chris CA Level 9 (78,690 points)

    russell2012 wrote:



    am about to smash the phone.

    I think you should do this.