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  • verstaerker Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    i had the same issue with a very low standby time of 20 hours - i got my iphone repaired two times @ apple (they exchanged the battery) and it didn't change anything


    now i got a new device from apple and suddenly it seems to work much better (2 hours standby now without any battery loss (still on 100%))

  • geelaw Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Usage: 2hours 51minutes

    Standby: 3 hours, 43 minutes

    Battery: 57%


    Only used my phone to listen to an hour of music this morning. Maybe 10 minutes of games.


    Really disappointed with the battery life on my iPhone 4s.


    All notifications off apart from Phone and Messages.

    All location services off.

    Wifi/Bluetooth off.

    Emails set to fetch manually

    Brightness set to about 10%


    Tried restoring factory settings, full charge cycles etc.


    Been looking for a fix for so long but unfortunately I'm one of those that never seem to find a working solution.

  • Freddy Johansen Level 2 Level 2 (295 points)

    I am on the very same planet actually. The one where iOS 5.0.1 was announced a while back and this would take care of all our battery issues....


    Did that help you?

  • EdiMC Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    dkalchev wrote:


    My comment was for those who repeatedly exchange their iPhone 4S hoping for 'a better sample'.


    IF your Usage and Standby times are very close, then by all means you do not have problems with hardware, but you have problems with software. The "Usage" time is accounted for, when some task in the phone requests runtime form the OS.


    IF iOS is broken and it doesn't know what happens, you will have your batery drained and no indication of any Usage.


    You need to find out what that particular thing is, then either disable it (remove it from your phone if it's an third party application), configure it properly so that it doesn't run at all time on your phone, or just learn to live with it.


    IF on the other hand, you have almost no Usage time, and for short Standby time your battery is discharging, then you either

    - have brand new phone that you need to recharge few times and then judge all this;

    - you have an defective battery that needs to be replaced.


    There is just something that causes me a "Twilight Zone" feeling: if the firmware is downloaded from the Apple servers when restoring from iTunes, how on earth can be such differences regardind the phantom usage issue? If in fact that issue is software related, then why such different feedbacks?!

    Everytime, before restoring from iTunes, I always delete the previous build that stays in the hard drive, forcing iTunes to download the most recent software...every single time, my usage time and standby time stay very close! With nothing installed on the phone and all of those changes I already posted a million times. No apps, no music, no contacts, no nothing!


    I'm getting crazy with this phone! Let's hope 5.1 will be release the day after tomorrow..........

  • Jameson! Level 1 Level 1 (40 points)

    Actually, there was NEVER any announcemnt that there even is a battery issue, never mind a fix.   Check your facts sir..........

    Freddy Johansen wrote:


    I am on the very same planet actually. The one where iOS 5.0.1 was announced a while back and this would take care of all our battery issues....


    Did that help you?

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    So let me get this straight.


    My brand new iPhone 4S drains about 14% overnight, and uses about 3-5% battery life during light web browsing every 15 minutes. This is normal behavior? Normal, as in, it's normal for it to be so bad? My iPhone 4 drained maybe 1-2% overnight. And it makes no difference if you set it up as a new phone, delete all the settings from your previous backup, or retain the settings from your previous backup? I tried testing it as a new phone (not restoring from backup) and it seemed to make no difference whatsoever.


    This is disappointing, to say the least, but at least I don't have to waste my time getting the device swapped out for another one. Now if only the yellow screen tint would fix itself...

  • arslanelver Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    You're lucky mate. That's what I used to have and all of a sudden it started to drain 30-35 percent overnight.

    So yours sound normal

  • ClayG Level 4 Level 4 (1,415 points)



    You're wrong. iOS 5.0.1 stated that it fixed battery issues in the official release notes, and Apple, a few days later issues a brief statement saying that they're aware some users are still experiencing issues even after 5.0.1 and that another release would follow shortly to address those. They never did release anything, but hopefully 5.1 will include those fixes.

  • ClayG Level 4 Level 4 (1,415 points)

    14% overnight is a bit much. Under optimal circumstances, it should be about 1% every 2 hours. But keep in mind that this is if the phone is in standby. If you have any emails set to push or push notifications on, your phone is not in standby.


    As far as battery drain while surfing on wifi is concerned, 5% every 15 minutes is a bit outside of where it should be, while 3% is actually completely normal. Remember that every setting and active app affects battery drain.

  • rphunte42 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    j_brahma wrote:


    Smartphones have evolved. Nowadays we can see 1.5 Ghz Quad Core processors. RAM as high as 1GB. Different types of display Screens by different manufacturers like IPS retina display, Super AMOLED Plus, Super LCD, etc. But where is the evolution in Battery Life ?????


    I am really unhappy regarding this. There is still the old 1400-1600mAh batteries used in almost 95% of all the smartphones. There are some 1700-1800mAh batteries being used by manufacturers like HTC but still not good enough battery life.


    Now look at Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX, the device has 4.3 inches display screen, weighs 145g, with a thickness of just ' 9mm '. Yet motorola managed to put 3300mAh battery in it. Our iphone's thickness is 9.3mm.


    if motorola can do it, why dont apple do it. I mean, I wouldn't mind if my iphone4s was 10.3 mm thick and had 1800mAh battery. When someone spends that much money to buy a powerful smartphone, he doesn't really cares if his phone is 9mm thick or 10mm thick. No one cares i bet. Afterall how much slim the phone has to be ? why sacrifice battery life just for the title of "World's slimmest phone" ??. Nobody gives that much importance to the thickness of the phone, afterall today's smartphones are all thin enough ( those days of thick nokia n95 are long gone).


    I would really love to see an iphone with 4.3 inch screen and 3000mAh battery or more ( Displays of size 4.3 inch or more makes the phone big enough to put large batteries like 3300mAh). These days 3.5 inch feels small compared to android phones. Even those stupid sony ericsson phones have 3.7 and 4.2 inch displays.


    Its possible to put 3300mah batteries in today's large screen phones. Manufacturers like HTC, SONY, SAMSUNG just dont try hard enough or simply wouldn't care to do it.


    Hope iphone 5 comes out with bigger screen and bigger battery.

    Since Apple chose to stay with the 3.5 inch screen size, and the glass back, the battery is constrained by limited space.  It is pretty easy to put a larger battery into a 4.5 inch screen phone with a plastic back without making it either too thick, or too heavy.  I hope that Apple will manage to solve this conundrum in the next version of the iPhone.  My previous phone had a 3.2 inch screen, and less resolution, so I am quite satisfied with the iPhone 4(S) screens.  No one comes close to Apple's pixel density yet, although by making phones as large as 5 inches, some do have more pixels.  If you read the reviews on most of those phones (RAZR MAXX being an exception), they seem to mention that it is difficult to get through a day on a charge.  4G LTE requires a lot more power.

  • KiltedTim Level 8 Level 8 (47,640 points)

    iOS 5.1, which addresses battery life issues according to the release notes, is now available for over the air download.

  • Michael Ginsberg Level 3 Level 3 (915 points)

    Been testing beta of iOS 5.1 on my iPhone 4S and it has improved things dramatically, see:


  • 1AppleADayNoWay Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Michael Ginsberg wrote:


    Been testing beta of iOS 5.1 on my iPhone 4S and it has improved things dramatically, see:


    Your statement seem to imply that users will find analysis as to your beta testing or analysis in relation to 5.1 on the page you refer to. Unfortunately, they're treated with this:


    "Users of iPhone 4S that have been have poor battery performance will really like iOS 5.1.  There has been many discussions on Apple Discussion boards about poor iPhone 4S Battery Life, many users will be very very happy with the extended battery life they will now see.


    iOS 5.1 is now available by plugging your iOS device into your computer and upgrading via iTunes or by selecting  Settings -> General -> Software Update, and following the on screen prompts (need to be running iOS 5.0 to do the Software Update on your iPhone or iPad). 

    Disabling 3G  can also improve your battery life in your iOS 5.1 device

    After upgrading - add your comments below. "


    A lame way to create hits on the evdoinfo site in my opinion.

  • Bittorrent Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I just upgraded to iOS 5.1 upgrading process costs %4 of my battery while it is connected to iTunes. (drops %93 to %89) we'll see what happens now. My first impression Siri's text to speech engine is a lot faster ..

  • Chris CA Level 9 Level 9 (78,085 points)

    Bittorrent wrote:


    I just upgraded to iOS 5.1 upgrading process costs %4 of my battery while it is connected to iTunes. (drops %93 to %89) we'll see what happens now. My first impression Siri's text to speech engine is a lot faster ..

    Do you mean speech to text engine?