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    Hanani wrote:




    I switched my 4S about 10 days ago after it started losing battery quickly. The replacement handset was fine till I upgraded to 5.1 Friday.


    Since then it is driving me crazy. As you can see after 5 SB hours + 5 USAGE hours it is down to 20% but in fact it is ONLY 5 hours since last  full charge.



    It is killing me to read the comments about turn off this r that - forgetting I paid nearly 1100 USD in Israel for this phone ! Only to turn off all the "smart" apps ?!


    I live by my exchange email - can not do without PUSH - so how can I turn the push off ?!



    I have a meeting tomorrow morning with the service provider's tech - will let you know what he says.


    Thanks for sharing -




    That is not good.  Big news, huh?  There may be something running  all the time.  I have found that certain programs crash, and rather than going away, remain running even after they are gone from the list of apps running.  A hard reset will clear them.  I also noticed that the GPS remained active after using a location notification a week or so ago, so you might make sure the GPS icon is not in your status bar.

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    I have updated to 5.1 and it has certainly helped battery life. There are two things worth doing as part of the update.

    1. Set up as new 'phone and re-import data
    2. Reset the battery by allowing the 'phone to run down to the point where it switches itself off and then recharge over night to 100%.


    There is one other thing I have found makes a big difference - the quality of the 3G service. If you are in an area which has good 3G service you will get fast downloads and - although 3G has some impact on battery life - it is not that significant. If you are in an area with poor 3G service the 'phone will always try to connect to 3G. downloads will be very slow or non existant and anything that uses the internet such as location services or iCloud will cause a big drain on the battery. When 3G service is poor it is much better to switch to 2G with Edge - switching has been re-enabled in 5.1 - the phone will work much more efficiently, internet will be faster and battery life much better.


    A big part of the iphone battery problem is poor network 3G services. I have good 3G where I work and poor 3G where I live. At work I use 3G and at home I use to 2G and connections and battery life are good. If I leave the 'phone on 3G when I am at home battery life and internet are much worse.

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    5.1 is a huge improvement to the battery issues. As the previous poster mentioned, restore your device and set it up as a new device. Do not restore from a backup, whether it is on the computer or iCloud because the issue might come back.  I did the restore and set it up as a new device and my battery life increased by quite a bit. I had 45 minutes of light usage on wi-fi with 5.0.1 and went down 10%. With 5.1, 45 minutes on light usage on wi-fi I had 3% decrease in my battery.

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    TAKE NOTE..........

    The battery life precentage is misleading if you turn off the percentage, you will see a noticable difference.

    I had the same issues until i did this and am much happier without the percentage showing.

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    IOS 5.0.1


    IOS 5.1 .. i let my phone fully drain after the update .. I love the update


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    rupunte42, you confuse me sometimes. So you cant get the spec standby time but indicate you can get several days or use per charge other times. Have you figured out what you do get in the different "modes"? Like talk time or wifi internet or 3g Internet, standby?


    You are definitely on to something with the whole signal thing. I get 5 bars almost constant anywhere I am and 99% of the time I am on wifi. I am on Verizon though not ATT. ATT here is not that great. Crappy coverage areas etc. I typically get stated specs on stdby or wifi internet. Even seems talk time is right where even thou I have not talked for 8 hrs on it ever.


    Also did 5.1 make your phone worse or better? Seems I read you are worse now.

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    Hi all,


    Good day!


    Is this normal??


    Usage: 3 Hours, 10 Mins

    Standby: 11 Hours, 46 Mins



    Battery currently at 54%...


    I am on 5.0.1

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    guys you have got great battery life now, better than android phones. google it to find out how worse they are, specailly HTCs and  Sony Ecricssons. Go use your phone as normal now, or else you will be paranoid about your battery life.

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    Depends on what you did with those 4.5 hours ??? browsing internet via 3G or WiFi ?


    and 1 day 4 Hours standby isn't enough for you, how many days you need ? a week or so ? i suggest you carry a car battery for use with your iphone

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    Hi, took out my old router and tested it out my new router drains the battery faster when its connected to wifi, and other family member iphones. Difference is new router is a N router old one isnt. Any suggestions to what my new router about 3 months old is doing to the iphone connectivity as its draining the batteries when it is connected to wifi. I have Edge enabled which seems to turn on when the iphone is in standby.


    Any ideas how to stop my router from draining it?

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    I have had little improvement with the update but have not done yet as suggested.If I

    "restore your device and set it up as a new device. Do not restore from a backup, "

    I have been confused by the different ways of restoring the device.

    How exactly do I do this ?

    I have almost no new apps but would like to retain my contacts etc.

    Many thanks

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    Good morning you all.


    I just had a technician of the cellular company (Orange) and he tested my IPHONE 4S.


    He dialed into their system and saw in his eyes that a regular call losing 1% per minute ! HE gave me a new handset ! He said I should see if it is better and report.... He said all the obvious things like SKYPE, GPS Camera are eating battery . He also said that the 4S' battery is weaker than the battery of the 4 ! because of the 4S' double processor !!!!


    SO we will see what happens...


    For sure - when you see that the time of the USAGE is equal the TIME of Stand BY - then - it means there is a problem !


    I will keep using the PUSH mail because this is why I need a smart phone

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    ozflier wrote:



    I have had little improvement with the update but have not done yet as suggested.If I

    "restore your device and set it up as a new device. Do not restore from a backup, "

    I have been confused by the different ways of restoring the device.

    How exactly do I do this ?

    I have almost no new apps but would like to retain my contacts etc.

    Many thanks



    open itunes and connect your iphone, in the 'info' tab select sync with windows contact, and click apply or sync your iphone. (this will copy your iphone contacts to your windows computer)


    now in 'summary' tab, there are two options--- "Check for updates", and "Restore". Click restore and itunes will download the software(which is around 803MB). While its downloading the software, you can disconnect the iphone. Once the downlaod is completed, connect back your iphone and click "Restore" once more, and your iphone software will be restored.


    now after the restore, your phone will restart. After restart, iphone will ask you to select your language, country, etc. Go through it. Then for activation iphone will ask to connect via wifi or itunes. If you have wifi connect it or else connect to your computer. (if you connect via wifi, select set up as new phone)


    Then in itunes, once iphone is connected, it will ask you to set up as new phone or restore your data from backup. Select "Set up a new phone". Over. Done.


    Now to get back your contacts, click again in 'info' tab and select sync with windows contact, and click apply. Now all your contacts will get copied to your iphone from your computer.

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    Fix the battery life after upgrading iPhone to 5.1 like this:


    I know this is just repeating what other has said, but it seems to be forgotten over time.

    I have seen the same "error" several times after upgrading the firmware on my iPhone 4.

    The phone drains the battery in standby mode over night.

    What ALWAYS works for me is the very simple "Hard Reset".


    1) Press-hold the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button simultaneously.

    2) Continue holding both buttons (Ignore the "Slide to power off") until the iPhone shuts off and begins to restart.


    3) After the restart repeat number 1 again. This time the phone will NOT restart.

    4) Then charge the phone completely.


    You should now see a dramatically improvement of the battery life.


    My phone is more than a year old, and can still be used for about 2 days with normal use of phone and mail.

    In standby mode it uses around 1% every 3-4 hours.

    I have everything turned on, except for bluetooth and push.