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    i.alharir wrote:


    Dear All,


    Please give me your opinions about my battery stat:


    battery: 2 %

    Usage: 4 Hours, 32 minutes

    Standbye: 21 Hours, 28 minutes


    Never played games, not used skype

    some times facebook & whatsup... checking mails also (not that much)

    i used SIRI only for around 15 minutes and remaining time OFF


    WiFi: OFF (most of the time)

    3G: On (most of the time, but not using all time)


    I used the phone since last full charge for making calls (not heavy and long calls), sending SMS

    mainly for chating on whatsup (i had chat on whatsup around 5 - 6 times every time around 5 minutes).


    i can tell that not heavy use but also not light use....


    what do you think about my battery state?

    is there any issue with the battery

    one important question also: my battery decreased around 10 - 12 % in the night ? is this normal... but note that i used the fetsh mail to check hourly (only this) and noticification for whatsup.


    in general what do you think abt my battery?



    thank you

    It seems a bit below normal, but there are always factors that aren't obvious, such as were you moving around from cell to cell?  Did you terminate the Whatsup app between uses (some users report it stays active), and unless you were doing a test, why didn't you recharge overnight, rather than leaving it on?  If this is your average use, and you recharge overnight, then you should do fine.  Just enjoy using the phone as you wish.  If you haven't had it more than a few days, you should see it get a bit better after a few charges.

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    johnbbank wrote:


    Hi.  I've still only got 3G off. Battery remaining is 63%.  usage is 4 hrs 11 mins and standby is 15 hrs 41 mins.  I'm happy with that so I'll only activate 3G when necessary.  I understand a lot of users need 3G on all the time so I'm not suggesting this as a solution but just to aid the pros to diagnose the problem.

    ATT users don't get a choice, as there is no 3G toggle on ATT phones.  If you are in an area with weak 3G coverage, and you have the toggle, and you don't need the 3G data connection when 'out and about', then you should just leave it off.  Note that if 3G is off, and wi-fi is on, and you are near a wireless access point, wi-fi will connect, and that seems to drain the battery more than a good 3G connection with a good signal.

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    i.alharir wrote:


    Thank you for the reply


    i didn't notice that my phone is heating up when using it.

    i noticed the battery decreased 10 - 12 % (stnadbye) over the night when my noticification for whatass, mail with fetch hourly, and facebook were ON.

    Also, my 3G was ON at that overnight time.


    Yesterday the battery drained around 4 - 5 % overnight (02:00 am till 08:00 am) in standbye BUT no WiFi or 3G are on (both are OFF). which mean 4 - 5 % overnight (six hours) in standbye but no WIFI or 3F (both were OFF).


    What do you think about this?



    also what do you think about my stats now (both WiFi and 3G are off) since the last full charge and i had made one call only:


    Battery: 94 %

    Usage: 37 minutes

    Standby: 14 Hours, 5 minutes.



    Please give me your comments on both (my stas now and about my points on the overnight drain before)?


    thank you

    I think that if you can use your phone to your satisfaction with no internet connection, then you won't have to charge the battery but once every three of four days, but I wouldn't want to use my phone that way.  Certainly turning off the power intensive fucntions willl result in much longer battery life, but is that a good solution?   The main purpose for having a smartphone is that I can access the internet.  I am retired, so most of the time my phone is accessing my wi-fi access point, HOWEVER, Apple, for some strange reason, turns wi-fi to inactive when in sleep mode, and maintains internet access with 3G.  I consider this a bad choice for battery life for those who live in weak signal areas, or even mediocre signal areas (like mine).  Worse, some function sends data late at night every day, and users are charged for that air-time.  I have an unlimited plan, so it doesn't matter on my phone, but most users don't have an unlimited data plan. 

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    awnyrvan wrote:


    hello all,


      how much battery drain do you see while using GPS? I was driving yesterday and GPS + 3G was on. And my battery reduced by 20% in 20mins or something. And ofcourse, the phone was as hot as a freshly baked garlic bread!



    If you look at tests and reviews, you will find that the GPS is one of the most battery intensive functions your phone is able to do.  I recommend that if you are using the GPS in a 'continuous mode', such as real time tracking your path, you use a car charger, and yes, that will generate a bit of heat.  HAving an metal case, or removing a gel/silicon case is a good idea to let the phone get as much cooling as possible.

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    awnyrvan wrote:


    @DevilMark: what kind of battery drain to be expected while using GPS + 3G for a 30min drive, let's say?

    Test indicate that battery will last about 2.5 hours on continuous GPS usage with a full charge.  Thats 150 minutes, so about 1%/minute would be about what you should expect.  In short, plug it in if possible, or just do a periodic position check.

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    awnyrvan wrote:


    I wd agree with u on the fact tht i am a moderate to heavy user


    And I am always getting 5+ hrs of usage. It has 30mins of 2g calling, some texting, good amount of FB. Push mail for 2 of my most active accounts all day and night. some 15-20mins of 3D gaming and similar amount of youtube.


    With GPS yeaterday, I still got 5+ hours of usage, but standby was only 8-9hrs as I ws using my phone continuously


    I'm keenly waiting to gather data with 3G off, though

    What we call 'standby' is really the total time since last charge, NOT the time the phone is idle.  In other words, the usage time is a part of the standby time measurment.

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    calvinize wrote:


    My iPhone 4S on average has usage stats of 5-6 hours, and 30 hours standby. But, on more frequent usage (a couple of games played), it can go down to only 16-22 hours standby.

    I usually use my iPhone for browsing and reading news (sometimes on wifi, sometimes on 3G, depends). I also check the AppStore regularly and use my iPhone for texting (I rarely do phone calls).
    Is this normal? Or is my battery faulty?

    Thanks in advance.

    That is excellent.  Generally, if the phone lasts through your normal daily use from the time you get up in the morning, to the time you go to bed at night (and put it on charge), then you golden.  Mine will usually last at least two days, just in case I forget to charge it when I go to bed.  If you find you get less than a full day of normal use, then you need to investigate how you use the phone, and see if the battery is performing properly.

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    try going into safari and closing all pages

    also try logging out of facebook (any social media sites running through device)

    should decrease a lot!

    if not try deleting all read messages and emails.

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    also try turning off locatiion services and volume.

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    So it appears the suggestions are to turn off the services that are why you bought the phone for in the first place.


    Great problem solution.

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      Got some data with 3G off:


    Usage: 7Hrs

    Standby time: 1Day7Hrs


    and  still 15% battery left!!!! And I also turned on 3G for about 4-5Hours yesterday as I went out!!! Quite cool I must say. The usage has definitely been moderate to heavy-moderate, with me checking out videos, a bit of gaming, camera, push mail all day and night etc! I guess this is good!

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    -jim wrote:


    So it appears the suggestions are to turn off the services that are why you bought the phone for in the first place.


    Great problem solution.

    That's not a solution, only a testing suggestion.  Sometimes a function seems to 'hang up', and not complete, and a power cycle is required to get it closed, or even a soft reset.  The only things turned off on my 4S are things I don't need, or want.  I keep Bluetooth off, as I never use it, and the 'system services', which only send data to Apple are also off.  I keep unused iCloud funtions off because I don't have the PC software required for their best use and because I consider backup to the cloud to be too slow, and cumbersome for use, except for Find My iPhone, and PhotoStream, neither of which take battery power unless they are initiated.

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    I had the same problem with battery life,I finally gave up and went to the sprint store and spent $69.00  for the (Mophie juice pack air)its a hard protective case and a extra battery in one. doubles the life of the battery.

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    jpnj2 wrote:


    I had the same problem with battery life,I finally gave up and went to the sprint store and spent $69.00  for the (Mophie juice pack air)its a hard protective case and a extra battery in one. doubles the life of the battery.

    That's an expensive (and a bit heavy) solution.  But if you are a heavy user, and just MUST get through the day on a charge, it works.