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    you expirence hot surface of your phone?.. it is not normal. even u have played game for 1hr atleast 20-25% less are acceptable.. if standby mode of your phone get 5-10mins per 1% definitly not normal. atleast 1% per hour is the normal.btw what is the usage and standby % of your phone?..heavy usage almost have 4-5hrs usage and 1Day or less of standby, while moderate to light uses of phone rates at 5-9hrs usage and range atleast 1Day-3Days of standby.(this one example of a good battery life) w/0 even snyc or connected via USB cable /itunes!

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    It seems the surface isn't so hot... Now I'm at 10% and my usage - 4h41m and standby 14hh10m. turned on wi-fi for 10 minutes to download music, played games for about 2h or so... checked some sites... took 2 photos.. sent some sms... had 2 calls (10 minutes)...

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    then the only problem it might be the apps u using.. ur battery still normal for the usage it is more than 4hrs.. and i think you played continuesly?.. so that is normal.. dont worry..

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    That does not say anything about charging overnight, and I charge it more than 4 hours, If I were to charge my phone overnight, I would charge it for more than 9 hours.

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    My experience since having the 4s. Initially battery was fine would get through the day easily. Then after about 4 weeks started draining very quickly. O2 replaced it. It was better but not good. Have lots of things turned off!

    About 2 weeks ago phone suddenly started draining, 0% by 5pm ( I charge overnight) Went to Apple they replaced the battery. NO difference.

    Rang O2 now have another 4s, so far so good. Left on over night on flight mode lost ONLY 3 %, much better was losing 20 % with previous phone.

    No idea wot this means, apart from it must be the hardware and not the software.


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    I have a 4S running 5.1 not jail broken in New Zealand on Telecom.

    I've had very poor battery life for several weeks but I think I've solved it.

    Was getting half a day with normal usage, losing 20% over night - dreadful.

    Now a full day's use drains to 50% and I lose 1% over night.


    Thought I'd share and hopefully help.


    1. Optimise for max battery life.

    You've probably all done this stuff and there is plenty of info on this, just google it. In short;

    Get latest OS. Settings/general/software update

    Turn off auto time zone (not needed unless you are traveling) settings/general/date and time

    Turn off ping (not needed unless you share music) settings/restrictions

    Limit location services. I only use for Maps, Safari and Siri. Settings/location services

    Limit push notifications. I only use for phone, messages and calendar. Settings/notifications

    Limit push mail. I only use on my work mail inbox. Settings/mail,contacts,calendar/fetch new data/advanced/change all accounts to fetch unless you need push

    Make fetch 1 hour. (for non time critical accounts) settings/mail,contacts,calendar/fetch new data

    Shut down 3rd party apps regularly. Double tap home, hold an icon until they wobble, touch x on each icon to close.

    I leave Bluetooth on

    I leave wifi on (using wifi instead of 3G actually uses less power)

    Turn off wifi ask to join networks. Settings/wifi

    Turn off EQ. Settings/music/EQ

    Turn off vibrate (unless you really need it - this ***** power) settings/sounds

    Limit brightness. Settings/brightness/auto brightness on, move slider to as low as you can manage comfortably

    Set auto lock to 1 minute. Settings/general/auto lock (recommend put a pass pin on as well)

    Turn personal hot spot off when not using. Settings/personal hotspot


    2. Do a full recharge cycle (do this at least once a month)

    Let phone battery completely run down.

    Charge uninterrupted to 100%.

    Tip: if you use a case, make sure it lets phone 'breath' while charging. Or remove it. Heat is the number one killer of battery life.


    3. Right, now your iPhone should last at least a full day with normal usage and lose 1% every 2 hours max while on standby.

    If it's not (and many of you will have already done all of the above) follow these steps.

    Time to see if anything is going on in the background that is draining your battery (actual faulty batteries are extremely rare.)

    Get a pen and paper.

    Settings/general/usage turn battery percentage on

    Under 'time since last charge' there are 2 numbers;

    Usage and standby.

    Usage is how long the phone has been active since you last had it at 100%

    Standby is how long it's been since you last had it at 100%

    So you can see, if you put the phone in standby, and wait 10 minutes, the usage number should increase by a few minutes (2-4 depending what's going on with the phone) and the Standby number should increase by approx 10 minutes.

    If they both increase the same with the phone on standby, something is working onthe phone that shouldn't be. This will be draining your battery.


    So, write down;

    The time

    The battery %

    Usage time and

    Standby time.

    (if you have just fully charged the phone, both usage and standby will be zero)

    Put phone in standby (button top right of phone)

    Wait 10 or 15 minutes.


    Do THE TEST again (write down results again)

    Write down the difference between the first and second usage numbers

    Write down the difference between the first And second standby numbers

    IF the differences are the same, you have a problem, move to next rep.

    IF the differences are not the same, your phone should be ok now.


    4. Still have a problem?

    Basically we now have to start deleting suff and re-testinguntil the problem goes away.

    First though try a restart of the device.

    You will lose some minor settings but no apps or data.

    Push standby button and home button at the same time.

    Hold until phone powers down.


    Do THE TEST again.


    5. Still have a problem?

    Let's see if it's something sending data.

    Put phone into flight mode. Settings/airplane mode.


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    ****, hit post by mistake. Sorry.

    5. Do THE TEST.

    if all is ok now, something is sending data in the background.

    Take out of flight mode.


    Complete the following running THE TEST after each action until the problem is found.

    Then reinstall.


    (Assume all data is backed up in iTunes.)

    Delete all 3rd party apps

    Delete all music

    Delete books

    Delete movies

    Delete photos

    Delete email accounts one at a time


    The culprit in my case was my work email account.

    When i Deleted and reinstalled my battery life came right.


    If all this fails, try blow away the iPhone and start again.


    I hope this helps.

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    i've got this disaster too


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    I just started experiencing the battery-drain-o-death issue with my iPhone 4s suddenly last night, and after following just about every prescribed remedy on here (disabling push notifications, disabling location services, resetting the network, turning off cellular data, disabling/deleting iCloud, deleting email accounts, exiting out of applications on standby, etc etc etc), nothing has worked.  I ended up doing a complete reset by erasing all settings and content and setting up my phone as a brand new phone (without restoring from backup), and I'm still experiencing the same issues: iPhone heats up during minimal usage and/or on standby mode and during charging, and I still I go through a full 100% charge in about 4 hours of minimal/non-usage.


    I finally called Apple support to be told that I most likely have a battery issue, and that I would need to send it in for repairs...I purchased this phone brand new in late February...seriously!?!?  Not even three months of usage and the phone needs a battery replacement?


    Sad part is, I've had a very good experience up until last night, and then, as someone eloquently had put it, "It was almost as if a light switch just flipped" and now my phone is "defective".  I had one instance where I put my phone in airplane mode today, which actually stopped the battery from bleeding for about 30 minutes, but that seemed to be a fluke since doing so now no longer is helping.  All I can say now is thankfully I'm still under my one year limited warranty replacement period, because they will just charge me shipping to send in the phone and replace the battery, but I'll definitely be more leery when it comes to purchasing another Apple product again.

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    In my case some time ago I noticed something rather odd:

      Battery Doctor App

      Charging iPhone 4s

      Reached 100% and few hours have passed it off.

      With little use, at 30 minutes the battery drops to 99%


      Immediately restart the iPhone and return to 100% for several hours.


  • Hotphil Level 1 (10 points)

    Zalext wrote:

      Immediately restart the iPhone and return to 100% for several hours.


    Minor variations in calibration.

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    I need to send a thank you to tonypich my battey drain was 20% an hour phone awake and 40% turned off ive followed your guide and its sorted mine out now 1% drain turned on in 3 hours and 0% turned off.Thanks.

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    My new ip4, bought 2 days ago was losing battery quick...My settings were set for max battery life though....low brightness, no 3G, set time auto off, location services off, i cloud off, only on wifi, push notifications only set to facebook, phone, messages, and messenger, and all other apps closed and no keyboard click. Browsing safari took about 1% per 8- 10 minutes.


    I restored and reset my phone while not connected to itunes, and then connected it back to do anothe restore. Seemed to work- my phone is still at 100% at 30 or so minutes of using safari, sending some texts and using facebook messenger. It might have also helped that I turned "ask to join new wifi networks" off. But seeing as how doing these things made an improvement I would assume (with my case at least) that it wasn't a problem with the actual battery but probably a software/setting issue. I hope the battery continues to behave well!!

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    I take that back. It started draining fast again.

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    As much as I'd hate to admit it, but I wish my battery drain was caused by software glitches, but I'm almost certain it's not.  The only time my battery doesn't drain down rapidly is when I put it into sleep mode, but as soon as I activate the phone, it immediately begins to heat up and my battery starts to drain about 1% every minute or two regardless if I'm just staring at the home screen or using any application.  Once again, I'm absolutely shocked that my battery has gone bad in under 3 months of use.


    As for stats:

    From 100% charge, I'm currently at 23% charge

    Usage: 1 Hour 35 minutes

    Standby: 7 hours 19 minutes


    I used to get 5-6 hours of usage and like 15 hours of standby easily with location services all on, multiple mail accounts fetching every 30 minutes, Wi-Fi on, Cellular Data on, Bluetooth on, etc etc etc.