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    You should try a hard reset.  It is likely that something relative to the communications didn't terminate properly and is still trying in the background.  This isn't all that rare a problem.  If power cycling doesn't do the job, look in the manual for 'reset'  Basically, you hold the sleep button, and home button until the apple appears.

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    jacks1964 wrote:


    For god's sake let this thread die.It's got so ridiculous and BORING!!!!

    Then why read it, and contribute?  Basically, it HAS died.  Not 1/10 of the traffic it had 5 months ago.

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    safarionwin wrote:


    Well it is a real issue for many people, if you ******* would stop arguing with each other for a moment and filling up this thread with useless crap.


    I got my 4s in January and loved the battery life until May.. I always charge overnight.... but in May suddenly my battery would be almost gone by noon.  I tried some various fixes and something worked, but I'm not sure what, since I adjusted many settings at the same time. (I do not have an exchange server so I didn't try that one). At that time I thought maybe it was related to the app Craigspro running an automatic search for me, which I deleted, among the many adjustments I made.


    It started again a few days ago... the main thing I notice when I am having the battery problem and I check my "time since last full charge" in Usage... it will say that my usage and my standby are exactly the same, even if I have not been using the phone.  This explains it dying by noon, say I take it off the charger at 6:30 am and it is in full usage until noon that is about 5.5 hours.  The issue seems to be that I am not using the phone, but something is.  I do not have the Craigspro app running any searches so I don't think that is the problem.


    I've tried a few hard resets and that doesn't really help. I haven't tried the "reset all settings as new phone" route yet.  I've come to conclude it is a software bug of some sort, maybe in an app, or maybe related to iCloud in some way...  I hope it gets fixed cause otherwise I love this phone!

    That is usually caused by something that never ends properly, or that runs in the backgound.  See if a reset fixes the problem.  Hold sleep and home buttons until apple appears.

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    If you feel that you must go farther than the hard reset, try resetting the network first.  Most of these problems seem to relate to the network.  Yeah, it's a pain, but better than resetting everything.

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    I charge my iPhone 4S on Sunday...gets down to half charge by Wednesday morning...then recharge. Folks...It just depends on how u use your phone. The battery use will depend on that. Good luck!!!

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    Screenshot or it didn't happen.

    Thank you.

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    I was having these problems yesterday and this morning after apparently not doing anything to my phone,i went to the logs and saw MobileMail listed many many times,i went into the mail app and found an email stuck in the outbox. I guess it kept trying forever and this was crashing everything, the log confirmed it. So I got rid of the email and the phone has settled down. I hope this helps some of the people that might be suffering the same as me.

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    what is the battery test in ios6 ? nobodey test ??

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    My 4S was overheating too. I had one of those over all cases on it and thought that might be the issue. I took the case off and it would get rather warm when charging also would shut off at 40 to 30% and it could drop like 40% battery in  a matter of minutes. I have only had it since mid April. My standby time and usage time didn't jive either. Apparently my phone was reading the battery differently that what it actually was. I finally took mine into the carrier I got it from and they are exchanging it for me. All of this that I have read on here makes me wonder about that update we did in May. Also I ran mine thro airport security, not comfortable with all of that since my laptop had a couple of problems after that as well. They say it is safe for our electronics but I wonder. However, I would rather risk that than being blown up so I understand that. I hate to fly anyway and wouldn't if I didn't have to. I still wonder if that case had something to do with my phone overheating. It was one of those that covers the whole thing up. I love the case but..... They do say you should let your phone breath a bit so maybe that case was not good for it.


    Thanks to all of those people here that have the knowledge about these phones to answer the questions we all have. Keep up the good work... and I ignore the other comments that are on here not realting to the particular question.

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    You might want to check this site nce.html

    The result still vary. Anyway, it's not the ideal way to benchmark the battery.

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    thanks for your suggestions rphunte42.  I have been doing hard resets all along and that does not seem to help.  I tried the network reset and that did not help. I've become very vigilant about fully closing apps in case they have any background processes running. 


    (I also don't have anything fetched automatically.  I shut down alerts on almost all apps.  My screen brightness is set a little over 1/2)


    My usage and standby are still running almost neck and neck... sometimes a few minutes less usage.  Today since I unplugged from charger this morning my usage is 6:57 and standby is 7:32 ... so that's better than usual, but I have used the phone for an hour max myself, so I still wonder what is accounting for the other 5:57 usage time while it's been in my pocket.


    Any other suggestions?  Try the reset all settings next?  On another thread I saw someone recommend a complicated procedure for resetting the phone so that 5.1.1 would be re-downloaded and installed all at once, not as an upgrade... any thoughts?

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    What about looking at those logs to see if you can't identify the problem. You may get a clue as what is happening.

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    I have tried looking at the logs and sorry, I don't understand them much, mostly technical jargon, nothing in particular popped out at me as a recurring error I could make sense of. 


    I did notice on rechecking my settings based on this apple article that under "fetch new data" i still had the global setting for push "on" although I had turned that off at most apps individually, and one of my gmail accounts was still set on "fetch" although overall my mail app is set to "manual." 


    Also I still have icloud set on "push" and it is set to synch everything except mail, I am wondering if icloud is causing my phone to be so active even when I am not using it? I just charged my phone back to 100% and will see if there is any improvement in my battery usage/standby ratio based on turning off global push and setting that one gmail account to manuaI. 


    Maybe I do need to reset all settings!

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    I think the fact you have been posting since what...October last year? Also with zero points! That says enough for most people I would imagine. Happy trolling.

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    In case you hadn't noticed, there hadn't been a single post in the last 7 days. You didn't see me post out of desperation.You on the other hand had to come here and drop your bait in the thread. That says enough for most people I would imagine.