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    ace43 wrote:




    Subpar results, most people here got 10-12 days of standby easy. Check your settings.

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    I found that an app "Mapmyrun" would not allow my 4s to go into "standby" eventhough the screen was off.  I had to delete the app.  everything is OK

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    I've checked all my settings and have tried everything I've read here. Week after week I have to charge the phone just to be able to use it normally. If I take a vacation to the beach for a week, I have to remember to take my darn charger with me. I'll just put up with it and continue to work on it.

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    Yeah that's right. Your stats are so wrong. Take me for instance. As a senior VP, I get 5 weeks off in the summer. Guess I'll have to bring the charger too if I go to Aruba. Why wasn't I warned of this? When I heard some select people could do 20-25 days on a single charge I was appalled. How more "select" could a senior VP be? Life's a *****.

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    You'd be wise to turn off the data reporting feature that reports back to Apple. Apple is probably receiving all your texts regarding insider stock transactions, Initial Public Offerings, and company buyouts and then draining your battery to keep you in check. As for the vacations in Aruba, just turn off location services so they cannot tell when you're there, especially at the bars. And remember not to use the phone when you're Scuba-diving.

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    Remember, as ACE fails to mention in the majority of his posts, he shuts his phone off regularly, which obviously contributes to his long battery life.  


    No matter what his claims are, I fail to see the point in turning numerous features off and powering off the phone for many hours per day, just to go 7 days on a charge!   I cannot ever remember being in a position where I had no access to a charger for even 2 days........


    I bought the iPhone for it's features and want to get the most out of what it has to offer.   ACE seems to think that acheiving a one week batteryl life wins him some sort of contest......   In my view, he wins the biggest waste of money on an iPhone contest.   He could have simply bought a regular flip-phone (FREE from most carriers).

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    The phone is never "shut off".

    The phone is never "powered off".

    I don't remember making any claims.

    It's still sweet that I wound up a winner. Yes!

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    When you first were challenged on these claims of 7day battery life ( by me as well as others ), YOU absolutely stated that you shut the phone off at night while you are sleeping.   I can go back through the thread and find it if I must, but hopefully I won't have to.  


    Or are you just forgetting the number of untruths you have told us?

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    I've told zero untruths.


    I do use Airplane Mode when I prefer not to take calls.

    I figure it is my right to decide when I want to take calls

    and when I don't. As for powering things on and off, one has

    to take responsibility for the phone. If you don't, you can just

    get on here and complain about it. That's not my choice.

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    You leave the phone in Airplane mode all night, which essentially shuts off 99% of its functionality.   Again, I don't understand the effort of turning features ona dnoff all day long, to get 7 days out of a charge.  


    Your words:


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    Re: iPhone 4s Battery Life?

    May 14, 2012 8:09 AM (in response to Jameson!)


    My phone does go into Airplane mode every evening because it saves the battery

    and eliminates me getting calls I neither want nor need.

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    Re: iPhone 4s Battery Life?

    May 14, 2012 8:09 AM (in response to Jameson!)


    My phone does go into Airplane mode every evening because it saves the battery

    and eliminates me getting calls I neither want nor need.


    and he could turn it off at night (since he wants to save battery and doesn't want or need calls) and increase his battery life another day or two.

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    True enough, but time flies by, and it will pass if you let it.


    That citing was on May 14th when I was fully in the throes of

    finding a way to manage the battery usage.


    It is now August 28th, my battery usage is certainly tolerable,

    and I no longer use "Airplane Mode".


    "Again, I don't understand the effort of turning features ona dnoff all day long, to get 7 days out of a charge."


    The effort is minimal and certainly can't take 10 seconds. While we're having difficulty understanding things

    here, how about this:


    What sense does it make to have Wifi, Location Services, 4G and the other power grabbing functions active

    when you know you are not going to be using them?


    What I find hard to understand is how posters here can leave every function on, crank up their brightness all

    the way and then be surprised by their disappointing battery usage.

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    Should be an schedulder in settings to setup times and on/off radios, also airplain mode.

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    This is where you aren't paying attention..........


    1. I have most everything turned on.

    2. I can go nearly 2 days on a full charge, which is perfectly fine for me.


    I use BT in the car for handsfree operation and connectivity to my Radar detector

    I use wifi, both at home and in the office.

    I have notifications on, because I enjoy the ability to receive news updates.

    Many APPS I use frequently, need location services on to provide accurate, up to date information.

    Here in southeastern New England, 3G service is strong most everyewhere, so I want it active and on.

    The iPhone is my ONLY phone, so I do need to have it on to receive or make calls all the time.


    I feel that I get the most possible out of my iPhone, without the need to fiddle with it, turning features on and off, every time I want to do something.  


    For those times when I do use it heavily and need to charge it up, I have a car charger and a usb cable in the office, that I can use when necessary.   I have no need or desire to be part of the 1 week battery life contest.   I just want to pick the phone up and have it do what I want it to do.


    All of that being said, there is also a smaller group of people who are having legitimate problems with their phones.   Those who cannot make the phone last more than 3-4 hours, with moderate usage, have some other issues, either with their configuration or hardware, which is causing problems.   The numbers of those folks seems to be declining, based on recent posting here, so maybe the latest firmware updates have helped them.

    I never had issues thet were so bad and never had to do the restore-as-new procedure that others have.   I got my phone the day the 4s was released, set it up and it has worked fine since that day.   All I do is keep up with APP and firmware updates religiously.........

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    The same exact thing happened to my phone! 2 days ago, phone end up under the pillow, it was displaying “TEMPERATURE”, and it was very hot. I turned it off. Then I turned it on and left sitting… didn’t use it, didn’t have anything running. In an hour I checked it and … it was very hot, I took cover off and turned it off again. Let it is sit and cool off. When I turned it on again, it was working fine, didn’t seem to be hot, but batteries were draining in front of my eyes! It would be 100% and in 15-20 minutes it would be 86%, and every 15-20 minutes it was going down at the rate of 20%.

    I read a few posts here, tried a couple of things….turned off notifications, Bluetooth off, time zone…

    Just charged it to 100%, 11:12 am…. So far it’s at 100% (11:50 am)

    I never had any problems with my phone, and now this??!! What the heck?! Any suggestion…ideas?



    sliyk wrote:


    i think my problem is a bit different from everyone here

    i left my phone under the pillow while it was tethered via usb to my laptop and fell asleep when i woke up it was very very hot, i managed to cool it down but since then i have noticed that the battery has started draining very very fast i cant seem to think why it was fine before