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    I downloaded iOS 6 yesterday. My wife has not. Her phone was at 100% last night. Her wi-fi (we have it in the house) was turned off.  This morning her phone battery was at 97%.  My phone was at 95% last night, with wi-fi turned on and this morning it is at 90%.  All apps were turned off on both phones.  So I don't see any big battery savings with iOS 6.  Going to do some more tests, turning on her wi-fi and charging both to 100% tonight before bedtime. Will post again tomorrow.  Anyone else trying to find the magic wand at battery life?


    We both have 4S phones.

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    Same problem here with 4S, but even worse: phone works perfectly for ca. 3 to 4 hours, still showing between 85 to 95% battery life, then all of the sudden discharges completely (to below 0) in a matter of 1 minute. Have to wait then several hours before I'm able to recharge it. Never worked longer then 5 hours at a time. Sent it back today, was only 2 weeks old.

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    I have turned off the automatic check for emails which was checking every 15 minutes. This saves some battery.  I really don't see much difference between my wife's and mine.  I am running the iOS 6 and she still have what ever was on the phone when we got them about three weeks ago so I am going to do the upgrade of software on hers.  Guess I will just have to live with the battery life which I would say is about 10-15% less than what my 3GS was giving me.  As long as the battery lasts all day I don't mind plugging it in at night for an all night recharge. Seems that the all night charge then last better the next day as opposed to charging until it hits 100% and taking it off charge.   Thanks to all for their inputs, I guess we are all in the same boat, except for the guys/gals who got bad phones.  I wonder how the 5s are doing with battery life??

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    Sadly, I too, am experiencing battery problems. I've also received texts and emails stating that my data usage is over my plan. Granted, it's only 200mb, but I didn't use it that much.  This morning my iPhone 4s, running iOS 6 started getting warm and the battery started discharging rapidly.  I've disabled the data by cell network feature in light of the emails from at&t. It is currently pulling in / pushing out data by WiFi only.  This thing is downloading or sending data.  I can't tell which but my modem is lit up like nobody's business.  No updates seem to be in progress.  I really can't tell what's going on. 


    So here's the point of my post:  You might want to check in with your mobile data plan to make sure your phone is not doing the same.

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    Is that on iOS 5 or 6?

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    That's on OS 6. I haven't noticed much in the way of difference.

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    If anything, I believe my battery life has improved with iOS 6.

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    But see, most people wont go 4 days without using their phones less than that, none the less only 2.5 hours of that time. That's awesome battery life tho here's the most i was able to get out of it...




    What i read on the internet, is that the stock and weather widget apps are CONSTANTLY refreshing in the background (it's prolly already on here but i dont feel like going thru almost 1000 pages to see it) if you turn them off, you're supposed to get somewhat better battery life out of your phone, i just turned them off so we'll c! It just seems that it still (even after a reset of the device) it stays at 100% for a while, then drops significantly down after that, but if you have your % turned on, notice when it hits 100%, the battery isnt' actually at 100% capacity, the lock screen will still show that you have some charging left before completely full. I noticed this as well and am going to see if that had a huge effect on it or not.

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    My question is this, does anyone from Apple monitor forums such as this one and see what concerns their users are having and then work on fixes?  If not they are missing the most opportune method of finding and fixing bugs. Some of you may remember back when cell phones first hit the market.  You had to let you battery go completely dead before the first charge because those batteries had memories and if you made the first charge when the battery was 50% then all you could ever get out of the battery would be 50%.  Those type batteries are long gone but were a problem until we all learned the techniques on how to re-charge them. Then I had some phones that came with low output batteries and was able to buy replacement batteries that had much more power and longer life. But that was back in the days when a cell phone was just a phone.  Now with all kinds of memory and apps running and no telling what is going on in the background that we don't even know about we again are pressed to do something to get better or longer battery life.  Lets hope a simple fix is found by Apple, an update available and we all can close this subject.  But I guess I am an optimist.

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    I'm a new iPhone user here. Just got a 4s and have also been unhappy with battery life, coming from a flip phone that I only had to recharge once or twice a week to just barely making it through a full day of phone, texting, minor web, and a little words with friends. I get that I'm dealing with a whole different set of capabilities, usages, and power requirements but I'm still not satisfied. I currently have followed all of the advice here with the exception of restoring as new, as it's what I initially did. Just today I put my phone into standby with 93% and 55 minutes of usage. Upon checking it an hour or so later, it dropped 2% an accrued 13 minutes of usage. This is with all location services off, email set to manual, and notifications only for phone, messages, calendar, reminders, and words with friends turned on.  No Siri and just about everything off. Just now, I've lost 20% with about 50 minutes of cellular data usage. I did start keeping track of everything yesterday, and got 28 hours standby with 6hrs. 41mins. usage with 14% battery left. Most of it was texting, followed by Words, and a maybe 30 mins. of browsing.

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    Is there a solution to the battery life issue?

    Is apple working on a solution?

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    Sounds like you hit the jackpot.  If I get that kind of battery life I would not have found this forum.

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    Well you have to acknowledge the advertised specifications...


    Talk time: Up to 8 hours (12.5% per hour drain) on 3G, up to 14 hours (7.1% per hour drain) on 2G (GSM)

    Standby time: Up to 200 hours (0.5% per hour drain)

    Internet use: Up to 6 hours on 3G (16.6% per hour drain), up to 9 hours (11.1% per hour drain) on Wi-Fi

    Video playback: Up to 10 hours (10% per hour drain)

    Audio playback: Up to 40 hours (2.5% per hour drain)


    So if you get almost 30 hours of standby with a good 6 hours of use, then you're really getting what they advertise...

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    I have not read the whole thread yet. But I'm sure it has something

    to do with the age of the 4S. My 4S is 6 months old and I have not

    the same problems, although the accu is faster empty  than in iOS 5.1.1