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    How do you boot to recovery mode?


    I know if you hold the Home button and the Power button for a few seconds it reboots it, but not sure what you mean by recovey mode?

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  • Casey in FL Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Why do you need recovery mode to reinstall the same version of iOS 5?  If you're attempting to install a version other than the current, then yes...

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    Putting my 4S in flight mode fixed the issue, of course it is not how I want it to use!

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    Battery life seems to be a bit low for me, too. But I have nothing to compare since I was using the same old-*** Nokia phone before for more than 4 years (lol).


    I'm not a heavy user, but I lost 20% within 16 hours (over night) without doing anything, I only checked facebook twice. I thought maybe all that WiFi syncing stuff is a bit power consuming ... My MBP is always somewhere around me and I take great advantage of syncing contacts, calendars ... I also have my Gmail Account attached to it.


    In my personal experience a full charge lasts a bit more than one day. Maybe 1 1/2.


    One of those 1 1/2 days usually looks like this: 1 phone call about 3 mins long, checking emails twice, writing 3-4 comments on facebook when my MBP is out of reach and I'm too lazy to stand up to grab it, adding one note or event. No big deal.

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    I am having the same problems. I fully charged my brand new iPhone 4S at 9 pm last night, took it out of the cradle, then by 8 am the next morning it had run empty. No music playing, Bluetooth OFF, Wireless on.


    My iPhone 4 would last for 3-4 days at least without making calls.


    Apple, can you please peovide a fix or advise why I shouldn't return my product as it is nor performing in accordance with the claims in your Australian Advertising. The Trade Practices Act in Australia requires the seller to live up to its promises, or a full refund.


    Adam Macks

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    Apparently it kills off processes better, does resets and the likes.

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    Let's take a vote:


    Having dropped just 2% in a little under 2 hours this morning (and down to 85% from 96% in about 10.5 hours), I am pretty convinced that the complete factory reset has cured the excessive battery-drain issue.


    So far, this is a complete factory phone with no changes except the following:


    • Enabled WiFi and connected to my home network
    • Took some screen captures of statistics
    • Downloaded System Activity Monitor


    I have made no calls, not used the 3G network and have no additional services enabled (Siri, iCloud, Mail, etc).


    There have been a number of awdd_ logs (35 last I checked an hour or so back) and System Activity Monitor indicates Mail is running (even though it's never been launched and no accounts have been set up).



    So, the vote:


    What should I turn on first?


    • Exchange email
    • 3G radio
    • Location Services
    • Other



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    I hadn't heard that.  The way that I've always understood it is that DFU mode is for installing versions of  iOS that aren't current, like downgrading or jailbreaking.  I'm pretty sure if you're reinstalling the same current version of iOS there's no difference between restore mode and simply doing a restore in iTunes.  I'll have to find out if I'm incorrect.

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    Same battery problems here. Went to a Halloween party last night. Opened the camera app to snap a few pics of some costumes. After taking about 4 pics with about two minutes total for posing time I was already down to 97% from 100% after taking off the charger in my car. So We know the battery wasn't draining on the drive to the party.


    Funny thing is. The battery life has been so bad that I have been keeping the phone plugged in while using around the house. (plugged in as I am typing this.) 20 mins ago it was showing 100% with the plug icon (indicating a full charge.) without unplugging the phone from the wall it went down to 99% with the lightning bolt icon (indicating it was charging.) I will also notice the 100% lightning bolt icon some mornings when I wake up and have had the phone on the charger all night. Almost like it goes through plug icon and lightning bolt icon cycles all the time when plugged into the charger.


    How does the battery discharge when plugged into the freakin wall? Can the wall charger really not keep up with the phone's standby demands? Is it that bad?



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    Exchange, but sync mail first, see what happens, then try contacts and calendar.  See if you get the same result I got.  I'm very curious...


    What version of Exchange Server are you connecting to?

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    I did not spend this kind of money for a phone that won't even hold a charge for even half of my work day.... Not only is this disturbing, but it's downright criminal. I've seen disposable phones with a better battery life, this is nuts! No matter the cause, we should not have to jump through all sorts of hoops and recovery\reinstallations to fix a problem that should have been addressed LONG before iOS5 was released. You'd think by now a company as established as Apple would actually spend the proper amount of time and attention testing these things before things are released, but then again they did ship an iPhone 4 you can't even hold without losing a signal so..... I guess it's to be expected from them now. Shame. Looks like it's time to go back to Android.


    An immediate fix, or my money back please. If I can't have an iPhone that holds a charge I'd rather have my money back so I can purchase a real phone that actually works as it should, thanks.

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    Same problems here on both our new iPhone 4S' and both our older iPhone 4's post the new software operating system so called upgrade. I am extremely upset about this as a die hard Apple guy (and an shareholder with a household full of every Apple product under the sun). I have tried virtually every idea mentioned to date with at best minor improvement. I wish I could just have my old phone back! As a business user who has a lot of upcoming travel, this is unacceptable---full stop. Even worse, it doesn't really seem any faster to me and SIRI well lets just call that a work in progress and we are all now just guinea pigs. Apple---pls feel free to contact me because as a shareholder too, I am bewildered as to what is going to happen to us unless this is rectified quickly.




    PS why did I get up at 2:59AM in the morning to be the first to order the **** thing?

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    From what I read and know I would recommend:


    -Restore from back up

    -Re-install Exchange mail server

    -Turn off icloud services, especially photostream or sync photostream while connected to powersource and let'm finish. (Mine got in a loop, well that's a drainer!)

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    Hi all,


    I didn't read each 118 pages and don't know if somebody wrote the same but


    I had the same problems with my iPhone4 (without S)!!! After installing iOS5, I had everytime after charging my akku to 100% the problem, that I put my iPhone on a table and 2 hours later I returned and saw that it lost 20-25% in that two hours! The device was hot and it seems like there was something running in the background. Each time it solved the problem when I closed all apps. Maybe the problem was solved when I got the device out of the standby. I don't know.


    And I also think I solved the problem. I reseted the iphone to the factory defaults and recovered a backup. Since then I can't see that akku problem until now. I hope it is solved.


    So for me, it seems as iOS5 has a problem.


    There are a lot of litte bugs and also the cloud has a big bug! So Apple, please fix that problems as soon as possible!