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    Have you tried Settings > General > Location Services > System Services and disabling "Setting Time Zone"?

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    Hi All,


    This is neto from Brazil


    How are you?


    I believe that some of you have read my post about my HORRIBLE experience with Genius Staff at Apple Store.


    Thank you very much for your words my friend I had the exactly same issue with you at Apple Store and the genius was very rude and with no good manners with me.


    I would like to share my experience:


    1) Yesterday, I did a reset all (erasing data and applications)

    2) Plug on my Mac and I did a restore (PLEASE setup as a New iPhone (don't make a restore with other applications) - do a restore on iTunes and setup as a new iPhone.

    3) I did some things that I believe that can help: (I had a full charge 100% at 6AM today and now the battery is 74% - and I spoke to Apple Care for more than 30 minutes)


    My Iphone has the following right now:


    Wi-Fi On

    Notifications ON - set to manually - ONLY Phone, Messages, Reminders, Calendars and Yahoo messenger

    Location Services - ON - Apple Store on, Camera on, Maps on, Siri on, Weather on and System Services ALL ON

    Brightness Default and Auto on

    Siri - on and Raise to Speak OFF

    Bluetooth - OFF

    Splotlight - ALL

    Restrictions OFF

    NOTE: Date and Time - Set Automatically OFF (I don't know if this make some improvements, but I guess yes)

    iCloud - OFF

    NOTE: Mail - I have been using Exchange (the company that I work) - I'm not in 2010 yet.

    Accounts: netofrombrazil: Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Reminders ON

    mail days to sync 3 days

    Mail folders to push Inbox

    IMPORTANT: Fetch New Data - Push OFF and Fetch every 15 minutes


    PLEASE CLICK on the buttom below: Advanced: select your account and either select Manual or Fetch (to make sure select Manual)


    Twitter - OFF

    Facetime - OFF


    Disclaimer: Usually I used to receive more than 300 emails per day, today I just received 40. The real test will be on Monday, but compared that I had before I have an improvement.


    For example:


    Time since last full charge:

    Usage: 2 hours and 14 minutes

    Standby: 7 hours and 50 minutes


    Call Time: 34 minutes


    Status of my battery right now:


    100% (Full Charge): 6:04AM EST

    Status right now: 73% (1:53PM EST)


    Also I have realized that when you do a full charge (discharge the iPhone to 5% and charge it to 100% - I did it 2 times, the impression that I had that I have an improvement in the battery life, but I don't know if that is only a perception or if this is real.


    I know that is less than we expect, but I hope my configurations could help someone.


    I wish all the best to you my friends


    All the best



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    Yeah my battery is killing my iPhone 4s usage. I'm not going to replace it just yet with a new one because I've read it doesn't make a difference. My iPhone also randomly shut off when it had about half a battery left. It is very concerning. I hope this gets sorted out because I replaced my iPhone 3G with this phone and so far that phone I used for 3 years has better battery life.

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    I have solved my battery problem, at least I think I did.

    I use the phone for exchange mail / calender, location services, stocks. I do not do facebook or twitter notifications.

    When I originally got the phone the apple store moved over all my contacts. When I brought it home i backed up my iphone 3G and restored the iphone 4S from that backup.

    Since then battery life was bad. I lost 30% of my battery in 1.5 hrs once with it just in my pocket doing nothing!

    I downloaded an Ap that showed more statistics.

    I noted the User CPU utilization was constantly 75% when doing nothing. It would now and then drop down to 5%, but somehting was wrong. I had shut off everything except the Cellular service, WIFI and my mail. Location was off as well as everything else.

    After that I did a restore from scratch and my battery life is much better. Yesterday with hundreds of emails, calender notification, streaming stock ticker, and location fully on, I was at 50% at the end of the day. I probably talked on the phone about 15 mintues total. I also check my CPU utilization and find it runs about 3% most of the time.

    Even though it is a pain, I would restore from scratch if you have the battery issue

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    Well the thing is I know every launch phone is going to have problems but I think this more of an epidemic rather than a few isolated cases. I really hope Apple does something to fix this because charging my phone every couple of hours is reserved for a phone that has been used for many years not a phone I just got 2 weeks ago. Going through all those steps is helpful but it shouldn't be done in the first place.

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    4S 64GB White.


    I may be able to contribute to this debate insofar as my iPhone seems to be sleep-walking!


    I am in London using the Vodafone network (mostly but not always 3G; generally the strongest signal in the capital and beyond).  Am likewise experiencing poor battery life: this is already a replacement unit, the first would not run past eight hours even with light usage.  I've had the latest one for seven days; the first lasted only three.


    My iPhone was set up as new (I had all my data in iCloud) so no restore from iTunes.  Owing to the battery's dying almost twice in a day in the last seven days I have been able to perform several zero to full-capacity charges (only one was not, where I started at 7%).  So the battery should be conditioned for use now, I believe.


    Here are some possibly useful data:


    Last night

    Standby: 7 hr 37 min

    Usage: 4 hr 38 min

    Remaining: 20%


    Doesn't look too bad until you realise that the usage was almost all iTunes (screen off); sent perhaps 10 SMS messages, but the screen was not on for long.  Some days ago I had disabled Location Services for Timezone; all e-mail accounts (IMAP) and iCloud are set to Fetch every 30 minutes; no apps running other than iTunes; no lock-screen Notifications; I received no e-mails during this time time; Bluetooth is off; Siri, I have never used; Wi-fi was off (and I have Ask to Join set to off).


    Then, this morning, the battery was dead (from 20% to 0% in just over six hours).  By looking at usage about 20 mins after I plugged it in to charge I had:


    This morning

    Standby: 14 hr 29 min

    Usage: 5 hr 45 min

    Remaining: charging


    Even allowing for the 20 mins of morning charge, my usage increased by 47 minutes in around 6.5 hours while the phone was not being used at all.  I wonder what is classed as "usage" when the phone is receiving no app notifications, no e-mails, etc?  Maybe Siri is off sleep-walking?


    As for today, well:


    After latest charge

    Standby: 7 hr 7 min

    Usage: 3 hr 34 min

    Remaining: 38%


    This usage accounts for three two-line emails; and around 45 minutes of calls from a full-reception area.


    In the absence of a solution I have to return this 4S and revert to BlackBerry on Monday as after that date I am stuck with the phone for my two-year contract (Vodafone has received from Apple no formal communication re the problem and so they are not able to be flexible re cooling-off period, etc.).  I don't really want to do this, but spurious apps aside, my 4S is not fit for use as a communication device because I cannot guarantee to be available for more than eight or nine hours at a time.


    Happy to provide more data if anyone from Apple wants it.

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    I had the battery issue that I noticed a few hours after I got my new phone.

    This fixed it for me:

    Settings > General > Location Services > System Services and setting “Setting Time Zone” to OFF!

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    anyone else see the craziness here!!!!!! 122 pages of a thread about battery life, a few articles about IP4s having crappy battery life, a couple of articles about apple engineers trying to figure out the problem, yet you go to the apple store and no one seems to have a clue what you are talking about...Also, everyone is trying everything to try and get the battery to work better, and in my opinion, I dont think any of this is really a solution...Because some of us have tried all this stuff without really much success...I dont think any of us know whats going on, and quite frankly neither does apple...maybe they will come up wtih a solution, maybe not...I guess time will tell...I guess the other thing, is where is come they have not released a statement...they should have by now...they could at least say we are working on something...oh well...otherwise I love the phone...just wish it didnt have an android type battery...

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    I have the same problem, there is nothing anyone can help? the provider says they can not return my money or cancel the contract!

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    I called Apple Support and they are having me send my phone in and they are going to send a replacement.  They claim to have no knowledge of a problem.  When I said that the community boards are filled with reports of issues she told me that it's just people posting things but there are no reported issues.  Made me feel like I was nuts or something.  They are going to send me a refurbished phone which she said is better than the ones that come from the factory because they're put together by Apple engineers.  I'm skeptical.  I have a lot of Apple products but if this doesn't work out this will be the last.  I buy Apple for the quality ,what a disappointment.  

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    What app do you use to monitor your battery - mine is better the 3GS but thought it might be better


    I restored from my 3GS



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    Myself and I am sure 100s of others have been working with Apple, collecting log files, doing tests, download Address books, and more.


    There are some issues that may be causing this, both with Exchange and also with a corrupted address inside an address book.  Apple found one of my addresses has bad codes, as well as other people with similar issues. 


    Honestly the best thing to do FOR NOW is to reduce usage, turn off what you are not using.  Follow the great steps posted 100's of times in this forum and wait.


    Unless there is some OTHER issue with your phone, do not keep clogging hte Genius Bar with "my battery is bad give me a new phone" as the new phone will be the same.  There are exceptions, but basically 1 in a 1000 or better.  The only advantage of swapping out your phone is to give people a shot at a good deal on a Refurb down the line.


    Reality Check for 4S users.  No matter what is fixed, do not expect more than 2-days out of the iPhone 4S with normal usage.  End of story!


    Match Release is not part of this battery issue.


    Apple IS checking this forum but they do not post here, I know they are checking as I have talked with about 3-4 different people at Apple and they are all working on it.


    Until next time!

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    I have also alot of problems with my iphone 4s !

    My battery only lasts about 10 hours !

    I am very dissapointed in how it handles !

    But all the solutions that are brought up dont help it all

    I think it has something to do with the location thing !

    Hope for a new update !

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    Wow I tried that and I am still loosing battery power.  I was at 100% charge at 12:41pm and have only used the phone to send maybe 10 text messages.  It's now 02:34pm and my battery charge is at 75%.  I have turned off all the services I have seen recommended on the forum to rectify the problem yet still my battery is draining like crazy.

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    lol, you're funny ....


    APPLE is working on it .... they better be.


    I think they should have done this while developping, and i can't seem to understand why apparently no one has had this issue with the Prototypes !?


    As for me , i have my phone for 1 day now , and i am already thinking of selling it. I have my other iPhone 4 next to it , which lasts twice as long, with the EXACT same apps and data on it, i did a full icloud restore (which did work great btw)


    However, i still think Apple should have checked those problems BEFORE launching the 4S, and not by saying now we are working on it. This doesn't help us , or me . I have a business and i need my phone to work , it's a working tool , and i don't know what i will do once i'm on the go and i can't receive any calls or get my mails....


    Seriously , Apple, work a bit harder please... otherwise i really think about turning my back to an Android phone...