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    I'm on 56 minutes standby and 32 minutes usage and I'm at 91% all did was reset factory settings. Everything is turned on and working perfect.. Thanks everyone for the tips..

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    Found some useful tips at


    now my iphone battery is stable


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    I have battery problems too. My 4S was at 94% last evening at 22.30 when I put it to sleep, this morning at 8.30 when I waked it the battery percentage has dropped to 61%!


    I have no clue...

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    (sorry I didn't read all the 134 pages before posting, just a few but I had to write this for others to see)


    I have set up my 64gb 4s out of the box as a new iPhone the day it came out

    Location services on, notifications on, iCloud, push etc...

    Result: 10-15% battery drain / hour since - NOT acceptable

    (btw, it's impossible to turn off 3G and stay on Edge on the 4S??!)


    BUT, two days ago I crossed a border here in EU and turned data roaming off, and keeped all other settings as they were

    So I let the location services on and used WiFi whenever possible to FB, tweet, used google maps to find my way, made a lot of pictures, videos, phone calls etc.

    Result: two days in a row, my battery was around 50% at the end of the day, but without trying to keep the drain low at all !


    So 3G data might me part of the problem?


    Just my two cents...

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    Very simple friend. As people here will tell you, you can simply turn your smartphone into the most expensive clock you'll ever buy by restoring to a new phone and bringing nothing from your Iphone4 setup, turning off notifications, bluetooth, location services, wifi, 3G, dropping Exchange, and stopping to use any app whatsoever, disabling Ping and Siri...


    Then maybe when you set the alarm, you'll get a chance to hear the buzzer before the battery dies...



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    Having both a 4S and a 4 (which gets more use as its a work phone) the battery life is dire.


    £700 for a phone that can be 100% at 7am and barely makes it to the end of the day with any charge left.

    Turning everything off defeats object of having a smart phone in my book.  Staff at Genius Bar said they hadn't had anyone mention it as an issue! But to try it for a couple of weeks (or wait for the 5.0x) update which we all know will be incoming.


    By then I will have reduced the charging cycle lifetime of the phone quite considerably as sometimes having to charge twice in a day.


    Sort it out Apple!

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    There is no issue.The solution will come soon when Apple revamps tcp/ip and buys out FB, Twitter and Google and makes properly coded apps that will be perfectly calibrated to match the specs of the device and battery/CPU/net usage. In the meantime, you're still allowed to love your device and it's still an epic phone!


    /distortion field

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    Hy all! Not so long time ago I had an iPhone 4 (I have sold it, waiting the iPhone 4S). First 2 weeks of usage my iPhone4 were perfect. But suddenly my iPhone started loosing 1% every 5-8 minutes. It was awfull!! I tryed to turn off everything but it did't help. So, it took 9-10 hours to completely discharged my iPhone 4 (EVEN IN FLIGHT MODE AND NO WIFI!). And one more thing: when I tryed to scroll my phone book, it was scrolling with lags. That was terrible! It was that way fo 2 months (ofcourse it was impossible to use iphone). And one day I realized thet I have GoogleContacts connected (synchronization with google contacts). I deleted this synchronization in my iPhone - WAU!!! EVERYTHING IS WORKING! My iPhone is working 2-3 days without charging!

    The problem was that when googleaccount is connected through IOS standart functions, iphone is trying to synchronise when 30 min passed after  last synchronization! Even in flight mode and wifi turned off!!!

    And the phone book scrolling lags were consequences of this!


    That was the reason of my problem in iPhone4. Maybe such problem could be in iPhone4S wuth some other service.


    Wish you good experience with your iPhone!

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    Still on 80% after 2 hours standby and 1 hour 10 minutes usage.. Looking good. :)

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    I've turned off the recommended and mines still dropped 30% in the course of 5 hours on standby as I slept. I know it's not much compared with others here but even my 3Gs that I had for 2 years (and must've be through 1000 or so charge cycles) was performing better on standby.

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    "[...]all did was reset factory settings. Everything is turned on and working perfect.."




    so THAT was the solution! So it took 2000+ posts to figure it out. Epic.

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    I now have a new phone, i dont have the serious battery problem of 20% per hour, however it still appears there is a serious problem with the celular side of this phone. if i leave the phone in one place with a strong 3g signal, dont touch it and may at best it will drop 1 or 2 % per hour... (thats 50 hours on standby !, miles from the quoted 200!!!) however yesterday i was moving around different areas which have patchy 3G coverage, consequently lost about 4% per hour !. I am not sure if either the drivers for the dual attenna system are not optimised or fundatmentally flawed in their power usage design, but if the best we can hope for even with software updates from apple 3-4% it is shockingly bad !. I am guessing apple removed the disable 3G option from the 4s as it uses the same radio and hence there is no power saving from a hardware perspective by disabling it, however something needs to be done, evedently huge amonts of power are being used constantly looking for 3G !. 3G is patchy to say the least here in the UK, as it is, this phone will not be a viable option for 90% of poeple !

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    I am extremely disatisfied with this phone and there's nothing that i can do now because i've tried everything everyone has shared on this forum - turning off: notification, wifi, siri, pretty much everything. close all apps when not needed, auto lock set to 1 min (and even putting phone to sleep after use, not waiting the 1 minute mark), essentially turning this from a smart phone to a regular phone (hello, blackberry-gate anyone?????)... have reset the phone, restored the phone as both new phone and back up phone and still nothing.. went to bed at 10PM Saturday night @ 83% charge and woke up at 2AM Sunday morning to find phone @ 16% charge... how i wish i had kept my iphone 4 and not spent the $800+CDN on this piece of crap.....

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    oh and have also let phone go to 0% charge and then charged to 100% and still nothing....

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    i also forgot to mention that i got a free warming pad with this phone....