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    Sometimes, you only want a phone with maximum battery life. I managed to squeeze a lot more out of the older iPhones by disabling 3G and other services. Now, disabling 3G seems no longer possible on the iPhone 4S.


    Suggestion to Apple: please bring back the possibility to disable 3G?!

  • Bobbyu6 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I lost 75% in half a day with maybe 10 min of phone calls and 5 texts. BT off...

    Need to charge it twice a day without doing a lot with it. Apple that's really bad!

  • iregan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey Kr4....I am not saying YOU should have to buy a battery case. It was just a suggestion. I plan to use my iphone 4S as a camera and video recorder alot instead of lugging around my dslr, so i thought about buying one anyway.


    The beauty of having an all in one device, is that you don't have to carry alot of other stuff with you...but i realize heavy use as a camera will take a toll on battery life.


    Regardless, i think Apple is working on a fix. And besides, not EVERYONE seems to be having battery issues. Which tells me, it is a solvable problem.


    The dual core chip and iOS5 are probably responsible for the 300 to 200 hr standby drop. But 200hrs is still 8 days of standby. Factoring in usage, one would assume up to 2 days of battery life? To be honest, for an all in one mobile device, if i got a full days use out of one charge and had to charge every night that wouldnt be horrible IMHO.


    My ipad first gen gets used alot, and i pretty much charge it every night to full. Which brings me to a question. Anyone have an ipad first gen and update to iOS5 yet? I plan on getting the ipad 3 when it comes out...but was wondering if anyone had significant battery issues after updating their ipad to iOS 5?



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    My battery life (iPhone 4S) ***** big time! I was down to 19% in one day and I made 3-4 phone calls with a few direction searches (on Google maps). My previous iPhone 3GS would go down to about 60% (40% loss of charge). This is not good at all - when I observe the battery percentage, it goes down pretty quickly without using it (some serious software issue).

  • iregan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points) can't disable 3G with the iphone4s? I have a wifi/3g first gen ipad, and always turn off the 3g unless i need it in an emergency.


    To not have this option in the iphone 4s seems odd.


    Although to be honest, i plan to get the unlocked iphone 4s and put it on a prepaid ATT go phone plan since i travel alot. I may or may not get a data plan. But if i do, i would like the option of being able to turn it off.


    Does anyone know how the ATT gophone data plans work? The 500MB of data on the gophone prepaid plan is $25 for 30 days. If you go over, since its a prepaid plan and month to month....does it just shut off if u reach your limit? Or does it keep charging you over use fees?


    If so, I definiteky would want the ability to turn off 3 G and use only when i needed it. :-)

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    My alarm which is not even set to go off went off @ 6:30 am I thought it weird b/c positive never

    Set it...checked not set to go off couldn't turn off.  Went to do complete off with top button

    Did it turned on FONE again few min later same thing. This time I checked to see if it could

    Be signed off in the menu bar..I did that..restarted and the exact same thing!!

    now this is a FONE that is ready to get thrown out the window


    Something is whacky BIG time!

    I have also done the few often praised turn offs...calendar out of notif. Left on lock screen

    Location serv auto time off

    One other issue I find Siri often says whilst out and about "having problem connecting to network

    well where is the G service for that? Never have I experienced so many issues in one new iPhone

    As a normally very pleased and evangelical user BESIDES a most happy shareholder

    I am very concerned about the plethora of problems, lack of apple solutions..(I might add with

    Lion also) and the general nonsense about work around fixes

    These operations should work all the time we should not have to modify and adjust as we go

    On there new magical phone that at this point, which is very hard for me to say is a DUD

    No matter how charming Siri is!!

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    The solution for now seems to be manually switching off the automatic time zone updates located at Settings -> Location Services -> scroll to bottom to System Services -> Setting Time Zone.

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    This is abysmal.  I thought my Blackberry Torch ate through batter like crazy.  My iphone is hardly making it through to the evening before its drained.  I basically have to have it plugged into the charger at all times when I am at my desk to make sure that when I do try to take it mobile that I actually have battery life to use it.


    Not only does the battery suck, but one of the volume buttons is loose and when I lightly shake the phone, or set it down, etc. it makes a rattling noise.  After 1 week!


    This is my first iphone, coming from several blackberries and I am quite disappointed.  I have 7 more days to return it to the store.  Going to look closely at the Samsung Galaxy 2 S today.



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    I have started a separated a discussion for those interested in sharing console logs or more technical debug diagnostics regarding reduced runtime issues:



    If you don't already have the ability to look at your iphone console logs, there are several free tools in the app store as well as the iphone config tool.

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    Have the same problem with my iPhone 4S. Turned off iCloud and locations and seems to be better. But this is not really a long term resolution. Hopefully Apple will fix this battery problem with a software update!

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    I tested all tips for improving batery life, but the battery life of my iPhone 4s (t-mobile Germany) is still extremly poor. I am not a beginner in using the iPhone, had two devices (3G/ 3GS) before the 4s and as an iOS developer I know iOS quite well. But in the moment I am pretty helpless.


    From today morning 6am to now (only 6 hours!) only 22% batery life is left over and I had no phone calls and also didn't used the browser, the only activity were two text messages. With such a phone i cannot work with. I am pretty sure that the build in battery is not working properly.


    I need help from Apple.


    Regards from Berlin, DS

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    I have let mine die 3 times now and I am having genuine battery drain

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    So update after this week end...Like I said in my previous post, my battery seemed to be a bit better....Maybe after a few good charges, it was starting to really get better....but no matter what, i had an appointement at the genius bar, and  I decided to go anyways. So I went, and he gave me a brand new phone. So far the charge that was inside already was pretty good, I got it saturday around 4 and I only charged it yesterday night around 2h30 A.M. The guy at the store told me to DO NOT charge the battery 8-12 hours like some people says....A good 4 hours is good enough, he said...So i charged it for 4 hours, it was 100% this morning at 6h30.... But after 27 minutes usage and 1hour 7 minutes standby.....Its already 94%....Is that good? Its actually better than the previous phone at the beginning....And i'm thinking after a few charges, maybe it will get better, like the previous one seemed to do...What do  you think?

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    I dunno, the problem seems to be twofold - at least in my case.  First I couldn't understand the incredible drain just in standby, from 100% to 78% in a matter of 7 hours (which is nothing compared to other stories I've read). I got this fixed with deleting my Exchange setup of Gmail, rebooting and readding it.  My standby figures are now acceptable although not perfect, still at just under 1%/h, but much better than before. I also have the automatic setting of time zones off and raise to speak option in Siri set to off (haven't made any scientific experiments as to wether this does anything for me or not, but I don't need these options anyway at the moment). Everything else on as normal.


    Then I noticed the next problem.  The drainage when using the phone has not been fixed by this. Now, I do realise the phone should drain battery when in use, but 20% for a 20 minute call and 2% for a minute in either Facebook or Reeder I find pretty abnormal. I also played Infinity Blade for half an hour yesterday losing 22%, maybe that's normal, I'm not sure, but the other figures bother me. So far nothing in this thread (I've probably read about 80% of this thread) has come close to addressing this.  The system monitor app shows nothing unusual, at about 95-98% idle when I've checked.


    So in short, what I gather is that the standby figures can be helped by the various tips in this thread, but the actual usage drainage has no solution yet (for me at least).  If this happens to be normal drainage, I have to admit I'd be pretty disappointed.

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    I upgraded from a 4G to the S and the battery is last only half as long.  I think mine is related to the 3G radio.  It appears to be trying to recieve data, but is unable to download.  My email or other data does not come down and the phone starts to run hot.  This happen multiply times a day.  To the point I finally have to recharge the phone.