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  • Ffballid Level 1 Level 1

    I guess I'm just saying "me too" to the battery life issue in hopes Apple is monitoring this.  I can't get though a full day without recharging (while the phone mostly sits idly in my holster).  I'm thinking that this just can't be right. 

  • nyfred Level 1 Level 1

    I got my 4s on the launch day and I had a Iphone 4 before that. The 4 had a great battery life the 4s I am finding has a problem, this morning I made 2 short calls and I am already down 8% of the battery after charging it over night.

    I have shut off notifications, locations, wifi, and still it runs down to fast. What is the sense in having all these features if you really can't use them becasue it runs the battery down. Sure you use all the features and the next thing you know you are at a business meeting and no phone the phone died. You can't keep charging the phone every few hours. Apple keeps insisting that there is no issue. Why don't they admit there is a problem and just work to fix it and tell us they are working on it? I am very disappointed............and I have had 3, 3gs, 4 and now 4s as well as the other Apple products. APPLE YOU NEED TO DEAL WITH THIS PROBLEM!

  • luxonfromspringfield gardens Level 1 Level 1

    so it's not just me. sometimes i charged the phone and go to bed and find it dead the next day. i've had iphones before this never happened.

  • callmesteve Level 1 Level 1

    Same here.  I have never owned an iPhone before, but decided to get the iPhone 4S 64 gig.  Battery life is terrible.  I have to keep everything off all the time (Siri, GPS, Antenna, etc) just to be able to use it later in the day at the gym.  Pretty weak, Apple. 

  • sean-g11 Level 1 Level 1

    Well been on to apple this morning, I have tried all these tips/tricks on here and it has increased the battery life a fair amount, I turned the Bluetooth off and disabled time zone it does improve! The advice from apple is... to do a full 16 hour charge and drain the battery (normal use) then do a further 16 hour charge and drain again (normal use), they claim that this should condition the battery, I am in the process of trying this - But credit where it is due, they said if this does not work they will replace the hand set (32gb 4s) for a new one.

    This is the first apple tech I have ever owned, I am on the one hand a bit disappointed, but in dealing with apple customer services, well its blow away they listen/try to sort it for you not push you to one side, normally companies try to fob you off, I came off the phone gobsmacked as they offer to help not like most big corporate companies. So I am more than happy this will get resolved and I am on side with apple   

  • pedalpower7 Level 1 Level 1

    I have been using a system monitor app to see how the CPU is loaded and removing calender from notifcation center def removes spikes from the CPU loading, and no question improves the battery life for me. Not sure what is the cause of the bug, but with calenders enabled in notifcation center the cpu keeps loading/unloading, without it, its pretty much idle.... def worth a try for you guys. I tried the same with email and messages and it made not difference, it was only calenders which caused the spikes

  • congfromfredericton Level 1 Level 1

    I am so dispointment with the Iphone4s when it comes to the battery!! I have not used a terrible battery like this phone!! I am going to class this morning at 10 am, the battery is 95% full, when I finsih class at 11 20 am, I checked the battery , it has only 75%, the problem is I did not use it during the class!! I can not believe apple can design such a awful phone!! I hope apple can give us a fix on this problem as soon as possible!!!!

  • el336 Level 1 Level 1

    I was having the same problem with my 4s.  Charged it last night and by this morning 35% of the battery charge remained.  If you haven't done this, close out all of the apps that may be running.  I did this and it seems to have solved the problem.

  • wgomer Level 1 Level 1

    Just to chime in here with a "me too." I started noticing terrible battery life about 2 weeks ago. I have followed many suggestions to disable location services, turn off data roaming, etc. I tested this last night: I went to bed at 12am with 100% charge, no apps open, followed suggestions to turn of location services for certain apps, turned off cellular data for iCloud, etc., when I woke up at 8am I had 50% battery left. Now at 11:13am I have 41% battery left. At this rate the phone will have gone from 100% to dead, without being used, in a 24 hour period.

  • rh6194 Level 1 Level 1

    I have downloaded an app called System Status to help me get a better idea what is going on inside the phone.


    Two nights ago I charged the phone fully and took it off of the charger at approximately 9 AM yesterday morning. I had location services disabled, but push was enabled. By 5 PM, with no use at all, the battery still showed that it had 96% remaining. 4% over 8 hours would equal the specificed 200 hours of standby time.


    However, last night I played Bubble Explode for about 30 minutes and in that time I saw my battery drop 9%. My screen has auto-brightness turned on and was relatively dim under the low ambient light of a single 60 w bulb in the room.


    Being somewhat surprised by the steep decline in such a short period with very little usage, I went to System Status. At that time I found that there were 22 user processes that were running on the phone...including You Tube and Bubble Explode. I had just closed Bubble Explode, but it was still a running process. I had not even used You Tube that entire day, but it showed it had been running for over 24 hours!


    I also noticeed that any time I touched the screen, even if just to move very slightly on my currently displayed screen, the CPU usage would spike up to 20%. Without any activity at all I could just sit and watch the CPU bounce around between 3.5% to 8%.


    I turned my phone off and back on and 7 of the previously running user processes, including Bubble Explode and You Tube, quit running. There was no change in the CPU patterns.


    I don't know what the normal CPU usage patterns are specified to be, but it does seem clear that the phone is not releasing previously running programs from running in the background when they have been closed.


    I again made it through last night using only about 4% on standby over about 7 hours


    So in summary, I seem to be getting decent standby time with location services disabled, but app usage seems to be very demanding on the battery. I don't know if this is just the price to be paid for running a hotter dual-core processor, or if it is a bug. Either way, I'm probably going to take my to Verizon today and see if they have any additional information.


    I really don't want to downgrade to an iPhone 4 since I will lose Siri, half of my storage (no 64 GB offered) and the 8 mega-pixel camera. I may try doing one exchange as another user suggested since I still have about two weeks on my return policy. But from what I've seen so far, the dual-core processor has been more of a liability than a benefit. Perhaps if I played a lot of fast action video games I'd seem some benefit, but so far that's not been the case.

  • dasgunn Level 1 Level 1

    Same here. I lost 20% in 6 hours standby. I turned off Siri and Location Services but the high Battery drain still happens.

  • Punk4Real Level 1 Level 1

    I'm afraid I have to join this growing crowd.

    Unfortunately, my battery life isn't too good either. It's not extremely bad, like some others out here, but its quite bad.

    If I'm not doing anything, and the phone is in sleep mode, I lose about 1% every hour. This leads to a standby time of 100 hours? What the..?

    If I'm using my phone, like playing a game, checking mail,etc, it drops by 10%-15% an hour.

    I find I always have to charge the phone by nightfall, as the battery will be around 20%.


    Any software fixes/patches/updates would be helpful Apple.


    NOTE: I have 3G and location services enabled.

  • OneSixty Level 1 Level 1

    I have exactly the same... called apple. They said it was abnormal. Sended me a new one straight away!

    So don't sit and wait. Pick up the phone!

  • Uls Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same problem like everyone else losing about 10% per hour, I restored the 4s and than I went into Location services - system services and turned off traffic,setting time zone, location based iAds and Diagnostic & Usage.

    That seemed to have done the trick it is using less than 1% per hour at the moment!

  • Yannis4S Level 1 Level 1

    I see many people saying they have the same problem, but noone from Apple telling us how to fix it!!!!!!! Apple, your responsibilities with your customers don't stop after they have paid you!!!


    My 4s is draining faster than the 3GS after 30 months of use! That's unacceptable and want (a) someone to tell me how to fix it OR (b) Tell me that someone is looking into it. Do I need to go to a store and change the phone? Are some 4s deffective? I don't mind either. I just want to know what I should be doing. Saying this my 4s has twice frozen during charging needing a deep reboot to bring it back to life. Is this normal as well?


    To the ones looking for answers I can tell you that there isn't just one problem. I have set up my 4s not to send emails to Apple, iCloud off, Siri off and notifications minimal. And it's still draining.