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    I have the same problem, tried turning off things but still seems to be draining battery and needing a charge twice a day. Old 4 was ablt to make it all day on a charge.

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    I posted about my iPhone battery drain, a week ago (


    I tried suggestion got from this forum

    1. Erase and reset phone.

    2. All settings as 'default' ( screen brightness etc..)

    3. Added yahoo mail account.

    4. Changed push to 'Manual'


    But there was no noticeable difference. Still I have to charge twice a daywith very less ( 1 -2 hour) usages.

    After that I went to Apple store, and they replaced phone for me. I backedup previous phone to iCloud.   And with new device, I restored from iCloudwith all settings. After that I noticed a huge difference in battery, it is 3to 4 times better than previous phone.  It’sjust 2 days with new phone, and here are my current statistics :

    Usage : 4 hours 40 mins.

    Standby : 1 day 12 hours ( 36 hours )

    Battery remaining : 18%.


    battery performance.  I’m not sureabove statistics still matches expectations and can be considered a goodbattery performance but with same data, same settings ( expect I turned on pushfor emails on new device, and still battery is better ), same location service,same notification settings, new phone is giving me 3 to 4 times better batterylife.


    Only thing bothering me, apple said they are replacing my device to  a brand new device but it wasn’t. When Ichecked ‘cellular usage’ there was 100 mins life time usages already there withlast reset timestamp of same day. What it mean ? can it be a returned one andthey gave to me, with or without fix.

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    wgomer wrote:


    Just to chime in here with a "me too." I started noticing terrible battery life about 2 weeks ago. I have followed many suggestions to disable location services, turn off data roaming, etc. I tested this last night: I went to bed at 12am with 100% charge, no apps open, followed suggestions to turn of location services for certain apps, turned off cellular data for iCloud, etc., when I woke up at 8am I had 50% battery left. Now at 11:13am I have 41% battery left. At this rate the phone will have gone from 100% to dead, without being used, in a 24 hour period.


    An update to my previous post, at 2:37 PM I am sitting at 26% battery life. While that seems low considering I was at 41% only ~3 hours ago, I found that following the steps here:



    increased my standby time from around 10 hours to almost 14 hours and I used the phone for about 30 minutes of phone calls. In fact, watching the standby time in the usage screen it is increasing by the minute, even as my usage increases since I am using the phone to watch the standby. So, they are definately on to something. Also to note, I disabled Siri and all location services as well.

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    I was contacted by an apple support agent who worked with me to apply a power log diagnostic profile to my phone.  Then after 2 days, I sent the logs to the rep and he assured me they were investigating the issue.  I wasn't able to reproduce some very dramatic drain issues during the period I had the diagnostic profile installed, but hopefully they will get something useful from it.  I see articles from RedmondPie acting skepticle about whether or not Apple is really working on this and reading thread, but aparently they are.  I got a real live person who called me and provided very friendly assistance.  After many charge cycles and tweaking some settings on my 4S the battery life seems better, but its still nowhere near what I got with my 4. 

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    I think that this is probably a good explanation for many of the battery problems. It's not so much the battery itself, but the phone continually auto-adjusting itself for "optimal" performance ... only to drain the battery in the process. I didn't think about this until I saw your post, by I happen to live right on the border of coverage in my area, and that would at least explain the random moments of quick battery drainage interspersed within days worth of normal battery activity.

    angus cooney wrote:


    Its all to do with cell towers and where you are, I gets trapped in a loop of connecting to deferent cell towers to find the best reception for itself, thats why its only happening to certain people. Im sure a fix will be along soon just recharge its not your battery its a cell bug, once its fixed it will be cool and life will go on.

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    I read a post regarding the Auto Time Zone and Location Service settings causing this problem and turn both off. My standby battery drain is gone. Thanks for the advice!



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    Yah, that trick helped me as well ... however I don't think this is an acceptable solution as I'm sure everyone else here would agree.


    /me hopes Apple really is fixing this.

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    I have the same problem, battery draining, i literally shut off all apps besides the phone function itself, and still the phone was draining, from 8:30am to 12:30, I was down to 45% from 100% in the morning.. I tested it in airplane mode, and it only dropped 1% within the hour, which is a victory.... unfortunately, it was not usable as a phone at this time... going to the apple store today...

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    I picked up my iphon eon October 20th and have had to charge it at the end of the day, everyday since I got it.  Its my first iphone so I had nothing on it except what it came with.  I set up 2 email accounts (work and personal) and turned off a lot of the features such as fetch data, a bumch of location services, and some of features I figured I did not need.  Still my battery life was depleting alarmingly fast.  Even in standby which it is in most of the time, it still depletes very fast.  I read through the thread and tried a bunch of the tips other users provided but with little change.

    I talk at most 30 minutes to an hour a day and text/email a few messages.  I do not want to turn off wifi and some other features because those are features I like about the phone.

    I have been running the battery to zero or close to zero before charging it but its hard to let it charge fullysometimes cause I need the phone on the go.  Also its my alarmso at night I have to plug it in to ensure its goes off inthe morning.

    I hope this gets resolved soon.   I candeal with it in the short term but I dont know how much longer I can go through this.

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    No turning of time zone/location are not the solution, fixing these in a patched iOS 5 would be thought.

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    For some strange reason, it took a couple of days. I changed the settings on Saturday and this morning I'm at almost 100% with minimal use. This is what I was expecting from the iPhone 4s ads.

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    I have a iphone 4, which i've had as a replacement since i smashed my screen before. So its only 5/6 months old. After updating to Ios5 my phone charges soooo slowly and only goes up to around 45/50% even after a 24h charge? Is anyone else having this sort of problem? absolute nightmare as when ever i go out my phone runs out v quickly which is v frustrating...any ideas?

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    There's one BIG addition to iOS5: iCloud.  I've seen no references here to iCloud activation.


    I activated iCloud on my 3GS on October 17, turned everything on in Settings>iCloud, and watched my battery drop to 10% from 97% in seven hours.  (My normal battery life is about 24 hours; I routinely charge over night on my nightstand.)  Every time I so much as stared cross-eyed at my screen, iCloud wrote something.  The back of my 3GS got warm and stayed that way until I turned iCloud off.  Since then my battery life returned to what I call normal.


    Just my 2-cents-worth.

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    I tried to disable Location Services, but it in-turn switched off my connectivity with provided (att) altogether. Its draining very fast....

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    Same here.  I checked and all my settings seems to lose 1% every 3-4 minutes, even when locked/asleep.