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  • Rapter Level 1 (0 points)

    I too have faced the same issue with My Iphone 4s ,If i charge it completly and let it on stand by overnight for 6 hrs it drains my battery by 40%.

    I tried doing the following .

    1.Turn off lift and talk Siri .

    2.Turn off automatic update of time.

    3.Turn off i cloud.

    4.Reset network.

    This kind of slightly improved my battery life , what i really cannot understand is why is it draining battery to the extend of 10-15%/hr.

    I really cannot charge in the middle of the day , really like this phone and i it continues the same way its still in return period so will definitelly will return and change to Samsung Galaxy S2.


    I am hoping that apple comes out a solution very soon!!!

  • dhuffman21 Level 1 (0 points)

    Apple phone support sent me to the store to exchange my phone.  It was the "Genius" at the store that said they'd encountered the problem, and suggested the reset.  That was just yesterday, but so far so good.

  • musapusa Level 1 (0 points)

    The Time Zone fix  DOES NOT WORK.  I am really disappointed with apple . Camera freezing up , Siri not working, internet problems and BATTERY ***** !!!!!  I am going back to WP7 . In 6 months , never had a single problem with windows phone 7.

  • robinfrommendon Level 1 (0 points)

    What kills me is the people in several of these threads who threaten to go back to Android!  let them.  No no, in fact, please do.  Go do your Apple bashing somewhere else besides our forums.

  • kringsman Level 1 (0 points)


    Here's my usage of my 4S. Igot it on the launch day and set it up as new. After playing for a while and ican feel the battery is draining relativly fast compared to my wife's IP4.Usually in use, down by 10% in half an hour and 5% decrease overnight. I lookedaround and and tried different switches and now the battery seems to beacceptable. So here's what i did:


    1. disable 'setting timezone' in system location service. I found even in airplane mode, the GPS iconstill show up at an interval of ~10 seconds. This is clearly a bug.

    2. disable WIFI when notin use. Seems to me the system keeps refreshing WIFI hotspots, even it hasalready connected. By turning off WIFI, i can feel the difference in overnightdrain: from 5% to 2%.

    3. disable iCloud for now.(got all contacts synced to iCloud already and then turned off)

    4. Turn off unnecessary appsin notification center.

    5. Turn off unnecessarylocation services.


    I kept these configurationsfor a while and felt the battery was better but still not so good. Then i hadanother try: turning off push email. I did not want to turn this off atbeginning because this is a big reason for me to have a smartphone. Anyway,after turning 'push' to 'manual', the draining of battery was improved a lot.Right now, in standby, the battery won't decrease a single point for more thanone hour.


    Those 'walkarounds' works forme so far, and i know there must be other reasons for the bad battery, likedual antenna (switching back and forth), unoptimized power management (with A5chip), background bugs in IOS5 etc. I definitely hope Apple can come up somesolutions.

  • bernhardfromgermany Level 1 (0 points)

    In my case (German Vodafone; restore from iphone 4) the "disabling calender in exchange mail account and enabling it again" action worked perfectly. battery life jumped from 4hrs to more than 24hrs!!

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    Just wanted to chime in, I have tried everything that everyone has suggested and it has not work. It's obviously a software glitch in iOS 5 since updating my 4 I'm having the same issue which we hope Apple can be fix. Today the phone is doing pretty good, took it off the charger at 5AM and its been one of those days that I have use it alot and I'm at 85% but when I went to check the usage there is no information just dashes.


  • radio50 Level 1 (70 points)

    pedalpower7 wrote:


    How much does anyone think the battery life is going to improve following a software fix ?, obviously we hope they will fix the 20% per hour problem, but will we be stuck with 2% per hour ? . . .


    I tend to believe (hope) a software fix is possible, because I'm getting quite good battery life -- on the order of 1% (or slightly more) per hour on standby.  Overnight, from 10PM to 5:30AM it dropped from 66% to 61%, for example.  Here's where I am now: 55% at 36 hours standby and light usage (incl. one 15 minute phone call).  This was mostly on WiFi, but not all.




    FWIW here are my settings (32GB black 4S)


    Notifications - all on (not only in the Notification Center, but also for badges, lock screen, etc. including stock market and weather)

    Location Services - On are camera, compass, find my friends, maps, siri, find my iphone.  System services - all on except Time Zone and Traffic

    iCloud - on for contacts, calendar, reminders, photostream, find my iphone.  Off for bookmarks, notes, documents and data

    Mail - two accounts:  Exchange Server for mail with push.  A POP account set to fetch-manual and advanced-manual

    Bluetooth off

    iTunes WiFi sync - on

    Siri raise to speak - off


    The phone was activated at the AT&T store where I bought it, and then I added apps and music via iTunes.  I'll can post other settings if requested.

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    Dear Apple,


    Please fix the iPhone 4s battery life.


    Kind regards,


    The entire UK iPhone population

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    Can someone from Apple please update us what exactly is being done to fix the issue ?

  • Valerie Mcmillen Level 1 (20 points)

    I found this and did what I could of the tips, for the stuff I don't use or need. My phone has not heated up since and I forgot to put it on the charger one night all night long and it was at 78% of life in the morning, so doing these tips does work. I have the brand new Iphone 4s. It was dying about 1:00 every afternoon, had not seen anything like it. And it was heating up no matter what. I want to point out that I use my phone in my car on a 20 minute ride to work, using a jack, no charge and its been working great and not dying.



  • bash103 Level 1 (5 points)

    Has anyone noticed if the phone is swicthing networks? I seem to get great battery life except when I'm at work. I've noticed that the phone keeps swicthing in and out of roaming and the sinagl strength fluctuates constantly. Wonder if it is an issue with the antenna design or the OS management of the signal.

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    My 4S is absolutley horrible! The battery percentage at the top is like watching a countdown when im playing with the phone. I have had iPhones since they came out and this is the first one that I have had issues with. The battery life is just horrible. Apple please fix this!


    What is Apple telling the ones who got their phones replaced?


    Can we just go into an apple store and request a fix or new phone?


    I love apple and am confident they will resolve this but it is very frustratuing!

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    Robin, some people don't threaten and just do it, don't die because of that. Buying an Android phone is not Apple bashing. It's just another choice. Honestly, with Steve's (R.I.P.) hateful comments on Google/Android, I don't think any bashing can come ever close to the things he said, but what, bashing is ok if it's not about Apple? This is a case of double standard clearly. This kills me. lolll.


    "As the topic creator I am blown away as to how much attention this thread has gotten yet nothing official has happened such as a response from Apple, are they waiting until after the 30 day return period is up to say anything?"


    Scarface, have you ever seen God make an apology to one of his followers or even acknowledge him? When Apple users behave differently than docile and blind undemanding followers, then they might expect their company to behave differently than God. It's a multibillion business, with the greatest capitalization in the world... it shouldn't get any favors from small time joe who sheds 800$ to buy a phone that should be at least on par with merchantability. So I hear you. But it's up to you guys to demand value for what you pay for.

  • musapusa Level 1 (0 points)

    Lets HOPE apple is not like GOD , because the World is a total f u c k up , lets hope apple does little more than GOD and will be in good shape !