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    Android? Didnt Barney Rubble have one of those things?

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    Wow, these are some incredible claims on poor battery performance, none of which I have had... I charged my phone last night, around 7pm... unplugged it around 10, put it into airplane mode, and shut it down for the night... Woke up with a 100 percent charge! Within seconds of turning off Airplane mode, it dropped to 99 percent! Which is the usual, I guess within the first minute or so it is checking for incoming data, etc... From 9am- 11-20, my battery has drained to 92% with 58 minutes usuage, with about two hours and 14 minutes standbye... This far exceeds my old blackberry storm! But, I have to say... I have noticed a decrease in my iPad 2, since installing iOS 5.0! And it is here, that I think the answers may lie to poor battery usage on the iphone 4S!


    Try this fix, see if it works... drain your phone totally... but before you do so make sure you disable the following... Go into Location Services, disable any programs that really don't need to be running location services...




    Then scroll down to System Services on your locations services menu... Go into System Services and turn off the following... Diagnostics & Usage, Location Based iAds, and Setting Time Zone... now do a full system reboot, let your phone totally drain, and recharge... For me, it has made a major difference! I believe the bug may have to do with apps that use the location services and location services itself! I do have an issue now though, with my iPad 2 having random reboots, which makes me believe that it does have something directly to do with me shutting down these services. Honestly, I don't believe it has to do with the Iphone 4S, as much as it does with iOS 5!


    And another suggestion is to never allow too many apps to run in the background... the less apps you have running in the background, the more battery life you seem to gain also... especially if those apps are news apps! Also keep only the most important apps in your notification center... And shut down the new Facetime app! These are just a few of the things that I have done, and I have gotten two whole days of usage from my new iPhone 4S, which is more than I ever did from my Blackberry Storm 1 or 2!


    Now, honestly... I do believe there is some kind of bug in iOS 5, and the only reason that I have had good battery life, on my iPhone 4S is because I noticed a change in performance in my iPad 1 and 2... after updating, so when I got my phone, I had already made the necessary adjustments! I don't know if they will work for everyone, but give it a try... I hope my suggestion helps, but more than anything... I hope Apple figures out, why after doing these things my iPad is suddenly randomly rebooting, every now and then...

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    I purchased what I thought was a top-of-the-line product only to be terribly disappointed. This is my first iphone and may well be my last. I have most features turned off based on the messages here to try to improve battery drain. I paid for this phone just to have some of these features. I didn't pay for a poor quality device. After a full charge last night (I let the phone completely drain--2nd time doing this since I bought the phone), my battery right now shows 96%. My usage shows 11 minutes and my Standby shows 9 hours, 38 minutes. I feel like I've been duped!

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    Hi all together,

    first, I am german so do not be afraid, my grammatic is lousy.........

    The first 2 days, I thought, the battery was not full, besause each morning the phone was fully empty.

    Then I started to turn off everything not needed.

    Slightly no difference.

    I settled the phone, renewed it. Not much effect.

    everything is offline now and icloud is not yet installed or enabled, because i am waiting for my brand new macbook to set every windows thing to ****.

    When I take off the phone in the morning from energy, let it just lay around, taking mails twice or maximum 5 times the day, battery is down to 12-18 % in the next morning.

    While using it, sometimes I need it really for calls and surfing, the battery comes maximum up to 9 hours of life.

    this cannot be the  end for an iphone junkie...........


    APPLE, work harder on a solution.

    The batteries are lousy and there must be an hugh amount of mistakes in programming the connections.


    React fast

    b. r  from Claudia from germany


    now I wait fpr the express lane recall tomorrow and I will see what they say,,,,,,,,

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    I have noticed the signal strength flucuating from full to completely nothing, and back to full.  This seemed to occur randomly, like the phone was searching for cell service.  I went into Settings>Location Service>Systems Services and turned of the widget for Cell Network Search (Or something like that).  I also do not have roaming turned on.  I haven't noticed the cell signal issue since.

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    The only thing I've done differently to improve my battery life, and I don't know if this is it or not, is to double charge the battery.  In the evening before I go to bed, I let the phone charge to 100%, and then I unplug it before going to sleep.  When I wake up, I plug it back in again.  This is the only thing I've changed in the last three days.  Since, my battery life is enormously better.  Just something you could try.


    I have a ton of stuff on, I have six emails, all set to PUSH 15 minutes, no bluetooth on.  Autolock-5 minutes..blah blah, somewhere in the 170s I had all my phone settings.


    Anyways, maybe try this?

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    My signal fluctuates also , i personaly think that is the problem.

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    At 96% battery power remaining with a total "power on" time of 9 hours and 49 minutes (includes calls), I'd say you are doing better than most.  That is an average power drain of 0.40% per hour.  You are in track for roughly 245 hours of standby, and 5 hours of talk time (based on your current usage).

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    LOL that's what I was thinking... Carole Anne, you've never owned an Android have you?

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    I, too, am experiencing unexpectedly short battery life on my 4S.


    - I get just about 9-10 hours on very light usage with practically everything turned off (no LBS, no wi-fi, time zone...) and very light usage (checking e-mail several times an hour, 10-15 min phone all day).


    Apple replaced my first 4S.  I am having the same issue with my 2nd, even after being shown how to shut down apps running in the background - which I am doing after everytime I pick it up/use it (which, let's face it, is hardly reasonable).  In the store, they even offered to run diagnostics on the battery, and claim that it is fine.  The performance is clearly showing that is not the case.


    Looking forward to the fix - I have been keeping detailed stats to try and identify the issue, but am not seeing sufficient improvements.

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    This is pretty bad.

    11/1/2011 1am phone dies completly charged until 9:38 am

    9:38 am 100%

    0 - calls

    0 - Siri

    No Wifi, no icloud

    7 texts in and out

    15 ish emails read, none replied.

    11:45 am  88%


    Burning through approx 10% every two hours at this current pace...and I'm not even doing anything.

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    One thing I have been trying to figure out since I've had this phone is why there are so many background processes running and my Usage time is increasing far more that the amount of time I am actually using the device.


    This is my first venture into the world of the multi-tasking iOS. My iPod Touch 3G was using iOS 3 and was not a multitasking device. Since I never upgrade the OS on it, whenever I would press the menu button on the Touch, it would actually CLOSE the application that was running.


    So far, my observations with iOS5 are that is not the case. When I press the menu button I have been assuming that the application was closed, however truly it was only minimized and was still running in the background. If you double-tap the menu button you will get a bring up the multi-tasking bar with all of your apps ipthat are still open in the background. Touch and hold any one of them until the red "close" button appears on the apps and then scroll through and close everything that you don't intend to have running.


    I don't know if this is a bug in iOS5 or a "feature", but those background apps are causing artificial usage times and are sucking battery power.


    I don't know if this is the cure-all for everyone. It sounds like there may be multiple things in play here, but this certainly is one of the issues that will help.


    Good luck.

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    wgomer wrote:


    wgomer wrote:


    Just to chime in here with a "me too." I started noticing terrible battery life about 2 weeks ago. I have followed many suggestions to disable location services, turn off data roaming, etc. I tested this last night: I went to bed at 12am with 100% charge, no apps open, followed suggestions to turn of location services for certain apps, turned off cellular data for iCloud, etc., when I woke up at 8am I had 50% battery left. Now at 11:13am I have 41% battery left. At this rate the phone will have gone from 100% to dead, without being used, in a 24 hour period.


    An update to my previous post, at 2:37 PM I am sitting at 26% battery life. While that seems low considering I was at 41% only ~3 hours ago, I found that following the steps here:



    increased my standby time from around 10 hours to almost 14 hours and I used the phone for about 30 minutes of phone calls. In fact, watching the standby time in the usage screen it is increasing by the minute, even as my usage increases since I am using the phone to watch the standby. So, they are definately on to something. Also to note, I disabled Siri and all location services as well.


    Just another update from me, following the Google+ link, and also turning off Calendar notifications (desribed as optional), and actually powering down/up the phone after it charged up to 100%, I have been sitting at 100% battery remaining since I removed the phone from the charger 1 hour 13 minutes ago. All other services are running normally so the phone can hardly be considered crippled at this point. The only thing I did differently from my previous post was actually power down/up the phone. I sent several text messages and navigated around the settings menus for a few minutes. Previously this activity, and an ~hour of the battery discharging, would drop the phone to 90-95% battery remaining.

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    I was a Blackberry user for years... I just now switched to the iPhone and can not begin to express my disappointment in the battery life.  I am having NO conversations, running just limited apps and I have to charge 2 times a day.  THIS IS NOT what I expected from Apple.

    I check facebook (I have a business page), email and text.. that is it.  And TWO TIMES A DAY?????

    I have turned everything off that I possibly can and NOT one bit of difference.  I have fully drained and recharged with no change either.

    What is going on here?

    Am I missing something?

    Is there some secret to turning things off to get a battery to last an entire day?

    Really ???? This can't be right...

    I am so disappointed in this phone and I had preordered... I am considering taking it back unless Apple can fix this issue soon.