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  • coloradoappleuser Level 1 Level 1

    Same here.  Updated about 1.5 hours ago, battery has drained 20% since then with no usage!  This is awful!

  • geezerdave Level 1 Level 1

    Roughly the same numbers here.

  • umairz Level 1 Level 1




    just as i predicted....... i got my phone

    swapped today and just downlaod and install over the wireless! so I won't judge it yet because i am goignt o drianmy battery and then charge full... do a full restore... but so far it didn't do anything... my phone drains at the same rate!:(

  • 1AppleADayNoWay Level 1 Level 1

    Don't rely on immediate numbers when you've had mixed pre/post patch usage. Most likely you need to reset the network/device itself and discharge/recharge! It's not magic! Enthusiasm is normal but Apple users have to learn to be methodical.


    Thank you.

  • JohnMantooth Level 1 Level 1

    Upgraded to 5.0.1 this morning.  Still draining at the exact same rate.  Unplugged with a full charge 2 1/2 hours ago, and already down to 80% with light usage.  Just lost 2% during a 15 minute shower.  I see no difference at all.

  • geezerdave Level 1 Level 1

    I'm a new Apple user. Seems I've had to learn a lot of things since Oct 14. Keeping fingers crossed.

  • bodenseejan Level 1 Level 1

    Updated (via iTunes) and charged to 100 %. Killed all Apps, pulled the cable off. Did *nothing*. After one hour ~30 minutes of phantom-usage and 97 %. So it looks like 5.0.1 fixed nothing.


    I started iStat and looked at my running processes. iStat has the PID 1364 - after just 2h23m uptime of. It looks like something is contantly crashing in the background? For example there is afcd with PID 1361, atc with PID 1359 and SCHelper with PID 1307. There are now CrashReports... Maybe its some background processes crashing all the time?!

  • geezerdave Level 1 Level 1

    So how are your numbers looking. Better? Worse?

  • mshan61 Level 1 Level 1

    New update is  no help at all.

    I opened the safari  and lost  2 % just by opening the safari browser...This really *****

  • geezerdave Level 1 Level 1

    Looking forward to hearing anything positive. These jokers just put this out to calm the restless? It's gonna get ugly if this thing doesn't pan out.

  • 1AppleADayNoWay Level 1 Level 1

    Learning is the way of life. You can bet there's a lot to learn for Apple too. I'm meditating on that - yet I'm not sure a post mortem is in order for the moment.


    As I'm not using the Iphone, it think it's really up to the real user base to demand changes to Apple. Including better monitoring/debugging facilities, logging, and greater control over the 3G component/network policies amongst others. In order for the usage specs to mean anything i.e. 8 hrs call, 40 hrs music or 10 hrs video, one has to be able to turn the device into a monolithic call device, music or video player because mixed usage will steer the device towards 6 hrs. Boot profiles may be an option if Apple doesn't want to give its user full control over what runs in the background. It is all very interesting. I hope some humility comes out of it. Contrary to what some people might think, I believe the Iphone is a very good device. I just believe full control over the experience (by Apple that is) might not be the way to cater to a diversified user base and might lead to chaos in the end. Food for thought.


    By the way can't someone post the Release Notes?

  • rs1n Level 1 Level 1

    To all those folks who say the update does not help -- have you tried resetting your phone? If the configurations were problematic for the previous builds, then you should probably start fresh.

  • SteffenS73 Level 1 Level 1

    No change for me either. Battery drain on my 4S remains after upgrading to 5.0.1! :-/

  • OzziesMAC Level 2 Level 2

    No Change here either after 5.0.1.

    I just did a phone reset and charged it up to 100% again.

    Did 1 18 minute call, thats it battery is not 85%.

  • 1AppleADayNoWay Level 1 Level 1

    The battery monitor might still be flawed. One has to rely on real senses, and maybe a trustworthy tool like a stopwatch to calculate usage times, in my opinion.