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    Guys, why apple, dont answering to us?

  • ayemerica Level 1 Level 1

    they are scared.

  • RandalllFlagg Level 1 Level 1

    I'm trying to mimic the average usage to what I use at work.

    I listen to podcasts for hours.

    Before the 5.0.0 update, I would go for about 8 hours and get from 100% to 75-85% on my 3GS.

    After the update, I would go from 100% to about 20% in the 3GS.

    Big difference; which is why I believe it's the software update causing the battery issue, and not the iPhone 4S itself.

  • jadfromdubai Level 1 Level 1

    The iOS 5.0.1 update has been released. You can update to it now so you can fix the battery problems

  • MiCoIT Level 1 Level 1

    The Masked Marvel wrote:


    Hate to say it, but I'm registering to add to the above comments -


    Battery life was pretty bad on the 5.0


    Worse...  MUCH worse now on 5.0.1



    My best guess is it's the dual antenna, and switching from WIFI to cellular data...  iPhone seems to get hung up when neither signal is particularly strong...  Anyway - I watched the battery percentage literally count down as I simply surfed basic websites after updating....  Lost 60% total battery in a five hour shift of walking around one small building with the phone in my pocket.



    Add me to the list please...


    I can confirm this! I'm having battery issues too and they got worse with the update... Lost 14% in not even 2 hours...


    And I'm also having some Antenna issues now! My iPhone 4S could not find any signal until I restarted it, then it worked for 5 minutes and the signal was lost again... I had to deactivate my PIN to get the network working properly.


    I think this is related, the new antenna is buggy and draining the new iPhone 4S to death... I'm going back to the store and have it changed.

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    You're just about 12 hours late on the news friend

  • Suburban S Level 1 Level 1

    Got my 4s in the mail 2 days ago, updated it and Iv'e gotten this so far

    At 40%

    4 hours and 43 usage

    7 hours and 6 minutes standby.

    3gs has been turned off and everything else too location and things like that

    been texting, playing some apps and saw a 4 minute video and surfed the net for like 10 minutes.

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    So I gather you're saying your podcasts have no sound. I find your methodology a bit weird, but whatever floats your boat mate

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    Another +1 for 5.0.1 making no positive difference at all :(


    Apple - you're making it very difficult to love you.

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    I updated last night (UK) and it didn't fix anything. Losing 6% / hr in standby which is the same as with 5.0. May go back to my Iphone 4 which is losing maybe 1%/hr. Return the 4s and wait until they sort this out or there will always be an Iphone 5. Would be the first Apple product I ever returned

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    I installed IOS 5.0.1, did a restore  then charged my phone to 100%. Put on pandora let it play for an hour only dropped 9%. I suggest people to do a restore after installing IOS 5.0.1, pretty happy as of right now. I'll post a screen shot at 1% battery left to show usage.

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    I am still using an iPhone 4.

    After updating to iOS 5.0, I did notice worse battery life, but the difference was not significant.

    I updated to iOS 5.0.1 last night, charged the phone for 5 hours and after 3 hours standby, it still shows 100%.


    I have to say I check my e-mail manually (push is disabled) and activate BT and WIFI only when needed. Location based services are enabled (Maps, Compass, Google Earth, Google Places, Apple Store.....) but don't use them much.

    WhatsApp is always enabled.

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    I have an iPhone 4S 64GB through sprint.  I've had the same issues as discussed by many others.  I applied the 5.0.1 patch with the hope that the battery prematurely draining issue would stop.  It seems this patch didn't help nor disabling the location time zone setting. 


    I remembered that I had tons of issues with the client isolation mode on my CISCO access point and my AppleTV so I decided to give this a shot.  At home with WIFI client isolation turned off on my access point, my phone worked fine with no massive power drain.  When I arrived at a client site that I connected and cached their SSID to my phone, I noticed my phone's battery drained very quickly.  I performed a few packet inspections and noticed my phone was attempting to connect to my laptop but reviving errors during the connection process.  There were tons of error because of the client isolation mode being enable at the client site.  I decided to DISABLE iTunes WIRELESS SYNC on my phone by connecting the phone to my laptop via USB and disable the wireless sync on the phone.

    So far my battery is't draining as quickly as before.  All seems pretty stable with utilization, talk and text time.  Please give this a shot and let me know if you experience similar results.


    BTW, disabling client isolation mode on wifi routers and access points resolves tons of issues with connecting iDevices to apple TVs including streaming, mirroring, remote control and many other remote features.


    Eager to hear others' experiences,

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    Battery is still bad, what's going on? Of course updated.

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    Updated to 5.0.1 last night and my battery life seems even worse than before! My phone dropped by 4% overnight in flight mode! I have had it out of flight mode since 6.30am (at which time the battery was at 51%), and its now 8.30am and its down to 35%. This is with absolutely no usage - just standby on my desk! And all settings are still off, siri raise to speak, location services off, bluetooth off, no push email etc etc. I now think I'm going to have to return my iphone and go with another brand as it's getting a bit too  ridiculous now.