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    @ZainA3: I had the same problem, with all the Apps off and not in use , the "usage" and "stand-by" showed the same time. It miraculously stopped after I did a full drain (iphone switches off completely) and full recharge. My battery life also improved a lot after draining it once to 0%. I now get more than 24 hours of stand-by, still not good, but better.

  • letoutpuissant Level 1 Level 1

    I guess I'm one of the only ones (without reading this entire discussion) who has had good battery life from the start?


    In fact, I haven't even updated to iOS 5.0.1 because I'm completely happy with my battery life.


    I haven't disabled ANYTHING except that "time zone" setting, and I've been on Wifi for two hours, and I'm at 98% since unplug.


    After a heavy days usage, I might get down below 50%, but I expect that after playing games, almost consistently being connected to WiFi, push notifications, etc.


    I have definitely gone two days without charge and my iPhone was still running strong. Am I the exception to the rule?

  • rebeccafromcheshire Level 1 Level 1

    Whats the general concensus??? Don't upgrade to IOS 5.01??

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    Seems like the upgrade did *NOT* fix a thing! This is not what I expect from Apple - Steve Jobs must be crying from up there!! I updated it yesterday night, eager and expecting to see the battery levels not drop off the cliff. After the upgrade, I spoke on the phone for ~35mins and surfed the Internet for ~10mins, my battery levels dropped from 78% to 55%!! I thought to myself, perhaps, I should recharge it fully. Charged fully @ 645am EST and now it is 0706am EST, phone not used - 2% battery drop.



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    I have an iPhone4 and an iPad2. Both were running iOS5. The iPad2 was *NOT* experiencing any sort of battery issue. The iPhone4, on the other hand, was lasting less than half the time it did under iOS4.


    I turned off the automatic timezone feature in Location Services, hard-reset and my battery life rocketed back (and beyond) what I had with iOS4. With casual use (a couple of calls, a few dozen texts, light browsing, twitter, tc.) I got nearly 4 days before I hit 0% and had to recharge.


    I upgraded to iOS 5.0.1 and, on my iPhone4, I'm not seeing any significant change in battery life -- I've dropped about 3% in the last 12 hours. However, my iPad2 is exhibiting a strange behaviour; the battery life seems fin BUT if I turn on automatic timezone in Location Services, it stays on... and doesn't appear to shut off. That definitely causes a battery drain, so I've disabled it again and my battery life seems fine now.


    Could this be caused by SIRI?


    This problem seems to be worse for iPhone 4S owners than for iPhone 4 owners. Apple's technical specs say the iPhone 4 gets 300 hours of standby but the 4S gets only 200 hours of standby. I'm trying to figure out what would cause such a difference. The GPS should be off, the radios should be in low-power mode, the display is off in both cases; basically, anything that should be using power is shut down and there's nothing appreciably different between the two phones' hardware that would still be operating on the 4S but not on the 4... except for one thing. From what I've read, Siri constantly checks for both position and whether or not the light sensor has been blocked so it knows whether to listen for voice commands. I've also heard that because this feature is not enabled on older phones (4, 3GS) that it is the reason Apple won't allow Siri on older devices (because the user experience across devices would be inconsistent). I don't know if there is any way to turn off this feature but it would be interesting to know if that affected anything.

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    I first upgraded to the 5.0.1 developer release last week and saw no improvement. I switched to the public release yesterday in case of any changes and...still no improvement.


    I'm becoming less and less convinced (in my case) that it is iOS 5 related at all. I ran iOS 5 for months on my iPhone 4 without anything like the issues I'm having now. My wife now has my iPhone 4 on iOS 5 and she's having no problems either.


    For me though, on my iPhone 4S, horrible drainage problems. I'm increasingly convinced that I have a genuine hardware issue with my iPhone. Or, if not hardware, a very specific iOS bug that only is hitting the iPhone 4S as my exact same setup with the same software works without problem on the iPhone 4.


    I have a Genius Bar appointment on Tuesday, let's hope they switch my phone for one with a working battery.


    FYI I have done two separate clean installs, neither of which has helped.

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    Booked a genius bar appointment, battery will not last over 5 hours of usage and 15 hours standby, not good enough at all. ios 5.0.1 has made no difference.

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    Hi again.


    Summarizing: before update 1% - 1,5hours , after update exactly without changes, but! Itunes same do restarting Iphone 4S, and probably it was problem, why I  have not seen any changes. When manually turned off Iphone 4S, and again turned on, on this moment have still 100% after 3hours, so probably now is good.

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    3gs: with the iOS 5.0 battery was good.

    sinds the new update iOS 5.0.1 Battery life is shorter!!

    how can i set him back to iOS 5.0??



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    i have the same porblem, 3gs, battery was far better with ios5. how can we downgrade back to ios5??????

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    I have to say that this battery life business has been a real harrowing experience.  I've general been a huge fan of Apple, but have never been able to afford a smart phone.  I've had multiple iPods, which I've loved and purchased a Macbook to replace my struggling PC back in Jan 2010.  The Macbook has been tremendous and made me a full on Fanboy if you will.  But I've always wanted an iPhone ever since they were released.  After getting my first smart phone last year (a Blackberry which my work paid for), I vowed that I was going to get an iPhone.  The Blackberry (the Storm 2) was a very crappy phone, with little processing power, poor internet browsing, tons of software glitches, poor camera, poor music player, poor internet browser, poor everything.   So I bided my time until Apple announced the newest iPhone (the 4s).


    When I received the phone, I was giddy with excitement.  I found it easy to use, incredibly functional, and sexy.  But the battery life has been atrocious.  And it has been so disheartening.  Yesterday, I made a 30 minute phone call and my phone dropped from 100% to 82% in that 30 minute phone call with my screen brightness practically non-existent, most of location services off (what good are some of the apps without it on), no i-adds, time zone settings off, wifi search off, no apps running at all, no use of siri, etc.   Now, if I lost 18% in 30 minutes, then that's 36% in an hour.  Which translates to roughly 2 hrs 45 minutes of call time before my phone would completely die, which is WAY LESS than the 6 hours of call time promised by Apple.


    My piece of crap Blackberry used to perform better than this.  I upgraded to the "software fix" last night, so we'll see how it goes, but I have to say I am genuinely disheartened.  If this doesn't work, or it makes the problem worse like other users suggest, I may have to return my iPhone and switch to a Droid (something I've never wanted to do).  Apple has really dropped the ball on this one.

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    I updated my phone and the phone´s mic broke. I can't hear anyone when they call me unless I use the speakers. I bought the phone 2 days ago!! Before the update it worked just fine.

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    I'm on the iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1 - Was previously on iOS 5.0, and before that 4.2.10 (VZW). I did notice some decrease in battery life / performance after upgrading to 5.0 - but nothing major. Granted, I don't have the 4S, but it does seem a lot of this might be tied to iOS 5.0.*


    I don't use "push" or GPS much. I only use things when I need them, and I'm pretty conservative with screen brightness. So, going a couple of days without needing to charge is pretty normal.

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    I ran the update yesterday afternoon and charged the phone to 100% last night before I went to bed.  I then put it in airplane mode (WiFi off) like I usually do.  In the past, under those conditions, I would find the phone at 90% when I got up in the morning.  This morning it said... 100%


    Now I did notice something rather odd this morning.  After doing the update yesterday, I went into settings and turned various location services that I had turned off in an attempt to save battery power, back on.  I also turned on the location services status bar icon display for system services.  When I signed in to the iPhone this morning, the location services icon was active in the status bar.  I immediately went into settings to see what service was active at that moment requesting location. NONE OF THE SERVICES HAD A PURPLE ICON.  It wasn't until I turned the status bar icon off and back on again that it disappeared.  This at least answers for me why my phone did lose power overnight while in airplane mode.  It was obviously activating location services overnight and whatever service that was running has now been fixed to not consume as much power as it did.  What I still do not know is what service is it that is firing up overnight in airplane mode.  IMHO, location services SHOULD NOT be running when the phone is in airplane mode and WiFi is turned off unless the GPS functions are still active (GLONASS?).

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    Same problems here.


    Apple isn't anymore what it was a year ago.

    But their prices remain way over-priced for outdated hardware.


    Flaws 2011:

    - Lion - OMG, where do i start

    - Final Cut "Pro" X - Terrible how they are so arrogant neglecting pro users

    - iOS5 - never had so many crashes or hickups

    - iPhone4S in general disappointment