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    BlueSeas25 wrote:


    After the first few hours I thought my battery life had improved, but it appears it didn't. I ended up returning my over priced $55 Otterbox case, and getting a 2100mah battery case for $10 more. THAT has solved the issue, as I am still running on the external battery a day later, with heavy use, bright screen and everything on. It's ashame that had to be the solution, but it was either that or go through the hassle of returning the phone and paying the restocking fees.


    Which case did you buy?

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    I can confirm after the update to 5.0.1 battery life on my iphone 4s has gone worse. I have been waiting for the 5.0.1 hoping it will improve standy by life but this update made it worse.


    I thought apple products was supposed to work out of the box and they pride themselves saying 'it just works', sorry apple but on this one it simply does not work. Having turned off everying, location services, 3g when I'm home, bluetooth, even siri is disabled, and doing a complete wipe after theupgrade to 5.0.1 - standy by time has gone worse. 10% drain in less than an our of standy.


    Luckily I'm still in the 14 days return period so called customer support to get a refund. I desperately wanted to keep the phone hoping the IOS upgrade will fix the problem that's why I waited for the upgrade before finally deciding to return my phone. Looks like I'm going Galaxy Nexus or Samsung Note.

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    Same here. Battery is worse after update. Now what? I cannot go back to 5.0 can I?

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    My battery life seems to have improved after 5.0.1. I have tried reading through most of this thread, but am unsure what an appropriate discharge rate would be?


    In the best case, should I be looking for 8 hours usage and 200 hours standby when I go to Settings >> Usage? What numbers there are supposed to convince me that my battery issues are in fact fixed?


    Any help would be appreciated.



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    I got the software update yesterday. My Battery life IS MUCH WORSE. Very frustrated. Please fix this!

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    Same results for me as a lot of you


    iPhone4S 5.0.1 from AT&T in NYC


    - I calibrated the night before the update, updated the next day (yesterday) and charged to 100%

    - After two hours of standby the phone had dropped to 82%

    - Charged fully overnight and still seeing an 8% drain an hour with only email use (like 6 emails over the span of 4 hours)


    Not very good...

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    same thing here, my battery life is same as before.

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    Yeah I ordered Nexus, Razr and Note to try them all out when the battery life of 4s was so bad. Am heavily invested in iTunes apps though and not excited about buying similar ones on Android, wasn't impressed with original google phone but some of the new generation ones look fun

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    Checked Samsung forums and relative to this not much in terms of battery life complaints......

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    U can wait till 2020+ for an update fix... because its an hardware problem at least iphone 4s.


    I guess there will be a free battery exchange in the next few month. I heard form a couple of firms hiring call center agents for apple iphone product in germany the job lasts 3 month!


    At least that is my presumption.


    I have an iphone4s 5.0.1 with sick battery and an iphone 4 5.0.1 which is fine

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    The battery case is called a Phonesuit, $65 at

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    I'm using AT&T in Denver, Colorado.

    Last night, I let my phone run down to the point of not being able to start.

    I plugged it into the Apple charger (The box and wire) and when it was able to power on, I started the Battery Doctor app.

    It just now finished the full cycle charge, and I will unplug it and leave it alone.

    Everything's set to, "On," except Airplane Mode.


    I'll let y'all know what happens as the day progresses.


    Unplugging it now...

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    BlueSeas25 wrote:


    The battery case is called a Phonesuit, $65 at


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    No change here. In 2 hrs & 35 min. I'm down 34%! This is

    Crazy. I'm not sure what Apple changed but it wasn't battery

    life. At least Siri can understand Australian now when asked

    why their battery is dying quickly.........

    Looking for iOS 5.0.2 with a real battery fix.