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    Stick to what little you know, clearly it isnt much

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    if you have nothing to contribute to the subject matter of the forum other than commenting on ones daughter and her study habits please resist your foolish impulses

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    I've got a 4s, just charged it once to 100%.

    Since the last charge, it has done:


    Usage: 16hrs, 49min

    Standby: 17hrs, 32min


    My usage is listening to music, a tiny bit of surfing, some siri and tweets - all over wifi

    Battery is now at 35%


    so, the question is, would I get 40hrs music playback, and 200 hrs standby?

    At this rate I am getting just 10% of what they claim in standby and 50% for general usage, like music playback.

    Time to order this external battery pack I always liked the brick cell phones from 1989


    The advertising is clearly not true, be aware that this phone is not meeting the claims for battery life.


    Apple specs:


    • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    • Charging via USB to computer system or power adapter
    • Talk time: Up to 8 hours
    • on 3G, up to 14 hours on 2G (GSM)
    • Standby time: Up to 200 hours
    • Internet use: Up to 6 hours on 3G, up to 9 hours on Wi-Fi
    • Video playback: Up to 10 hours
    • Audio playback: Up to 40 hours
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    1AppleADayNoWay wrote:


    orbiscap wrote:


    Siri has nothing to do with it.  My daughter has a 4 which had no problems with battery life until the update.  She had the phone at school from 8-3 on silent obvioulsy no calls or txt and went from 100%-8%. Cupertino you will loose customers if you dont communicate. Its one thing to play your games about the relase of hardware, its another to play games with people that have paid $500 for a misrepresented device.  WE NEED INFORMATIONA DN WE NEED IT NOW


    Look at the bright side! I guess your daughter will be focusing on her homework after school now instead of text messaging her little firends since we all know students never use their phones in school during the day! As she gets better grades and sharpens her skills, she'll learn how to elaborate arguments without the need to resort to capitalization in order to make a point! She may also improve her reading skills and creativity so she may try the procedure she'll find on page 369. Think different!

    Until you have your own daughter, you will never understand.

    You see, there is this little useless app made by some fruit company that happened to have the largest market capitalization recently. ... which would enable our friend to track where her daughter is realtime, all the time. If the battery is flat, the app becomes useless.

    Its has nothing to do with her daughter texting her friends... it was mentioned, the phone stays in the bag all the time.


    But i must add one point... constantly accessing FMF app to check on his daughter (4 times an hour) will deplete the battery more than anything else. Because it will lead to the phone accessing GPS to locate the position, 3G to send the info to the person who queried.

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    My 4s battery is also horrible. However, this problem, I believe has to do withe the constant searching for the best available mobile network. When I am at home and connected to wifi the whole time(weekend) the battery lasts for over a day and about 6 hours usage. When I am out and about and on the way to work, it drops a percentage every 5 min.

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    Hi guys,

    I posted this in the other big threads,mi hope we all chill a bit.


    The 4S battery (all our batteries) are best in class. This is Not a battery problem. It's a logistical problem.

    iOS 5 has crazy exciting new features (iCloud, iTunes sync, Siri, etc.) but these all take radio power, which is the most draining of all the iPhone parts, including the display.


    For a reference, LocationServices, using assisted-GPS, requires that your Cell, WiFi, and GPS radios all work together to provide you with the most accurate results possible inAny condition. GPS uses AS MUCH juice as playing a 3D game.


    So, in Summary...


    There is nothing to gain by stalking these forums (and filling my inbox with hundreds of emails a day).

    Apple just needs a bit of time to work out a more efficient Balance between web services and Physical limitations of the Universe.


    We are pushing unknown territory here, forefront and all that...

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    Oops forgot the best part....

    Since I first confirmed the source of the issue (on Sunday), my 4S has been keeping pace with my iPad, othe iPhone, etc.


    Turn off one or two constant radio users, for now, until next week when Apple tries to address this themselves with 5.0.2

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    Don't agree on that, cause I've been using all these features and my iphone 4s could go 2,5 days without charge, but after iOS 5.0.1 update it's a complete drain out!!!

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    PS just be happy you hav Apple products, and not an Android, they're obsolete the moment the come out tha box,

    Users Just Don't Get Updates. Blame the carriers, thank Apple for having the balls to say "**** you, well just build a nationwide WiFi network, cut you out, Jobs rolled like that ;)

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    I am just wondering HOW Apple managed to get to those specs just before releasing the 4S?? I mean you have to have some dude actually testing the phone on a normal day and then come up with some sort of estimate! How can you come up with 8 hours talk time, 200 hours standby time, 10 hours video and 40 hours audio just a few days before release and then all those beautiful specs magically drop by 80% ???

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    It's not negotiable.

    That's the plain truth.

    You can confirm it for yourself.


    I wrote a quick graph of drain rate, toggled the features, watched the Rate change by a factor of Ten.

    Examine your logs, watchvAirTraffic, it holds an assertion that a connection must be intact. atc checks this once a minute. My logs were being FILLED with thousands of debug messages from atc. Turn off iCloud, iTunes synce, temporarily, you can Readvalong as the OS lifts the assertion and the connections are allowed to close.

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    pls apple fix it. My iphone 4s has a terrible life battery!!!

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    I use my 4S all day. I Dev on it. Make jailbreak tweaks, store Apps, I hack, I research, YouTube, drop dope rhymes on twitter, all day long. And it doesn't die.


    You came here for an answer,mi gave you the answer. P,ease wait, there is NOTHING wrong with your phone.

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    No, we use advanced tools to build profiles of tons of use cases, measure their drain rate, then maths tell you all that info.


    It can be done in minutes. However, you cannotvSimply test for what random people do with such a complex and varied system. You do need some time in the wild. You won't have to wait long, and your battery usage can be lowered for now, you probably won't miss it.

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    Hello all - I recently purchased my iPhone 4S and the first thing I noticed was how quickly the battery was draining. Even without me using it. When it was locked, and just sitting on my desk it would lose about 8-10% per hour. I then applied the 5.01 update but it didn't fix it. So yesterday I plugged it into iTunes, did a complete restore and then set it up as a new iPhone (after it had finished loading the firmware), then went through the process of redownloading all my apps and setting it up again, and that seems to have sorted it. I've now had it sitting on my desk - made one call to Voicemail, and it's received a few emails and in 2 hours it's lost only 2% - which is pretty much the same as my previous iPhone 4. I know it's a bit of a drastic solution, but it worked for me. Hope this helps.