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    miless wrote:


    Thanks for sharing Kurzweil's work. Its certainly is very interesting.


    As for 4S battery life. Try doing this,

    1. Settings>Location Service ... disable all location services you do not need. In particularly Facebook because it drains the battery a lot.

    Scroll down to the bottom at Settings>Location services>System Services ... Disable Setting Time zone, location based iAds, Diagnostic & Usage.

    2. Settings>Notification>Calendar ... turn off the Notification Centre.

    3. Settings>General>Reset ... do Reset All Settings. Doing this will not wipe out your iPhone. It will just Reset the network settings, location warning, keyboard dictionary, etc... but it will clear up some corrupted data there. Generally this will help.

    Try these 3 steps first... if it still drains a lot, try the following,

    4. Drain your battery down to 1%. Then charge it up using USB from PC ... not the charger. The charger output 1.0 A ( x 5V from USB ... you get 5W power). From PC, output is only 0.5A x 5V = 2.5W power. Charging is slower but trickle charge 4S helps the battery retain its charge better. I think it takes about 3-3.5 hours to charge full from USB/PC compared to slightly below 2 hours using iPhone charger.

    If after doing the above still could not solve your battery issues (mine with iOS 5.0 was ok up to step 4, but not iOS 5.0.1).... plug you iPhone to a charger (any charger), from iPhone, access your iCloud ... set it up if you havent. Back up your iPhone data to iCloud. if you do not have enough storage (only 5GB is free), go to details and select the apps you need its data backup, choose only those you really need and leave those unnecessary ones out. Back up your camera roll to your PC/Mac manually as it could be too big to backup to iCloud.... once you have it setup, make sure you are on Wifi ...  tap backup to iCloud from your iPhone. It will take a while if the file is huge.

    Once backup to iCloud is completed, plug your iPhone to PC/Mac and launch iTunes 10.5.1 (make sure you have 10.5.1)

    Click Restore. It will automatically initiate a download of iOS 5.0.1 ipsw for iPhone 4S. Wait for the whole process to finish, ie. download, restore software/firmware.

    Once its done, do not set up your iPhone from iTunes. Set it up on your iPhone. Go through the selection. When prompted, select restore from iCloud (from your iphone backup earlier). Keep your iphone plugged into iTunes while restoring backup from iCloud. Because while restoring from iClouds, some data will be synced from iTunes if you plug in, e.g. music, video, etc... unless you bought these content from iTunes store. Apps will be downloaded from App Store from the cloud.

    Once it's all done restored. Turn off your iPhone,.. and turn it on again.

    Now, hopefully your battery wont be draining so fast anymore. Usually it wont after this. But you need to charge your battery at least 4-5 cycles to stabilize the charge on the battery. I dont know why... but battery life seems to get better and better for me after a few charge cycles after all the above work.

    Good luck. Let us know if it works for you.


    People, maybe try this. A simple reset won't cut it for everyone.


    1- A full release install (800mb) may yield better results

    2- A pre-5 restore may be sanitized by restoring to then from - using 5.0-5.0.1


    Good luck.

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    lisenz wrote:


    I got a replacement handset last Saturday, still had issues.


    1. I did a complete restore to NEW PHONE

    2. turned on location services for maps and photos

    3. turned on siri

    4. added no new apps

    5. turned on two email exchange accounts on push (becuase that is what I want, I don't want to fetch) and this wasn't an issue with iphone 4. 

    5. no icloud backups on.


    I am still having drain issues - this is ridiculous - I can't even use my phone like a normal phone.  I'll wait a couple of days to see if apple responds and then I'm returning it.

    If the problem had to do with corrupt settings, then a restore would simply re-copy the corrupt settings from your backup back onto your iPhone.


    Consider doing Reset All Settings (affects only user settings such as background picture, brightness, volume, wifi setup, etc, but not apps and data). Lots of users have fixed their issues with this sort of reset.

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    lisenz wrote:


    I got a replacement handset last Saturday, still had issues.


    1. I did a complete restore to NEW PHONE

    2. turned on location services for maps and photos

    3. turned on siri

    4. added no new apps

    5. turned on two email exchange accounts on push (becuase that is what I want, I don't want to fetch) and this wasn't an issue with iphone 4.

    5. no icloud backups on.


    I am still having drain issues - this is ridiculous - I can't even use my phone like a normal phone.  I'll wait a couple of days to see if apple responds and then I'm returning it.


    Sorry, I should say I RESET my phone to new, started a fresh, didn't care that I lost my data and just took a note of the apps I had installed previously.


    I had tried the reset all settings to no avail.

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    I found a fix to the issues...ALL OF THEM!  This is my first apple product in 20 years (because I hate everything about the way they work, but I just needed to get the iphone for undisclosed reasons).

    1. My battery life was crap.
    2. My compass didn't know which way was north (it gave me 5 different points for north in 6 minutes).
    3. Cellular connection crapped out repeatedly.
    4. I couldn't get to my music library or play any music.
    5. Rebooting the phone made no difference, and only compounded the issues.
    6. could not sync with anything.
    7. could not connect to icloud.
    8. videos would not play.
    9. sound quality was scratchy on calls.
    10. text would not go through in a timely fashion.

    (there were a couple more).


    So after preparing to return my phone, I began to think: apple products are set up to control you, instead of serve you, a lot like the company itself.  So I went through all of the menus to find that hidden loop that started everything, and accidentally found out that exiting a program still keeps it OPEN!


    THE FIX:

    1) from your home screen, double click the 'home' button.

    2) the screen will move up and show a line of programs at the bottom.

    3) hold your finger on any one of the icons of the programs at the bottom, until they all begin to wiggle.

    4) you will notice that there is a red 'minus' sign on the upper left corner of every icon.  CLICK ON EVERY ONE OF THEM UNTIL THERE ARE NO MORE ICONS LEFT.  THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO EXIT THE PROGRAMS/APPS.

    5) when there are none (icons) left, press the 'home' button again.


    TA-DA! All problems are solved! (until the next update creates new ones, of course!)


    My phone is now speedy and properly functioning.


    Enjoy your new phone.


    Dr Emil

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    orbiscap wrote:


    if you have nothing to contribute to the subject matter of the forum other than commenting on ones daughter and her study habits please resist your foolish impulses


    No. I'm going to tell you how it's going to work. Anything you will bring to this forum, including your imaginary daughter story, I will reserve the right to comment on. Period. I thought my comment was quite funny but opinions may vary. One thing I will not do is posting here and in the "5.0.1 worse" thread using multiple IDs, at about the same moment then having "another person" upvote my post.


    Thank you.

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    Wow, amazing. I know people are trying to help out, but you Aren't Helping by giving blatantly erroneous help,


    (looking at you, Dr. ePhil)


    Go read page one of the doc on ios multitasking policy,

    Come back,



    No joke.


    ProTip: iOS (has always) only "run" one App at-a-time,

    That's why it's sooo bloody efficient. It's a one-window system.



    That thing Tha pops up when you double-tap Home is ***NOT*** windows task manager.

    It's a list of Apps you were RECENTLY using....

    They now live in a country called InActive RAMia,

    Where there is only a trickle of electricity (thank you mDRAM),

    Where they Wait to be Summoned back to Please their Masters.


    The population of InActive RAMia is easily queried by any number of free Apps,

    The Country is nice, don't get me wrong, but when you are living there, you can be evicted at Any Time (killed even),


    whenever a citizen of the vastly superior kingdom of Active RAMasia requests more land,

    Citizens of poor I.R. get murked



    id iOS = one-App- / one-Window- at-a-time Design;

    iOS += convenient way to get back to recent windows // (that *were* running) ((App Switcher))


    iOS just got too ******* confusing for 99.999% of people to understand,

    Trust a pro, listen,

    wait for apples rebalancing of cloud service fetch timing.

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    So, here is a quick update from today.  Recall my move to 5.0.1 was met with the echo problem AND introduce worse battery life.


    Well, I remembered ONE thing I did when I moved to 5.0.1


    I HAD most items turned off in location services and had SOME things off in the notifications area.

    Previously I had turned off the STOCKS app in the notification center AND I had turned off the LOCAL WEATHER (you can actually keep the regular weather in the notification app, it will simply display just the tile that the regular weather app is on)


    But, when I upgraded to 5.0.1, I did ONE other thing.  I turned back ON the weather widget in the notification center to show the weather app, NOT the "local" tile (since I sort of liked the easy access)


    Well, this morning I remembered that little point and I turned off the weather widget in the notification center and you know what.  For the past seven hours the phone has lost 4% of the battery, right back to the .05% per hour that it was losing BEFORE the 5.0.1 update


    So, here's the question.  How many people have the weather widget turned on in the notification center, regardless of whether it is on local or weather tile.?

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    I think I may have overreacted in my previous post   The last half hour I used my phone constantly surfing the net via wifi, checking and answering 4 emails, surfing here, surfing on another site and posting, surfed Facebook and finally receiving a call that lasted 2 minutes.  During all of this I had 4 alerts.  I lost a total of 8%.  That doesn't sound bad does it?  Maybe I don't have a battery problem?


    3:23  55%

    3:26  54%

    3:32  52%

    3:35  51%

    3:36  51% took the 2 minute call

    3:39  50%

    3:42  49%

    3:47  48%

    3:53  47%


    Yeah, I was bored so I kept a log LOL

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    My battery life is horribe ive litearlly done everthing you can do turn off my ceullar data everything!!!!! all i do is text mostly and it dies so fast... i need help! thanks

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    I agree battery life ***** on the 4S, and the upgrade to 5.01 made no difference that I could see.   I should not have to spend effort reading posts and studing my apps and figure out what I need to turn off in order to get the thing to work all day without running out of charge - that's the sort of thing you're suppost to do with ms products !  I want all the apps on, all the location services on, ect, and still get have battery life at the end of day.  If the battery is too small for the unit then it need to be upgraded to a higher mah value.

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    How did you implement a fix for the daemon? I mean what, you homebaked an app that kills it and respawns it at regular intervals, something like that?

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    New UPDATE: The drai n is back!



    So, after almost a week of being free from drain, it has come back. Only a day ago there was NO loss of battery life on idle.


    Today, suddenly I'm losing 3-4% per hour.


    At 3am I uplugged my now 100% charged phone. By 8am it was down to 83%, sitting on the night table. It's gotten worse from then.


    There were NO changes to my set up. Notifications are off.





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    Rumours says that 5.0.2 is released within a week.


    The rumours claims that Apple's internal goal is for iOS 5.0.2 to provide iPhone 4S users 40 hours of standby with 10 hours of active use.

  • Robin-Berlin-Germany Level 1 Level 1

    Apple is reportedly working on two updates to the iOS firmware.  iOS 5.0.2 which will hopefully provide a resolution to battery issues and iOS 5.1 which will bring new features to Siri, reports Macerkopf.

    iOS 5.0.2 coming very soon, solving the battery bugs. Should arrive before the end of next week. Apple is working hard on the update. In addition Apple is working on the first big iOS 5 Update (iOS 5.1), bringing some siri-extensions. Also the Siri hardware-control is in work "take a picture", "make a video", "switch on/off WiFi", "switch on/off BT" and more.

    The new 5.1 update is also expected to bring Maps integration with Siri to additional countries.  We'll bring you more information on these updates as it becomes available.




    BUT WITHOUT THE MISSING 3G/UMTS SWITCH the Battery Drain will go on! I guess

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    Seems there is still no solution. So the only solution, for me, is not to buy the iphone 4s now. I'll keep my old phone and check back here. I really don't need the headache.