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  • Kristof from Budapest Level 1 (0 points)

    So basically.. here is what I did.


    Go To Settings -> Location Services-> System Services (on the bottom) -> TURN OFF everything.


    My battery life increased a lot.


    This information was posted on November 2nd in a Hungarian Tech Website as a possible solution.

  • LauraMackie Level 1 (15 points)

    REPLACEMENT IPHONE 4S IS GREAT!   I'm finally a happy camper.  My first iPhone 4S I ordered online was fine at first until I did the 5.0.1 update.  After that, it was draining before my eyes.  Yesterday I went to return it at the apple store, but I found out you cannot return online orders at the store.  UGH.  That is a problem they really need to fix.  Needless to say I was disappointed, but I called the 1-800 number and apple took care of me.  Unbelievably, I talked to the yesterday about sending me a new phone and it came this morning!  I am totally impressed!  


    I've been testing it and the battery life is excellent.  I do have the normal stuff turned off, but I have Siri on, Bluetooth on (whoever turns that off anyway?) and a few location services for maps, etc.  I do have the time zone thing turned off just because I heard it was such a culprit.


    Anyway, when I talked to tech support at the 1-800 number yesterday, I asked what the odds are that this replacement phone would have the same issues.  He said that I would probably only have a less than 1% chance that something would be wrong with the battery.  I asked him if he said that because apple had come out with something.  He said no but that it is only his opinion.  Hmmm....I wonder if it is more than his opinion.  In any case, they took care of me and the phone is working like a champ.

  • Kip011 Level 1 (0 points)

    As with everyone else on this post I'm not happy with the battery life on my 4S.


    The idea that I have to turn off almost every Location Service, the Notification Center, Push E-mail, Siri, etc. is absolutely unacceptable as a solution; I might as well go back to a land line phone.


    Apple, by not releasing an iPhone 5 and repackaging the iPhone 4 as an iPhone 4S, should not have these type of problems after a seemingly extended development period - Released in Oct instead of June as usual.  My guess is that they built an iPhone 5, but they got a lot of pressure from Verizon not to release it and/or the iPhone 5 wasn't fully ready for primetime so they rushed some upgrades into the iPhone 4 chasis; presto iPhone 4S.


    Now we're all suffering because of a "rush job".

  • MACLoverTN Level 1 (0 points)

    Mine has gotten better over few charges/discharges .... this is the key. Completely discharge it and completely charge it few times. My iCloud is OFF.



  • Galaxyboyx Level 1 (15 points)


    I am INSANE. I opened :

    Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

    Need For Speed Shift

    Need For Speed Shift 2

    Need For Speed Undercover

    Mirrors' Edge

    Real Racing 2

    Race Illegal

    Asphalt 5

    Asphalt 6


    they all running in the multi-tasking bar. i'll kill the battery. killl!!!


  • rishan Level 1 (0 points)

    Factory Unlocked iPhone 4S 16GB, iOS 5.0.1, Serial No. begins with C38G


    - Location Services turned off

    - Siri turned off

    - iCloud turned off

    - Bluetooth turned off

    - Wifi on (turning off when not using)

    - itunes wifi sync turned off

    - Notification Centre: Calendar, Phone, Messages, Reminders (Other things are turned off)

    - Cellular data turned off (When necessary I'm turning it on)

    - E-mail push turned off

    - Carrier selection set to manual

    - Brightness reduced.







    Usage time includes:


    - Bunch of calls

    - Messages

    - Emails

    - Both wifi and 3G browsing

    - Downloaded apps through wifi

    - Gaming

    - Camera

    - Facebook & twitter

    ** Did not listen to MUSIC


    What I did:


    - Download iOS 5.0.1 800mb+ file and restore it as a fresh copy

    - Setup my phone as new

    - Didn't restore from backup instead synced all apps, music, contacts etc.

    - Did a hard reset

    - Did reset all settings

    - Fully drained and charged the battery 3 times.

    - Did not allow the battery to get overcharged.

    - Used battery doctor to trickle charge. Normally it takes 3hrs & 15 mins to charge from 1% - 100% with trickle    charging

    - Not a single app running in backgroung at any given time.


    Hope this would help others.

  • Daniel Brown Level 2 (430 points)

    To post my battery usage information....


    I followed suggested directions to a battery life fix at Only Siri has location services on. And there are NO System Services running. My results are:


    Unplugged fully charged iPhone at 3:16pm.


    Had two apps open. Waze (listed in the background apps, but app itself shut it off) And Alien Blue, used that exclusively until 3:58pm (42min later). Battery dipped to 97%.


    Closed Waze completely, continued to use Alien Blue until 4:06pm (50min later) Battery was 94%.


    Closed all applications, shut off screen. Phone remained in standby mode until 6:03pm (2hrs 47min) Battery was 92%.


    Sent two emails with attachments. By 6:11pm (2hrs 55min) Battery was 89%.


    Phone call at 6:12pm, lasted 19 minutes, 6:31pm Checked battery at 6:32 (3hrs 16min) Battery was 89%.


    Closed ALL apps. iPhone put into standby mode. Checked at 7:15pm (3hrs 59min) Battery was 83%.


    Opened up a couple of graphics heavy game applications. Played until 8:08pm (4hrs 52min) Battery was 67%.



    The problem I see is that the battery was dropping 1% on average every two minutes when only using Alien Blue to read Reddit. At that rate I'd get 3hrs and 20min total before the battery died. But Apple says you can get upwards of 6 hours on 3G. Is using Alien Blue to look at simple internet posts more battery consuming than Safari?


    The tests will continue...

  • AntnyMikal Level 1 (0 points)

    Posted earlier in the thread, just wanted to add my updated opinion/experience. The update 5.0.1 didn't really do anything major for me. I have been traveling the last few days and noticed that my phone would kill the battery whenever 3G signal was weak, wether I had data off or on, mail set to manual,fetch, or push. It just didn't matter I could turn everything off, if 3G signal was weak my battery was paying the price. If I had decent 3G phone worked great usage and standby. My ip4s is 64gb on Sprint, I haven't had any data or voice problems with the network, been really good actually. By weak signal I mean when I walk in a store or the house, the battery will literally start dropping 2x as fast. 30 minutes in wal-mart drops 5-10% in stby. Get in parking lot for 30 minutes no drop. The same with in the house vs driving or walking the neighborhood. However if there is wifi then all is good ip4s works normal. Over the course of a few weeks everything seems to be getting better for me, until I get weak 3G signal. I didn't really expect the update to fix everyone's problem. I also found that FB is killing battery they probably need to update the app, it also drains my iPad. After some of the App updates these last couple of days battery is better. Honestly I think iOS needs some more work and Apps need to updated as well, Battery doctor was telling me some apps had so many hours of use time, now the ones that had updates BD show the times for those apps have doubled if not more on some. Anyway I could go on and on....but I'll stop. Hopefully they get it right in the next patch for some more of us, and that they add a SBS setting like ability to Notification center in the 5.2 update. Also I'd like to see some kind of a meter/indication in the status bar for 3G data strength as apposed to opening safari to see if it's good/ok/bad, maybe make the 3G logo gray/orange/blue. Well there's wishing!

  • W. Raider Level 3 (545 points)

    If you have the battery problem have you tried downloading a free CPU monitor app like iAssistant and seeing how many processes are running with no apps (other than iAssistant obvisouly) in the multi-app tray thing?


    For me it's 38 processes running with only iAssistant going.

  • MAC-ASSIST Level 1 (0 points)

    We need to start our posts like this: 64GB/Black/ATT - this would be helpful in getting enough statistics to actually find out if we have a class-action suit yet.


    I followed a bunch of suggestions that have been posted from turning off certain location services to resetting the phone and even last nioght starting the phone over after the relaoding it from the cloud. I took off all push mail and made them all manual fetch.


    I had a conversation with Apple today that had them telling me that only 40,000 people are affected and they all use Exchange. I explained that is sounds more like a group of defective batteries from a supplier. More than 40,000 iphone users are on Exchange. Nope, they tell me that this is not the case and they are looking into it. I stated they had until Friday, I am not getting stuck with an iBrick 4s that can't make it through my normal business day of 12 hours.


    So according to Apple, I should remove Exchange from my phone and that will solve it for now. But wait, doesn't Apple ADVERTISE that it is Exchange compliant?


    What's the point of having the iPhone/Smartphone if I have to: a) disable all of the services; b) not use gmail for exchange or any other exchange protocol; c) have to constantly disable and re-enable services while my vehicle is in motion just to keep the phone alive for an extra hour? My iPhone 4 works better than this. All. The. Time.


    I called the Apple store and they gave me some horsepuckey about not being able to get a new phone and it would take 72 hours before I can get a replacement. I explained that I would stop payment with my bank and they can come pick the phone up at my house or I will just take a refund. (I guess some Apple stores are more friendly than others...some have just swapped out phones knowing they are defective.) I will probably end up calling ATT as well to ensure that they know I will be on another service sometime soon if I get his with a 2 year contract for renewal on a phone upgrade that had to get returned. Lawsuit anyone? As much as I hate to admit it, Android has voice to text already built in. I just hate having to lose all my billing.


    So here's what I did today: at 5:47AM I took it off the charger. It did not register a full charge though it was at 100%. The usage stated "-" instead of numbers.


    By 6:10 it was down to 98% with NO usage. 7:22 94% and 7:46 it was at 87%. With two SHORT phone calls (and some of my clients do have long support conversations) the phone was down to 71% by 8:56AM.


    At 9:45 with only two more short calls, the phone was down to 59%. Two more calls for a total of 17 minutes brought the phone to 42% by 1:14PM.


    I did a three minute video and that brought it down to 36% immediately by 1:48 PM after my heated conversation with Applecare.


    5 more phone calls and I was down to 4% by 4:53PM. At 5:15 it was at 1% on a longer support call and then the phone bricked.


    I plugged it in while I worked on a server and let it get to 98% and had to leave. I plugged it into the car jack and it stayed at 98% for a short trip to an event. On the long drive home by 9:30, it went to 100% and I sent two texts using Siri and took it off the car charger when I got in.


    I just got a call and it lasted 10 minutes. My phone is now down to 90%. At 11:03PM it is now at 88% and I sent about ten photos to my email for evidence against Apple's claim that this is not a defective battery issue.


    This is totally unacceptable. I run a business that can get up to 20-30 calls daily-some last for an hour, some are just quick fixes.


    And Apple will blame Exchange?



  • Sticktron Level 1 (0 points)

    5.0.2 is in beta on my phone.

    It's coming out next week.


    Congratulations all Readers, Comprehenders, and Those who took a half hour to fin the answers

    Posted waaaaaau back on Sunday, many times, I tries

    To help, but people here seem to want to self diagnose an disxuss and rumurate,


    This "Community" has proven obsolete this week,

    Apple has to implement a Developer Avatat/Badge, and top post voted posts.


    For this who missed my 8 posts, funny stories about RAMasia and Divine Assertions,

    diagnosis, screenshots... It's all here, in all the big threads.


    Took 10 minutes to isolated that the issue was not an issue,

    But a Logistical Physical one.


    Fixed amount of juice vs 10-to-infinity potential Radio asserters,

    Look through Settings,

    Turn off Purple Arrrows because they are on

    Turn of network-based services.

    // get a baseline using a free App

    Turn on hat you actually use.

    // I dont use iAD tracking, nor should anyone.

    // I don't NEED iCloud to sync 3gb of media tonight while I sleep,

    I don't NEED those pics on my desktop anyway.





    GPS really uses cell & wifi as well, for eg.

    Your iPhone reports that GPS uses equivalent to A5 power,

    Which is 100x more than not.


    My battery rocks all day, I use it as my PC all day,

    I hack that ***,

    And she loves me. Nothing crashes ever, except #ReallyBadApps

    I always have >320 MB of available RAM (when not in an App).


    Shut **** Down, I jus broke it down,


  • Sticktron Level 1 (0 points)

    Only one app is running, ever.

    That is NOT Windows Task Manager, you are reading it wrong.

  • Sticktron Level 1 (0 points)


    Check me out I'm legit.


    Also I used Twitter to directly message Smule,

    Letting them know that Magic Piano was somehow holding open a LocationServices connection,

    Before you even RAN it!


    That's the Worst and sloppiest and most irresponisible and unprofessional and lacking any effort at QA.

  • Sticktron Level 1 (0 points)

    And still no update

    Not even hey thanks sorry fixed

  • W. Raider Level 3 (545 points)

    It's not Exchange as I don't have and have never had an Exchange account on my iPhone 4S.


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