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    67%17:34 someone help help me:(

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    Those logs are from an ancient past when was something else, of that I have no knowledge. The sitename was only recently acquired.


    The site does not have a signed certificate because I lack the money to acquire one. The default Drupal login block is only there if people would like to post comments. I am providing the results of my apple iphone battery drain research to anybody who may care.



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    so what is your situation about battery drain proble?similar to me?ps now 66%17:48 without i will restore 1 backup of iphone 4 without this zdnet did(if you have read the test)..what do you think?

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    Restoring from a phone that didn't have the battery drainage bug is one way of getting a good working phone. This is what the people at zdnet did and that is how I was even more secure about my knowledge that the problem can be solved with some kind of workaround. Mind you , the people at zdnet did have two phones that were the same ( 4S ) , so it could be that your restore won't work because you restore from a iPhone 4.


    Another solution is to completely wipe your phone and start new. Chances are you won't bump into the problem again.



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    i did use dfu mod 3 time today:)but its the same..mondey i ll camo to apple store,i want to see if its a problem of battery(harware)now i ll see with this backup,mybe dosent work because is from iphone 4 but try its free:)

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    miless wrote:


    davidch wrote:


    miless wrote:


    You are comparing open with close.

    Google and Apple

    Google does things openly ...

    Apple is always closed....




    google by far has the largest closed propreitary software systems on the internet.  google search, location services, gmail, maps, google+, google analytics, google adware are all extremely closed proprietary and limted interfacing


    apple, on the other hand, is one of the largest comercial contributors to opensource including bonjor, webkit, darwin and many quicktime technologies.


    in sum, both companies have very closed and open technolgies.  the big difference is that one company is much more hypocritcial about it then the other...

    Voila... that's another way of looking at things.

    When i said google is opened, what i meant was Android, their open moat as a strategy to defend their closed proprietary search, ads cash cow fortress.


    When i said apple is closed, what i meant is their sandbox approach... to prevend 3rd party from "destroying" their beautiful creation (Jobs' ideal) and distort mainstream users' ability to use the product out of the box, which of course many so call "power users" and hackers hate.... myself include sometimes.


    I like both their approaches, and dislike (but live with) both their idiosyncracies. ... hypocritical or not.


    Jobs way of running Apple is such that, it has always given users, customers or their partners, an air of snobbishness about them, coupled with its super cool design, zero learning curve usability and fantastic quality of their product; created this ultra desirability which no other product could match. Not BMW, not Flos, not Leica.

    I think this is his style and his way of doing things. Its like, you dont need to know how it works. We'll figure it out for you, and it just works for you. Feels like arrogance to many people. That's why many first time customer feel that they are being snobbed at with a problem they cant solve, yet Apple is keeping quiet about it, and refuse to participate in any form of open dialogue like how Google did and/or any other company would have done.


    I guess i have learnt a lot more about Job's brilliance as well as his narcissistic nature (tho not entirely true description of him) from Isaacson's book, than i have ever before, that i have come to understand the way how Apple, as a company, works.


    Fair enough. davidch also rightfully noted the open/closed nature of both companies, but in terms of OS, there is no doubt which is more open. The rationale for closed at this level is weak in my opinion - I have never seen an android phone user saying his phone was not usable out of the box, although there are degrees of usability, I concede. For me the real rationale is simply money and distribution. I believe Apple's advantage has to do with integration within the OS and scaling and leveraging of the user base (Ipod). I believe ICS has done an amazing job at closing the gap and offers and far superior polish than honeycomb, and ICS is being backported as we speak, which yields further value for cheaper devices. This "ultra desirability" you speak of truly exists, and has been used often to justify the price tag associated with their latest offerings. Yet it shouldn't be confused with value, for it is not, and the vast majority of people cannot justify such a price tag for what amounts to a glorified gadget and have hence not tasted the piece of magic experience, so they cannot envy it or use it as a reference when they try cheaper devices. Whether the devices yield fair value is debatable, although the quality and design of Apple's tech is acknowledged. Yet a side effect of this desirability is worship, cult like behavior, phone in the pocket clichéd lifestyle, which was reinforced through guru-like authoritarian management and stance on technology. Fashion comes and goes, and what was hip a little time ago is now pretty much the laughingstock. Going a bridge too far was dropping the gloves with Samsung and patent litigation - which in the end simply attracts attention to the competitor's product line. Pick your battles. Samsung is the "Apple of Asia" and Apple is now reaping the lights of the all-out war they triggered. As the fairytale segment of Apple's user base are closed to innovation outside Apple's tech, the world is changing. 4-4"3 is a valid form factor for mobiles, and 7'' is valid for tablets, despite what Steve used to believe. The ereader segment is offering cheap platforms with lesser functions but more focus on their content - and an acceptable browsing experience with a long battery life and Mirasol displays are out - the former and the latter will yield lots of value. Furthermore, who would have thought so but MS/Nokia's alliance might prove fruitful for mobiles. Apple doesn't have many friends. The Apple "experience" might have proved successful, but some of their latest choices in terms of functions with the 4S have coumpounded the battery issue at hand - in my opinion. Maybe a longer leash for the user base is required. I think there is room for further choice within the "experience" and a new breed of intelligent and educated Apple users who actually have something to say and know what are the actual strenght of their own device beyond branding... Maybe you're right and these are fascinating times

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    Didn't get a chance to edit, so I wanted to add that Sirii is really great tech, which adds value to the phone. Apple have to be commended for that one!

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    guys got great battery back ! just do what someone else has posted above, switch off siri, soft reset phone, switch on siri and voila 13 hours and 33 minutes standby, and usage 8 hours and 43 minutes and im still left with 13%. im pretty happy, since this is the first time after buying the 4S ive not used the charger mid day ))

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    Im sure that i ve a proble with battery(hardware..)when i use the iphone the battery life go down 1%every 3/4 minute..tomorrow i ll make the last test..because today afternoon i ve put on the iphone 1 backup of an iphone 4 without i want see tomorrow after full charge..

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    I've cracked it!


    This completely sorted my phone/battery out ...


    1: Update to iOS 5.0.1 if you've not already done so.


    2: Reset the iPhone (Settings/General/Reset all content and settings).


    3: Calibrate the battery by running it down to the point where it shuts off by itself, then fully charge (to 100%) without using the phone.


    4: The issue will be resolved ... as it has been for me.  Battery is much, MUCH better and the phone is not getting hot like it was before I did this. It may get slightly warm if it's working hard, but this is normal.


    Please do complete this procedure and let me know if it works for you ... I'm sure it will.


    Good luck ...



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    Well tommy we are all glad a few people have finally done what we have posted over 6200 posts ago.


    If you calibrate the LIPO correctlly, do a clean install and turn off auto time zone, all will be well.


    Great to hear your results.


    Keep up a clean Dock.

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    Throughout more or less on topic discussions here about the mobile market industry and support, little has been said about privacy. This is a very important concern for users. Of course, lots of metrics is being collected everywhere on the web and full privacy in this day and age is pure utopia. Legislation is in the making to further insure some decency in the field. In the US there have been hearings on the subject recently. But it takes time and law making is a slow process. One would think some vendors/manufacturers can stand out from the crowd with good practices in the field and make an additional selling argument for concerned consumers. Whether Apple can make such an argument, I really don't know, as Apple had to exlain itself for some location tracking data claims in the past etc. Yet it was nowhere as bad as what you'll read in the link below. Some have speculated that since IOS is closed and Apple doesn't really let carriers tamper with the phones i.e. customize IOS - this may offer some sense of security in that respect i.e. third party collecting data. On the other hand, closed source means that no one "out there" can independently review the source or analyze it - or make for instance a rom to disable infringing features (although I'm unsure as to what can be done with a jailbroken Apple product). Yet the recent days events with CarrierIQ on some Android/BB/Symbian phones - even though the information has been known for some time now - have renewed concerns about the issue of privacy - and freedom of speech - and there is an opportunity for Apple or others, and carriers, to put their reputation on the line and promise that they don't allow the use of such metric collecting software, directly or through third parties - without the user approval, and to provide opt-out options if that is the case...

 ,2817,2396858,00.asp - Carrier IQ apologizes for going after security researcher

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    @1AppleADayNoWay  What the He!! does this have to do with the topic at hand? You, my friend have jumped the shark.  Don't know what that means? Look it up.


    Please keep your politics out of the forums.

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    1AppleADayNoWay wrote:


    Didn't get a chance to edit, so I wanted to add that Sirii is really great tech, which adds value to the phone. Apple have to be commended for that one!

    Apple is by no means fashionable. Apple's design are never about fashion.

    Samsung is fashionable.

    Fashion will be outdated in 6-12 months.

    Jony Ive's design are like Dieter Rams, Achille Castiglioni, Jasper Morrison, and to a certain extend, Chris Bangle. Their design is classic, minimalistic and everlasting.

    This is inspiring...

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    Generally if I charge my phone before going to bed, I usually awaken with maybe 96% or 97% battery (if I sleep 8-9 hrs.).  But the other day, I charged my phone to 100% just before going to bed and I set my phone to alarm in the morning.  This was the first time I used the alarm app.  I noticed in the morning that the usage increased considerably overnight and the battery reading was down to 83%.


    The usage reading was 8 hours, ?? minutes.  Actually, this was about the same number of hours from the time I set the alarm to my being awakened by the alarm in the morning.  This seems to indicate that the phone was actively in use (like talking, messaging, gaming, internet browsing, etc.) from the time the alarm app was set to when it alarmed.


    Is this normal?