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    In reference to my post above [see link], I have done other over night tests.


    • In other tests this week, I tried turning all my email and exchange accounts to manual, so as to take their activities out of the picture.
      • This made no difference at all to my usage or battery drain levels. [Stats as per 'control' in my post linked above]
    • I wanted to see if not having an exchange account made any difference:
      • I use Google for email and calendars. So I replaced exchange with an IMAP for the Gmail and CalDEV for the calendar. I deleted my Exchange account.

    Over night I get these stats:

        • 7.5hrs idle time produced
        • 21% battery drain [2.8%/hr average]
        • 5hrs 13m 'Usage'
        • 7hrs 13m 'Standby'


    What is noticable here is that the usage stats still look very high and are just as heavy as my original control test but the battery drain is now less. I'll refrain from saying good: 21% in 71/2 hours isn't anything to be proud of, in my opinion.


    Can we infer anything from this?

  • bleepingApple Level 1 Level 1

    Hmmm, its perplexing.


    Is your wife's set-up similar to yours? iOS5.0.1? Is she getting better battery usage? [sorry you probably put all this down previously but it's getting harder to find older posts on here]


    I'm not sure what to think about the sim being a factor. We can see from numerous posts that some US users have sim-free phones [not really sure how that works, sounds like the dark arts to me] and they seem to be in the same boat as us. It's certainly a line of thought worth pursuing though...


    Ok, I'll do another overnight test, under the usual conditions, but this time I'll take my sim out...


    • Does any user here have either a UK Vodafone or O2 account where they are getting different results from pressing 'Sim Applications' from bright raven or myself?
    • Does anyone know what we should expect from this setting?


    [Good luck with returning the phone Vodafone.]

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    I think the problem at least here in UK is related to operator network, with orange there is no issue for me and others with battery using iphone 4s.


    Moderate usage and intense usage gives me good result almost as my iphone 4.


    There seem to be issue with my friend iphone 4s who now apple have given him 3 iphone 4s and the issue is that the usage and standby giving exact same info so it seems there is a ghost bug which is running in the background somehow and I beleive this can only happen when the sim card is inserted since he had 3 iphone 4s.

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    Any-one thought to turn battery percentage off ? ........

    Scarface. wrote:


    My iPhone 4s battery seems terrible! Almost equivalent to my 3GS and it's terrible battery life. When I got my iPhone yesterday and restored from backup I noticed nothing really changed with minimal usage and standby! Is this normal or should I consider setting it up as a new phone because maybe something is running in the background that's causing it to drop a percentage every few minutes under light usage? Input would be great!

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    Also ...everyones stuffing around turning stuff on and off n bla bla bla ...dont you think that will use battery power as well? set n might get a shock......i did!!

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    @bleepingApple I have a Vodafone SIM. I can browse the menus under SIM Applications and some of them work. However, things like Balance and My Number just return garbled text. I haven't noticed any problems entering my PIN number.

  • bleepingApple Level 1 Level 1

    Hi sjbale; that's interesting....


    • What average drain per hour are you seeing?
    • Is your usage roughly half or more than the stated standby time? [Settings>Usage]



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    About a week ago, I posted that my 4S stand-by time with 5.0.1 was dropping an average of about 1% to 1.5% per hour which is not great but I could work with it.  On last Sunday evening my battery drainage went up with no changes to the phone and all day Monday my phone was losing 4% to 6% per hour on standy-by.  Not only did I have all settings turned off but I performed soft and hard resets and nothing slowed down the battery drain.  I was thinking of doing another restore and battery to zero drain but with only 4 days left on my return window, I decided to exchange the phone.


    On Monday evening, I received a new 32GB 4S.  It already came loaded with 5.0.1.  I let the virgin phone with default settings sit for about 3 hours and it lost about 3% of battery. I assumed from a hardware standpoint, the battery and phone are good.  That night I set-up my phone through iTunes as a new phone and installed my apps, loaded 28GB of music, set up 2 email accounts (Yahoo and MS Exchange) and charge to 100%.  Here are some observations:


    • Overnight(about 8 hours) the phone lost about 20% of the battery.  Throughout the day it was losing 4% to 5% per hour.  I did not trigger any apps during this time.  This was similar to my original phone.
    • That evening I turned off Siri Raise to Speak, all location services including system services, notifications, and set emails to fetch every 30 minutes.  I did not have iCloud or WiFi sync set up.  I charged to 100% and overnight (about 8 hours) the battery was down to 94% which was somewhat similar to my original phone.
    • Throughout the day I was continuing to lose 3% to 5% per day.  I still had not triggered any apps but my usage was still high.  I performed both a hard and soft reset and that night I discharged the phone to zero and recharged to 100%.  The results were similar to the previous day.  This had me perplexed because some unknown common factor was causing this phone and possibly my previous phone to have accelerated drain on standy-by regardless of my settings.  BTW, my overnight usage was only 10 minutes in stand-by.
    • On Wednesday I started to focus on my email activity.  I have suspected that fetch was not working properly but never made any dedicated effort to monitor it.  After watching my email count on the main screen, I found that my phone was still recieving emails on a regular basis although I had fetch set to 30 minutes or 1 hour (including having fetch set in the advance menu).  The phone was acting like it was set up for push or the fetch was occuring every 5 minutes.
    • I started experimenting with different email settings.  Yesterday, I had set the phone to manual fetch and my stand-by usage is closer to 2% during the day.  Still not great but much better.


    Conclusion:  I have found that the fetch setting is not working for my MS Exchange account and possibly my Yahoo account.  I have read that many people have had issues with various iterations of iPhone OS and MS Exchange so I believe this is a contributor to my battery issue.  If you haven't already done so and are having battery issues, you should try changing your email option to manually fetch.


    Finally, I have also seen some weird reminders created through what I believe is my Yahoo account.  Not sure if this is tied to the battery drain but I deleted 3 of these reminders and am now going to turn off Yahoo reminders.  I posted a screen shot of one of the reminders here:


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    @bright raven,


    I went to the Genius Bar in Trafford Centre today, and explained my problem regarding SIM cards, and SIM Applications not working.

    They have replaced the handset, and it is WORKING - hurray!

    No more battery drain, and the SIM Applications all fully work when I press them now.

    They confirmed to me that batch to batch, they use different components.

    So it does seem like they had a bad batch of SIM readers in their phones.


    Are you sure you cannot book a Genius Bar appointment and get them to replace it in store?

    My phone was originally bought on the internet under a contract with Three, then subsequently unlocked for use with TMobile.

    I promise you, it is the hardware - a replacement should fix the problem, unless you are unlucky and get another one from the bad batch. But this is my first replacement, and it works great!


    Hope this helps.

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    How long your battery lasts now?

  • FiniteAffinity Level 1 Level 1

    I will post some proper statistics on here after I have used it for a day or two, because I have only had it since noon today.

    But my battery has dropped only 6% since I got it at noon, and I have also been using it a bit during that time. Before, it was dropping by 6-7% per hour without any use, and all apps killed.


    It isn't corrupted settings I have either, because I have now restored it from the backup I had, and the battery still seems fine, and the SIM Applications and PIN code still work fine.

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    Hi zSkeptic


    If you haven't already done so and are having battery issues, you should try changing your email option to manually fetch.


    I have tried this and can report that there was little or no difference to both usage stats and battery drain, for my phone. I did an overnight test with all email set to manual. Battery was slightly better but usage was still 50% of Standby time. It's good that you're seeing some benefit from these alterations.


    I also deleted my Gmail Exchange account and replaced with both CalDAV and IMAP accounts to manage the Gmail calendar and email, respectively. I set these to fetch. I have turned off push, globally. These changes made no real difference for me last night. I will test again with these new ways of getting Gmail but with them set to manual fetch.


    I personally can only see one viable link between all the suggestions and remedies on these many pages: cell phone capabilities.


    My earlier table showing results from my overnight testing shows that the only way to get near expected usage is to use airplane mode. Stop the phone reaching out to the world and the usage drops dramatically and the battery lasts ages. But turn off all components that airplane mode affects, manually, and the usage and drain persists. I assume that this is because you cannot turn off the 'phone' manually, other than by using AP mode.


    I can't say if this is a hardware or software issue and I cannot possibly comment on what the root cause is. Sim cards are getting flagged up a lot here now and previously others have cited the double aerial and multiple-network capability features, but it could be anything really from a minor bug to a major hardware oversight [or worse a mix of the two].


    I don't have any answers just a very busy phone that doesn't ever seem to rest.

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    Did you try to remove the calendar from the notification center?

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         I've posted a few times earlier with my battery stories, but I finally have good news to report.  I changed 3 things and one of them worked (no sure which).  I switch the notification center to organize by time, not manual.  I switched to push email and left the 1hr fetch setting alone--with gmail to fetch and iCloud to push.  I know that the fetch timer doesn't matter with push, but since it doesn't matter i left the 1hr setting alone.  Lastly, and somehow I think most importantly, I deleted Angry Birds.  No joke. 

         I read an earlier, very informative post, that meantioned a bug in the video card that makes the vid card run in the background all the time.  Someone mentioned a connection to AB, so I deleted it too and one of the three things helped. 

         Others can experiment because I have good battery life again and I'm done screwing around with all the settings.  I spent hours doing all the recommendation changes mentioned throughout this thread.  Even with those I was getting < 3hrs usage per charge.  On my last charge I got 7.5hrs and about 1.5days of standby.  Anyway, give it a shot and see if I'm alone.

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    Yes, my calendar is removed from NC


    [I have nothing activated in the Notification Centre.]